Our Top 5 Straight Razor Picks for 2019

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The Best Straight Razors on the Market Right Now

Some men consider shaving a chore. They hate to wake up for it every morning and wish they didn’t grow any hair. Others consider shaving to be a pleasure because then, they get an opportunity to groom in their own style and exercise their artistic abilities. Such men will tell you that the type of shaving equipment they use is very important. They welcome high-quality options alone.

You see, shaving requires experience, technique, patience, and most importantly the right tools. Anyone that has been barbering for a while will tell you that poor choice of a razor can impact your entire shaving experience. Therefore, it is paramount that you invest in a high-quality razor.

The shaving world has hundreds of shaving razors – some good, others bad. And the manufacturers are out to sell. They spend fortunes to market their shavers and bombard us with television commercials praising their products without highlighting the cons. Because of this, it can be a hard task to choose an ideal razor for your use. Considering that everyone has their individual tastes and varied lifestyles, it can be overwhelming to explore and find the perfect fit.

But this should not be a concern anymore. We’ve done the legwork for you and come up with a list of five best razors. We have considered the prices, customer satisfaction, and the functionality of these products. But before we can review the razors, here are the things you should know before spending your money on them.

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Razor Types

Straight razors: The straight razor is a conventional shaving tool that incorporates one piece of metal and a handle. This kind of a razor will last ages if you take good care of it. Because of their durability and the good name they’ve acquired in the wet shaving world, they come at a cost higher than most shavers. If you love everything traditional, then they are a great option to pick. They are recommended for expert shavers.  But the product comes in various designs which beginners can use as well.

Safety razors: As the name suggests this razor has a lock feature that ensures that only the edge of the blade is visible to prevent nicks and cuts during use. Both connoisseurs and novice shavers love using the safety razors.

Disposable razors: These types of razors are meant for only a few shaves. Normally, the blade is attached to a handle and then replaced once it has lost its sharpness. The blades are bought in packs and come cheap.

Cartridge razors: This is the type of shaver you go for when seeking convenience during a shave. The razor cartridge and the razors come separately. They are praised for their ability to provide close shaves without causing nicks and cuts. However, people with sensitive skins might find them uncomfortable, as they can result in ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burns.

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Sensitive Skin

You will have to choose a razor depending on your skin type. Those with irritable skins find solace in safety razors. Cartridge razors with lubrication stripes are also a great alternative. Going for a razor that cuts the hair close and can remove too much skin will result in razor burns, pimples, nicks and cuts.

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If you are the kind of person that is always in a hurry in the morning, you should choose a cartridge razor. It is safe to handle and give quick shaves, unlike the straight razor that needs a careful approach to shaving.

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You cannot buy what you can’t afford. You also don’t want to purchase a cheap product that will not produce the results you desire. Spending your money on a straight razor, for instance, is a long term investment that you need to consider – even if it is costly. If you are willing to get blades every now and then, disposable razors are good.

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Dovo Straight Razor

Dovo products don’t need an introduction in the shaving industry. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality shaving products, and the Dovo straight razor is one such tool. This razor comes in a nice package that speaks volumes about how the company values its customers. The razor itself is aesthetically appealing. It has a wooden handle and a great blade that looks well balanced. The presentation is eye-catching, but that is beside the point. Does it do what it promises to deliver?

The razor does not just look good, but also feels great in the arm. Its quality is evident before you even start using it. A comfortable handle makes it a fantastic choice for wet shavers. The steel blade is already sharp and ready to use out of the box – cutthroat sharpness. Using it is pure joy. If you prefer, you can strop the metal before utilizing it. The size of the entire shaving product is perfect because it isn’t long or short, thus giving you absolute control over the shaving process.

A novice shaver? No problem. It has a rounded nose that is less intimidating but take it with the seriousness it deserves, because any wrong move might cause a memorable cut on your skin. Take your time and prepare well before you shave, then use this straight razor. You won’t be disappointed.

A.P Donovan Straight Razor Set

If you are unwilling to stay on the internet trying to find other shaving products like a shave brush, shaving soap, and a strop for a straight razor, then the A.P Donovan straight razor set is the perfect fit. It contains everything you might need during the shaving process except water and shaving oil. The package contains a badger brush with a mahogany and steel handle, a leather strop, and a high-quality shaving soap. The blade comes in a wooden box.

The manufacturer understands the need to have a weight-balanced straight razor. As a result, he uses a combination of steel and wood to make the handle to get a precise weight. It has a manufacture’s a badge on it. The blade comes in white paper steel with a label including the company’s name across it. This type of material allows you to achieve high levels of sharpness for the closest shave possible. It is a 7/8 full hollow blade, which might be too long for some people. The sharpness is also not the best for first-timers.

Some vendors would provide you with a poor quality brush just to fill the kit. But A.P Donovan ensures you get a useful brush that will last you ages – a badger brush. It is not just useful, but also stylish considering its steel and wooden handle. The soap is also great. You don’t need to spend on additional lathering products for a few weeks with this set.

We can’t praise enough the strop inclusion. One side of it is of leather and the other linen. The cow’s skin provides an abrasive effect, which readies your blade to cut the whiskers with a few strops. It has a metal carabiner clip, which you can use to hang on the wall.

The A.P Donovan products come in a wooden case that fits the straight razor and has decorations and carvings plus a manly color. It has a metal lock while the interior is well cushioned. With it, you can keep the razor safe from scratches, and your children and pet will be safe from stumbling on the straight razor by accident. If you are looking for a product to gift yourself or a man in your life, then get them this set.

Dovo Stamina Straight Razor

Stylish and functional are the words we can use to describe the Dovo Stamina Razor, which is a full hollow ground. It is 5/8 inches, making it perfect for most users. It does not come with all the frills you can imagine a razor having, but the sleek handle makes it look outstanding and manly as well. The scale has an integrated blade rest, which often comes with costlier counterparts. It is black in colour. The blade is made of carbon steel that is already professionally honed to use once out of the package.

If you are still learning your way around the wet shaving world, it is a perfect choice. It has a rounded end that is forgiving, thus suitable for beginners. The sharpening process is much easier for beginners as well because of the construction material. But you must be careful how you attend to your blade. Leaving it in a wet environment will cause rusting. Keep it dry all the time. The money you spend on this product, considering its quality, is worth it. It is a game changer and will impact your style.

Feather Artist Club Wood Cut Throat Razor

The design of Feather Artist Club straight razor is well thought through. This does not just work at home but can serve a professional barber as well. The handle is wooden and the blade 100% stainless steel. If you are looking for a straight razor that you can replace the blades, this product won’t disappoint. The manufacture material guarantees that it will last for as long as you need it, considering it won’t break or rust. And its ability to bring about a close shave is outstanding. Just master the art and let is deliver the results.

Even those learning the art of wet shaving will still enjoy using it owing to its rounded tip and the compartment of the blade. These features make the sharp blade forgiving and minimizes nicks and cuts. You can replace the blade whenever the old one loses their sharpness. The replacement process is a breeze. It has a part of the steel blade that moves and locks to secure your razor blades. The handle is wooden and curved to serve the purpose of safely hiding your blade to avoid rusts and other damages that might occur. It comes with razor blades that you can start using immediately you open the package. If you are looking around for something to gift your male friend or family, this is the perfect present for them.



Dovo Blue Shavette

A shavette from Dovo is awe-striking. The Dovo Blue shavette is of professional quality and owning it is a pleasure for most people. It is small, but its performance is unlike any other razor on the market. The looks are not disappointing either. It is all covered in silver polish and the integrated pieces of metal work well together to fit well in your hands as you get that close shave you covet. Replacing the razors is not as hard as it might appear. It comes with a holder that is easy to set up and will secure your razors in place as you use. The blades are disposable, but some men will reuse them until they become blunt.

Beginners should wait until their skills are excellent before trying this product. It is sharp – very sharp! This shaver is what professional barbers would use to get sophisticated cuts for celebrities. The end is square-like, making it perfect for achieving cuts in hard to reach areas of your face, like under the nose. Close shaves are guaranteed with this Dovo Blue shavette.

Are you looking for a small shaving product to travel around with? You have an affordable option for this product. It is tiny and folds up to protect the cutting blades. If you are graduating into the wet shaving industry and has tried other razors already, then you can’t go wrong with this shavette. Within no time, you get used to its feel on the face.


Bottom Line

Choosing a shaving razor is not an easy process. But it is possible to get what fits your taste with the products we’ve reviewed above. You will decide if you need a shavette, a whole shaving set, or just a lasting straight razor. So, if you are looking to upgrade into wet shaving word, just scroll in the list above and pick one. The quality won’t disappoint.

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