The ‘Black Tie’ Etiquette: Which Beard Style to Choose

Do you know about a dress code called black tie? Yes, it’s that one that makes you look like James Bond. It’s the most sophisticated dress code out there, hands down. It’s a common choice for special occasions, like weddings, graduations, and so on. Some people think it’s almost like a uniform, and they aren’t entirely wrong. Yet, there are rules. If you want to look really sharp in those pictures that will remain for posterity, you can’t overlook your beard style. Here’s what you need to know. 


The Attire Explained

If you’ve been invited to an event, and the dress code reads “black tie”, it means it’ll be a fancy night out. It’s a quite specific dress code, but there are many ways of wearing it. The complete attire includes:

  • Dinner jacket or tuxedo
  • Matching trousers
  • White shirt
  • Bow tie
  • Black shoes
  • Knee socks
  • Waistcoat; cummerbund; braces (optional)


No one dresses like that just to grab a pint. It’ll most probably be a very important event, and you don’t want to show up underdressed. Remember, your average suit, even a great-looking one, won’t cut it. Blazers, sports coats, and tennis shoes are absolute deal-breakers here. Some hosts might add a “required” to the dress code, although it’s actually unnecessary. After all, no one would like to show up in jeans for a black-tie night.

What “Impeccable” Looks Like

The search for the sharpest possible look requires thinking of every small detail. Your facial is as important as your hair or even as your tuxedo. Grooming long beards can be tricky, but not doing so can make you look messy and compromise the entire outfit. Let’s say you’re visiting a casino on a night out instead of a casual one playing at home; here’s a quick guide on what to wear and how to make your beard look fantastic.

Don’t Go Wild

The longer the beard, the more care it requires. If you don’t want to look like Tom Hanks in the movie CastAway, you’ll need to trim your facial hair, especially if you want to keep it long. It should look tightly cropped, not with hair pointing in all directions. Your beard shouldn’t cover your tie and collar as a rule of thumb. It should also be trimmed proportionally on the bottom and the sides.  

An Adequate Collar

A shirt collar can frame your beard like a work of art or can ruin it completely. So, choose it wisely. Pointy collars go better with long beards because it gives them more space. Long facial hair will overshadow round, spread, or cutaway collars. 

Tying the Knots

In a black-tie dress code, you don’t have many tie choices. Yet, there are a few different types of knots you can choose. As for the collar, the type of knot will also depend on the length of your beard. Longer beards require larger knots, like a full Windsor. Anyway, keep accessories to a minimum if you don’t want to look like an RPG character or a Christmas tree. 


Your beard must be an organic part of your style and not a liability. Choosing the right colour for your beard tone is essential for a smashing look. Here are some essential tips to bear in mind.

Dark Beards

Best Colours

  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Light Blue 


Explore highly contrasting outfits if you have darker facial hair. Typically, it means darker trousers and lighter shirts. Putting your black beard against a white shirt is one of the most effective ways of highlighting it. This type of look is usually associated with the lumberjack look. Yet, flannels aren’t an option here.

Blond Beards

Best Colours

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Blue


Contrast is the key to a striking combination of colours. In the case of blond beards, the contrast calls for darker clothes. Contrasting your beard with darker shades will always be better than picking yellow-ish colours, which can be distracting. Be creative, though; black isn’t the only colour on the palette.

Ginger Beards

Best Colours

  • Denim Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Black


Contrast isn’t as straightforward for ginger beards as for other colours. Green is a contrasting colour, but you’d risk looking like a Leprechaun with it. Should you choose green, go for darker shades. Denim shades of blue usually work well, though. Hotter colours can look overwhelming and confusing. Anyway, it’s hard to go wrong with black.

Grey Beards 

Best Colours

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue


Grey beards are the easiest ones for colour matching. It looks well on pretty much any colour, as it contrasts nicely with most of them. Black is always great, and white brings more light to your face. Don’t push your limits, though; use common sense while combining colours according to the occasion you’re dressing for. 


It’s not only your hair that deserves the best cosmetics. Your beard also requires special care to look great. Here are some products to have in your bathroom. 


Beards must be washed frequently. Eating with a long beard and moustache can be messy, and leave your facial hair greasy, to say the least. Yet, you shouldn’t use your average shampoo or soap for the job: they’ll rinse the natural oils of your facial hair. Go for beard washes, specifically designed to bring the best out of your fur. 

Balms and Oils

Balms and oils go a long way in making your beard look softer and neater. They should be applied after your beard is washed and dry for a final touch. Besides, they help nourish your beard and make it look brighter.


Make your moustache defy gravity by applying wax to it. Your beard can get messy as the night goes by after eating and drinking. Moustache wax is perfect for keeping your whiskers in place.

Less Is More



Simplicity can look quite complex sometimes. Although the list of dos and don’ts seems endless, the main point here is to look sophisticatedly uncomplicated. For graduations, weddings, and business events, prefer sober colours and clothing; avoid unusual combinations. Colour blocking is never a good call for this kind of event and may attract attention in the wrong way. 


Tips about colouring and collar shapes are easy to memorise. If you enjoy cultivating a long beard, take good care of it. Wash it with the right products, and keep it nourished. Your beard is a striking part of your style, but don’t overplay your hand. It shouldn’t cover your neckline. The tie is a crucial part of the attire, and it shouldn’t be covered by long facial hair; the same goes for the collar.