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can't get a close shave

Can’t Get a Close Shave? Our Expert Advice on How to Achieve as Close a Shave as Possible

Although men have been shaving for many centuries, lots of men are still poor at it. In spite of marvelous technological advancement in the shaving industry, many men still experience undesired challenges in their attempt to get a close shave. Most complain that they Can’t Get a Close Shave while others get poor results. Not only do […]

french moustache

The Ultimate Guide To French Mustache; Growing, Styling and Maintaining

The word ‘mustache’ or ‘moustache’ first entered the French books in 1585. Almost half a millennium later, we are still experimenting with mustaches and creative beard combinations. Each person has developed his style to fit the thickness of the hair and to suit different occasions. The French Mustache is recognizable from its distinct appearance.  The […]