Should You Trim Your Beard Before or After Showering?

trim beard before or after shower

Should you trim your beard before or after shower? It is a contentious question among men. Everyone has a shaving routine. Some shave or trim their beards before taking a bath, while others prefer doing it after a bath. So which side is right?

Before we dive into the matter of whether you should shave your beard before or after showers, here are three things you need to know about trimming beard:

  • If you have sensitive skin, shaving after showering minimizes razor burn
  • Shaving before you shower saves you time and is perfect for beard trimming
  • The optimal method of shaving is one that suits your skin

Should You Trim Your Beard Before or After Shower?

So, let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when it comes to whether you should trim your beard before or after showers.

should you trim your beard before or after shower

Razor Burns

A 2012 British Journal of Dermatology review article revealed that, when asked about their shaving habits, most men said that their neck area is where they experience the highest levels of irritation and soreness.

Before you shower, your skin is usually coarse and dry. This increases the follicle’s resistance as your skin brushes up against the razor blade, which can lead to the development of painful red bumps. So you’re more likely to experience irritation and get razor burns when you shave before you shower.


Moisturizer, shave cream, and pre-shave oil are essential for a pain-free shave. The choice you make between showering before or after your shave impacts how you react to these grooming products.

Showering before you shave softens your hair follicles and skin. It also loosens your skin so that it soaks up hydrating ingredients. Exfoliating while taking a shower is also much more effective, and it clears your dead skin, which can inhibit the effect of moisturizing products.

Taking a hot shower, however, eliminates the pre-shave benefits. Warm water can dry up your skin.

Beard Care

Dry shaving does provide some advantages, though. For instance, when trimming your beard using an electric shaver, you’re better off doing it pre-shower when the bristly hairs are sticking up and thus easier to trim.

Also, trimming often leaves behind itchy hairs that stick to the collar. The best solution for this is to trim your beard before getting in the shower where you can wash off the hair from neck and shoulders.


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Time Efficiency

Time efficiency often play a part in whether you trim your beard before or after showers. When you’re time-pressed, a dry shave can help you get out of the door faster. However, with this method, you‘re forced to skip some of the vital steps, including exfoliating pre-shower and apply pre-shave before you shave.

Skipping such necessary steps hugely impacts your shave results. A 2016 International Journal of Cosmetic Science study revealed that people who’re prone to razor bumps (medically knows as pseudofolliculitis barbae) could hugely benefit from post-shave and pre-shave hydration.

Less Mess

Showering after a shave makes it easier for you to rinse off the shaving cream. Also, when you cut yourself while shaving, showering helps you clean out the lingering debris and thus reduce the risk of infection.

A 2016 Journal of Athletic Training review revealed that there is little difference in healing and infection rates, whether you use sterile saline or tap water to clean small cuts.

Shaving in the Shower

Shaving in the shower saves you tones of time, especially when you’re just trimming your beard. But for you to effectively shave in the shower, you need to get a shower mirror that you can adhere to your shower wall using suction cups or hang safely on the showerhead. A good shower mirror will help you see all the crucial spots as you wash, exfoliate, and trim or shave your facial hair.

So, should you trim your beard before or after shower?

Pre-shower Advantages

Grooming before you shower has many distinct advantages. It makes cleaning up easier. You can wash off any sticky hairs, which should give you confidence with your finished look. It also makes treatment of irritated skin easier. A great moisturizing body wash can reduce razor burn and other issues that accompany shaving and trimming of facial hair. Trimming or shaving your beard before showering is, therefore, much more convenient.


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Post-shower Advantages

A shower does some things to you. It softens your hair, exposes hair follicles, and exfoliates pores. This helps you get a smoother and closer shave with little irritation. So, if your shaving routine involves a razor, post-shower shaving is a better option. However, if you’re not prone to skin irritation and if you don’t have coarse hair, shaving after a shower holds less advantage.

Adapting a Routine

Your routine also plays a part in whether you should trim your beard before or after showers. You should also consider the type of shaving tools you use. Electric shavers and trimmers work great on dry hair, but if you use them frequently on smelly hair, the odor clings to the devices. Razors better with lubrication, so you should prepare better before you start shaving. Ultimately, there is no definitive answer to the pre-shower post-shower quagmire. And, your daily schedule will often impact your course of action. Ultimately, understanding the tradeoffs is what will help you make well-informed choices.

should you trim your beard before or after shower

Other Key Shaving Tips

1) Use a Sharp Razor

Whether you’re using safety or disposable razor, ensure that it’s sharp. A dull blade can be damaging to the skin as it causes razor burn and itchiness.

If you’re an everyday shaver, the rule of thumb is, replace the cartridge or blade after five to ten rounds of shaving.

Pro tip: Rinse or soak your razor in hot water before you start shaving. This helps lubricate it as well as remove the accumulated cream and facial hair.


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2) Develop a Good Technique of Shaving your Lip Area

The lip area is extremely sensitive; even a slight cut can cause excessive bleeding. One great way of preventing cuts is by filling your cheeks with air like someone blowing into something. This technique expands the skin around your mouth and thus allows the blade to slide through safely.

3) Take it Easy

Always take it easy as you shave. Let the blade glide smoothly on your face. Avoid using too much pressure; the blade should do the work. Take your time to slide the razor on your skin gently.

4) Pro tip:

To minimize irritation and razor burns, always use shaving cream.

I hope this guide has helped if you were wondering whether you should trim your beard before or after showers!

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