Electric Shaver or Razor – Which Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

electric shaver or razor

The growth of facial hair is a blessing to manhood – it’s the hallmark of one being manly! But with this blessing comes the trouble of grooming that some people hate to the core. But regardless of how you feel about it, you still have to take care of your beard.

If you’ve been wondering whether to use an electric shaver or razor for the best results, the following guide should lend a helping hand.

Electric Shaver or Razor

Grooming is part of the schedule of a grown bearded man. You need to trim or shave it to avoid a shaggy look. And the main equipment to use here include the electric shaver or razor. Both play a functional role in keeping your hair shaven, though your choice of whether to use an electric shaver or razor is dependent on many factors, among them is your skin sensitivity.

electric shaver or razor

What Is Skin Sensitivity?

Skin sensitivity is a condition where your skin is highly reactive to the external environment. The nerve endings found on your skin are highly responsive, and in case of any environmental changes, you feel the effect. The condition can be painful, accompanied by irritation that makes it uncomfortable.

When it comes to shaving, you’ll find it difficult if you have sensitive skin. Due to the contact of your skin with the blades, you get razor bumps, itchiness, and painful skin marks. At times, in case of a cut, you may be susceptible to infections, which can end horribly if untreated.

Which is The Best Way to Shave if You Have Sensitive Skin?

With sensitive skin, having too much hair can be a problem because it causes itchiness. It comes mostly due to the hair edges having contact with the skin. To avert the problem and also look decent, shaving is the way to go.

As earlier hinted, there are two items to shave with; the electric shaver and razor. The question, however, is which is the best option if you have highly irritable skin. Let us have a look at each of the two individually to answer the question best.

The Shaving Razor

electric shaver or razor

The shaving razor is a simple bathroom implement consisting of a blade attached to a handle. It shaves via the lift and cut method where the blade, positioned in a certain angle, lifts the hair and cuts it. It is suitable for a precise cut and is also quite affordable. There are several kinds of razors available from the straight, pivoting, and disposable one-use shaving kits.

A downside of using the razor to shave is the repeated motion, which is terrible if you have sensitive skin. Passing the blade severally on one area can cause razor burns and bumps, which can be irritating and have long term consequences.

Improved Razors

Looking at this problem, there are certain advancements made to the razors, such as the multi-blade feature. The multiple blades, which can be up to three on the head, work towards a more precise cut. One stroke is enough to clear the hair at ago and is suitable for areas with thin skin such as the facial area. There is also the inclusion of a rubber grip at the blade head to help soothe the area in case of razor burns.

Straight Razors

Straights razors are making a comeback and are suitable for that clean one stroke cut. The problem, however, is that they are more prone to cause cuts due to their sharpness. If not properly cleaned, they put you at the risk of getting infections.

Disposable shaving razors are a good option as you use them once then throw them away. They prevent infection as they are sterile and do not have any dirt build-up that can turn out to cause infections. For sensitive skin using razors, go for one with multiple blades, and exercise proper hygiene to counter skin problems.

The Electric Shaver

When it comes to picking between an electric shaver or razors, electric shavers are  =essentially an upgrade from the traditional razor shavers. There are a variety of electric shavers, categorized into two, the dry electric shaver and wet electric shavers. This type of shaver consists of rotating blades driven by an electric motor located beneath a sieve-like panel. The hair passes through the holes of the panel as the blades cut it.

The dry electric shavers, just as their name indicates, they work better on rough stubble. They are the most common in the market, with some featuring toothed blades on a vertical plane, the foil shavers. The blade head takes a slopping appearance for less direct contact to the skin, preventing cuts.

The wet electric shavers are an advanced lot and usable with lotion or shaving gel. Take it for use while in the shower, and its rotating blades take on a design that reaches skin contours with no hassle.

electric shaver or razor

On the electric shaver or razor debate (in terms of sensitivity), the electric shaver takes the lead.

There is a significantly reduced area of contact between the blade and skin, which is right in preventing issues that come with this condition. The panel prevents contact with the skin more so in rotary blades; hence, sensitivity issues are entirely on the down-low.

When using electric shavers as your option to beat skin sensitivity, you need to know the right type that fits your skin. It may take a session of trial and error to get the right one that fits the bill. Wet electric shavers are a good option primarily if you use medicated shaving gel or lotion. The gel or cream acts as a lubricant and makes the hair easy to cut as well as preventing razor bumps, especially when using the foil shaver.

Foil shavers come to close contact with the skin, so it is advisable to get one with relatively sharper blades to get rid of hair in one motion. Some electric shavers come with replaceable one-time used blades. Go for such as they present a minimum chance of infection transmission.

Looking at the two, electric shaver or razor, the electric shaver is the best when it comes to sensitive skin. However, there are areas where the razor takes the day as we discuss below.


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Instances Where The Razor Is The Best Option When Looking At Skin Sensitivity

In The Case Of More Than One User

There are instances where you may find that you are sharing the shaver. It is not advisable, but there are cases where you have little to no option. In such a situation, it is better to have a disposable safety razor. Have several cartridges with the blades that you only use once. The only thing that you share is the handle that you thoroughly clean to prevent counter infection.

A straight razor is also an excellent option where, after each individual’s use, you sterilize it in various media such as hot water or ultraviolet rays.

With plenty of users, there are high chances of spreading conditions such as ringworms that can aggravate sensitive skin conditions. Pieces of skin will get stuck between the electric shaver’s blades and make it a media of transmission from one person to another.

When Using Medication

There are medications that you use to help fight skin sensitivity when shaving. As hinted earlier, they include lotions and shaving gels. Razors are the best option to use when you have to use medication as an alternative to wet electric shavers. Other electric shavers might stall, especially if the remedy is in liquid form.

When The Razor Suits Your Taste

Preference is a crucial consideration. What works for you won’t work the same way for others. In such a situation, you may pick either the electric shaver or razor depending on the reaction you get when using them. If using the razor does not lead to much irritation, then it’s the better pick for you.

The razor is also quite easy to maintain when you want to clean or service it. Most straight razors serve their owners for ages, as long as you clean and disinfect it properly. They are also easy to use once you master the techniques of using it. Electric shavers have a limited lifespan just like any other electronic. They need constant maintenance in terms of battery purchase and charging. They are also quite expensive.

Dealing With Skin Sensitivity When Shaving

Aside from picking the best between the electric shaver or razor, there are also vital practices to observe to help deal with sensitive skin. Most of the time, the issue is severe on the face due to its tenderness and exposure to outside elements.

Below are some of the practices to incorporate while shaving to prevent the instances of skin irritation.


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One of the surest ways to deal with the condition is to medicate. The medication comes in many forms and depends on your preference or what the dermatologist recommends. Some are preventive, while others treat symptoms such as razor bumps and burns, cuts, and resultant skin diseases such as boils and fungal infection.

Medicated shaving gel and aftershave is an excellent option to use. Ask your barber and physician for the best in the market, depending on the severity of your condition. Recommended lotions are non-scented and contain more natural ingredients.

Avoid Sharing Shavers

Be it an electric shaver or razor; it is right that you do not share it with anyone. Take it as a personal effect as it can be a medium for the spread of diseases, both affecting the skin or those that are bloodborne. In the case of razors, if you have no option, stick to the disposable ones where you discard the blade after use; hence, you cannot use it more than once.

electric shaver or razor

Get A Decent Barber

You also need to look for a decent barber who knows how to handle your situation with professionalism. Get a suitable joint, focusing on its hygiene and the equipment of use, considering you have decided whether it is the electric blade or razor. Apart from doing an impressive job trimming off, he or she will offer advice on how to deal with the skin condition.

If you fail to get a right pro, you may further aggravate the irritation.

Exercise Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene is the way to go in dealing with discomfort during and after shaving. Ensure that you get a bath regularly to prevent dirt build-up. Also, try exfoliation to get rid of dead skin. Get the bathing kit consisting of aftershave, shaving gel, lotion, and maybe disposable blades where necessary.

In case your shaver gets old or rusty, dispose of it and get a new one. Treat your razor like a toothbrush where you replace it after two months or even less.


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Have An Appointment With Your Dermatologist

If the situation does not improve, then it is never too early to visit your dermatologist. He or she can look for underlying problems that cause your skin to be that reactive. They take notes on your skin type, meds you use, and also your shaver of preference to help in managing the skin condition. They also help treat the resultant effects such as razor bumps, and many more.


Shaving is an essential part of grooming and has your body hair at decent levels. There are several ways of getting rid of facial hair, using shavers being the most common. There are two types of shavers, the razor shaver, and the electric shaver that both work fine depending on your preference.

One problem that you get exposed to while shaving is skin sensitivity. Depending on how severe it is, it can trigger a chain reaction where you get skin conditions such as boils, razor bumps, and even increased susceptibility to infections.

There is a debate on which is the best of the two, electric shaver or razor when it comes to skin irritability. The answer is – it depends. The electric shaver is the best, mostly due to the reduced contact area between the skin and blades. The razor shaver also fares well in some situations, as mentioned earlier, particularly when you look at hygiene.

For more help in dealing with skin sensitivity when shaving, pay a visit to your dermatologist for proper guidance.

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