Best 5 Beard Trimming Scissors for Neatening Your Beards

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To all the bearded men out there, you need good tools for shaving, trimming, and cleaning your beard and mustache hair regularly. Even though you can use an electric trimmer for haircuts, you still will require a good pair of scissors to enable you cut scraggly hairs precisely.

Besides, best beard trimming scissors offer you more control over your beard and mustache hair.

In this article, you will get to know the relevance of beard trimming scissors and what to look for when buying the best scissors. You will also find a review of the best beard trimming scissors.

Why You Need the Best Beard Trimming Scissors

After your beard has grown longer, natural split ends start developing, which will call for touch-ups here and there. Split ends come across as a sign of ill-treatment or dryness and since they hinder healthy hair development, trimming beard hair will suddenly become an obligatory chore for you.

First of all, beard trimming scissors help you trim your mustache and long beard hair with a lot of precision. It is only through the use of the best beard trimming scissors that you can be able to cut hairs without reducing their length. Boy, you get a highly stylized beard.

Then they are a handier choice that is simple to easy to master and use, giving them an edge over other decent trimmers. They also come with a lesser risk of ruining your beard when neatening the hairs.

So, if you want your beard hair to look stylish and classy, grab a good pair of beard trimming scissors and give it its best look.

Now you know the relevance of beard trimming scissors. However, most people find it difficult locating the best beard scissors from market shelves. In case you find yourself in such a situation, the tips below this sentence will help you out.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Beard Trimming Scissors

When buying a pair of beard trimming scissors, there are lots of important things you should take into consideration before parting with your hard-earned money.

  • Blade length. Most of the beard scissors you find in the market nowadays are of the same length. However, there are longer ones that suit the standards of long beards.
  • Quality of steel. Most stainless steel scissors are made from German or Japanese steel. The latter is more delicate and its curved cutting edges promise you a precise cut.

German steel scissors are more durable and they cut the hair without slipping.

  • Safety tips. You should take a keen look at the safety tips and precautions in the packaging that contains the scissors you want to buy. It is important not to underestimate the danger that sharp blades could expose your skin to.

These are the most important things bearded men should consider when purchasing their favorite pair of beard or mustache trimming scissors.

Others include the tension screw, grip, size, travel pouch, maintenance, and whether the scissors are for left/right-handed people. 

Trimming a Beard With Beard Scissors

Now, after you have rewarded yourself with one of the best beard trimming scissors, you should practice and follow along with 6 simple steps that guarantee you a classy look within no time.

1. Wash and dry your beard

One important ritual you should carry out every time you want to trim your beard is to wash it thoroughly and then dry it using a soft cloth.

Using specialized facial hair conditions and shampoos is recommended for healthy hair. Comb against the direction of hair growth and then get down to the trimming activity.

2. Work in sections

This will allow the hair to maintain the same length. Start with either side of the mouth, gently moving the comb through the beard and cutting hairs that protrude.

3. Do not overcut

Overcutting is one mess many first-timers make. Since the whole thing is just a simple process, trimming just a little hair in every area is a great idea to make your hair look tidy and even.

4. Comb hair in the right direction

After trimming one section of your beard, now comb the hair in the right direction to see where and how to go about trimming the next section. You should only move to trim the next section of the beard after you are happy with what you have done in the previous section.

5. Comb upwards under the chin area

Of all the sections you are to trim, the chin area is undoubtedly the most difficult. The trick here is to comb upwards.

6. Wash the beard again

 This final ritual when using your best beard trimming scissors is to clean up the beard once again, to rid it of any clippings.

After the washing, moisturize it with beard oil or any other essential oil such as olive, lavender or rose essential oil.

Best Beard Trimming Scissors to Purchase: Guide for Bearded Men

Most of the scissors featured in this review come with a feel of restoration that makes them more effective than the old-school scissors. Often, manufacturers promise top-notch technologies and extra comfort, but what the end-product they bring to the market is extremely different.

Right now, you could be asking yourself questions such as: how close are the qualities in the 2019 beard scissors to those of the old times? Do these scissors resemble the old-school scissor’s sheer cutting fun and comfort? And many other questions.

We are discouraging innovation because that is what the best beard training beards are all about – restoration. But the good thing with them has to be the fact that they have been able to balance between the new and old. If you are in a hurry, take this.

BRV Men’s Beard and Moustache Trimming Scissors

BRV took is at position one in this list for obvious reasons – it is the best improvement of the classic barber’s scissors. Men who have used it say that it gives the user a satisfactorily precise cut for a classy and stylish beard.

Being a work in progress, it is set to continue commanding huge trust and respect among users. Made from low maintenance stainless steel, BRV beard trimming scissors has been described by experts as fashionable, suave and extremely chic.

Its hand-crafters made sure they deny you the chance of ignoring top-notch multi-functional beard grooming scissors, and it is really too good to be true.

The Good

  • It cuts and trims with high accuracy
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  • Sharp cutting blades
  • Its stainless steel material is durable
  • Hand-crafted

The Bad

  • The rubber inserts make reduce the size of handle holes
  • You need to lubricate it constantly, especially when dealing with thick, coarse hair.

From the analysis, it is apparent that the pros outweigh the cons. There are no further reported issues except for the few drawbacks. Weigh in the product’s pros and cons to make an informed decision.

BEARDCLASS 6.8” Grooming Kit for Men’s Beard and Moustache

At position two in the list is BEARDCLASS 6.8” beard trimming kit for men. What makes it make it to the list of world’s best beard trimming scissors should be the fact that this tool has improved and maintained classic shears.

The kit comes with a pair of high-quality scissors, a comb, and a brush. There are other additions but this depends on who you buy the kit from. However, the three fundamentals are a guarantee for every buyer.

Most users say that its firm bristles on a curved brush are the major reason they decided to identify with this famous brand. They are allowed to do so because the brush maintains your hair in place during the whole trimming process.

Being a skin-friendly brush, it can easily separate hair grains for faster trimming. The shears themselves help you cut your hair with accuracy and precision.

BEARDCLASS 6.8” comes in a durable leather pouch.

See it in a nutshell and decide whether or not it can satisfy all your beard grooming needs.

The Good

  • Its quality shears help resist dulling when trimming
  • Comes alongside a curved brush with firm but soft bristles
  • Durable leather pouch for housing the kit
  • It is essentially a 3 in 1 kit for men’s beard grooming needs

The Bad

  • Its comb-shaping ability is just average
  • Brush is not so sturdy

Extremely Sharp 5” Professional Beard Trimming Scissors

Extremely Sharp 5” was catapulted into fame courtesy of its simple and plain Japanese stainless steel, tempered with a smart technology that promises users intuitive cutting motions.

In real terms, this tool can easily give your beard or mustache a neat makeover for good looks and stylish appearance. And it even feels very light when you hold it in your palms.

Experts say that it is the most restored tool in the list of best beard trimming scissors. Others say that buyers are attracted by its Japanese steel that cuts and trims neatly.

But just look at some of the pros and cons of Extremely Sharp 5”.

The Good

  • Feels light in the hands
  • Its stainless Japanese steel material makes it durable
  • Intuitive cutting motions
  • Comes with a special wooden comb
  • Hand-crafted
  • It is best suited for sideburns
  • Best for neat cuts

The Bad

  • Screw tension can pull out hair, causing the user a lot of pain
  • Despite the promise, the design is not ergonomic
  • Its scissor tip is blunt

Suvorna Premium Beard and Moustache Scissors

Suvorna does not need an introduction because it is already popular across the globe. Due to sharp cutting power and the solid reputation it has built over the past few years, it deserves to be called the ‘premium pick’ for this article.

It is yet another handier men’s beard grooming scissors that comes with a complete kit. Its nose scissors are the safest to use, and it has beat others in the list on that basis.

 It’s made of high-quality carbon steel. What this means is that it comes with sheer efficiency, flexibility, and sturdiness.

Additionally, its handles and sharp blades work to ensure that you finish trimming your beard and mustache hair within no time at all. 

Its product design makes it stand out among others in the lists of restored classics.

What is your take on this kit? Look at its pros and cons and make your judgment.

The Good

  • Appealing product design and packaging
  • Complete kit. It comes with a pair of high-quality scissors, tweezers, and nose scissors
  • Intuitive easy cutting motions
  • High carbon stainless shears
  • It feels light in the hands. This offers user powerful and fast cutting
  • Comfortable grip

   The Bad

  • Tweezers are not so sharp
  • The shear cutting command needs improvement

Tweezerman Beard and Moustache Scissors

Tweezerman is from its look very attractive. It appeals to both the eye and the heart, though it has a few drawbacks.

It could have easily grabbed position one in this list if its decent design is anything to go by. It is the most flexible tool in the list of the best beard trimming scissors. Its leaf spring plate and adjustable tension screw are just fascinating.

Its convex blades are suitable for all hair lengths, and it cuts sharply.

Most users view its long length as a drawback. Though such issues cannot go unnoticed, a whole lot of pros that Tweezerman scissors comes with are just enough to make anyone change their mind.

Look J2 420 in a nutshell, after which you will make your own informed decision.

The Good

  • Comes with tension screw adjuster
  • Leaf spring plate
  • Intuitive cutting motions
  • Decent convex blade design
  • Highly restored and attractive
  • Ultra-sharp

The Bad

  • The screw can loosen easily
  • A bit heavy
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Comb and leather pouch is of low quality

a man balancing the best beard trimming scissors

Final Thoughts on the Best Beard Trimming Scissors

Is there anything about beard trimming scissors that this article has not addressed? Nope! World’s best beard trimming scissors along with features, pros, and cons. Hopefully, it will help when you will be planning to purchase a beard or mustache scissors.

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