The Best Cartridge Razors for Everyday Use

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In the past years, most men found the idea of shaving and achieving a bold and classy look is impossible. This was because of several reasons; some did not know what look suited them best. Some did not know the basics of a good shave, others preferred an easier way where they walked into a shop and picked any random razor without checking the brand or even the features that came along with the razor picked.

The Best Cartridge Razors

Some even settled for a pair of scissors because of the seemingly high price of the razors. and as a result, many ended up with razor burns, skin irritations and razor bumps which were and still are painful and unpleasant to see. But as time goes by and technology keeps on evolving, and skin irritations, razor bumps, and razor burns have become a thing of the past. Nowadays there is a wide variety of cartridge razors to choose from. But to come up with the clean, close, and perfectly achieved shave one has to consider the following guides;

cartrige razors

Your Shaving Needs

Cartridge razors are used in different parts of the body. Your head, face, and chest do not have the same shapes or contours. If you use your razor on these parts, you need one that offers flexibility.

Number of Blades

You might be asking yourself how many blades are necessary for a perfect shave, or if an extra blade will make much difference. Here is the answer the more the blades the better the shave.


The question is, how much are you willing to spend on a cartridge razor? Remember owning a cartridge razor can be expensive, and at times the price of a razor plus a pack of starter blades is lower compared to the price of the refill. While you still decide on the price remember “cheap is expensive.”

Skin Sensitivity

Before settling on a specific cartridge razor, you should first know your skin type. Multi-blade razors can remove too much surface on the skin. If you have sensitive skin and you have suffered razor burn or razor bump, find a cartridge razor with their built-in lubricating strips rich vitamins to keep your skin healthy.

 The Size of Cartridge Razor

To achieve a perfect shave, you must choose the right razor handle that is a perfect fit in terms of weight and size. Choosing the right size will prevent you from holding the razor wrongly and from applying to much pressure while shaving. Excess pressure while shaving causes razor burns and skin irritation. Find the right razor size to make your shaving experience safe and easy.

To make your shaving experience more cool and pleasing here is a list of the top 10 cartridge razors to help you settle on the best razor that suits all your shaving needs:

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor

Gillette is one of the best brands when it comes to cartridge razors in the market. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor has the FlexBall handle technology. This technology allows the blade to respond to the contours to get evenly to every hair. It also has one razor blade refill.

You can rely on this razor for the performance when it comes to running the AC power, there is a microchip inside that maintains voltage steadiness and a stable frequency to give you a classy smooth shave. In addition to that, it also runs on batteries, apart from that, it has an auto shut down technology, this feature turns off this razor exactly 8 minutes later. This lessens stress on the batteries and the shaver at the same time.

The micro-pulse helps one to avoid unwanted friction while you smoothly shave on our jaws. Questioning the battery’s durability? Well, a low battery indicator is included in this type of Gillette, this indicator flashes to warn you when the time is up, as a result, the battery lasts a long time. The battery-powered handle vibrates the blade cartridge, which helps send bristles and prepare them for cutting.

Worried about compatibility? Worry not, because this Gillette is compatible with every fusion razor. Besides, the blade designed for the power model includes an additional comb that lifts and arranges the bristles before the blades cut through them.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razors can be found is on Amazon.


Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men

Schick hydro 5 comes with a unique flip trimmer and 2 razor blades refill. With Schick Hydro 5 you can turn your back to stressful friction and skin irritation for good. Something good about this razor is that the blades are compatible with any kind of razor in the market. It is the best when it comes to skin protection.

This razor is designed with gel reservoirs that guarantee excellent lubrication, resulting in a more comfortable and clean shave. The blades are uniquely laid so that they protect the skin while you shave. 

This doubles the number of contact between the skin and blade leading to an ultra-clean shave. The guard bar is designed to ensure extra elasticity of the skin.

The handle has a top-quality shiny metal and a superbly patterned ergonomic shape to allow you to have a good grip. There is a flip trimmer added to the razor so that you can easily trim hard to reach areas.

When it comes to winning Schick Hydro 5 is the best in value and aesthetics. You can get it on Amazon.


Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

This is an amazing razor when it comes to one is after that clean and silky smooth shave. It comes with blades that are stronger than steel. The three progressively placed blades give one a clean and close shave.

This simply means, three strokes with one effort, in addition to this, the blades are specially designed to cut hair with geometric efficiency as a result giving you an easier and more comfortable shaving experience. 

Concerned about the lube strips? Well, worry not for this razor has a micro-fine technology that helps smoothen the skin before the blades touch the skin while lubricating your skin for extra care, leaving you with a smooth glide.

This product comes with a gift of one extra cartridge blade. Mach3 blades are compatible with the mach3 razor.

Mach3 razors are very durable because it will still serve you much better than the disposable ones 10 good months down the line.  Check it out on Amazon.


Dorco Pace 6 Plus

Every man desires to have youthful, healthy and clean skin. If you are among these men then you should go for the Dorco pace 6 plus razor. With cartridge razor, you will end up with a clean close shave just after one stroke. This is because the razor has 6 blades just for you. No wonder the name Dorco Pace 6 Plus.  

This razor is amazing, it will rejuvenate your skin with its lubricant strip rich in lavender extracts, vitamin E, oil, and Aloe Vera to moisturize your skin leaving it young and bold. It also has antioxidant benefits. 

The hair follicles and shaving cream soap do not have a chance to stick around because it has an open flow cartridge that ensures the blade stays super clean and as a result, the chances of the blade corroding are limited. 

It also has a tilting head that will it easier for you to glide along all the contours of your face, chest, and head. There is also extra protection for your skin because of the soft rubber fin.

This razor will perfectly work for you if you have sensitive skin. You can check it out here on Amazon.


Micro Touch Triple Blade Razor

This cartridge razor is for that guy who’s out for a comfortable shave. The razor offers you a clean and close shave because of its German high-quality stainless steel blades that last longer than any other ordinary blade. The thin, non-stick coating steel surface help to protect the life of the blade. 

The razor has you covered for a whole year because of the 12 refill it comes with. Micro Touch technology works in three simple steps.

Lift, cut and finish with three blades successively. The thin non-stick surface stripes allow sufficient lubrication resulting in a smooth shave. You will also have a good grip on the razor while using it because of its ergonomic handle.

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor can be found on Amazon too.


 Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor

The Solimo 5-blade motion sphere razor is an amazing cartridge razor with a lot of benefits for just a small amount of money. The razor comes with 16 five-blade razor cartridges and a single handle. It has a multi-axis design that allows it to follow smoothly on the contours of your face, this feature being the reason behind the name motion sphere. 

While using Solimo 5-Blade, you will find it easy to shave the sideburns, under the nose and goatee, because it has a beard trimmer. Hypoallergenic lubrication rich in vitamin E is included in this razor to reduce skin irritation and leave you with soft plus hydrated skin. This razor is named the Solimo 5-Blade because it has 5 blades. This multi-blade system increases the chances of you getting a close and clean shave. 

Due to the same multi-blade system, cleaning and rinsing the razor is much easy because of its anti-clog design. However, this razor is only compatible with Solimo razor handles. I

If you do not want to dig too dip into your pocket and still want a shave without skin irritation problems, then get Solimo 5-Blade on Amazon.


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Best Cartridge Razors; Bump Fighter

If you are out for the best cartridges razor for razor bumps, then search no more. The wisely designed Bump Fighter was originally made for the African American men. But recently it is used by any man who gets razor bumps while shaving.

The bumps are caused when the hair grows into the skin, these razor bumps are both painful and unpleasant to see. Nevertheless, after using the Bump Fighter for a few days, the annoying razor bumps will be a thing of the past. 

Unlike other cartridge razors, Bump Fighters features a single cartridge blade with ridges. The razor creates just a little space that allows the razor to cut your beards just a fraction above the skin.

This allows the hair to grow outwards instead of curling into the skin causing the razor bumps. This razor is on Amazon.


Bevel Shave System

Bristly facial hair can be hard to shave, but curly hair is even harder. Bevel’s shave kit just like in the barbershop, comes with; Shaving brush, skin oil, shave cream and an aftershave balm. All these items contain moisturizing oils to prevent bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns on your face and neck.

When thinking of the actual hair removal, you can use a single-blade safety razor instead of a multi-blade cartridge.

You can get the complete kit on Amazon.


Every Man Jack Razor Cartridge

This is one of the most pocket-friendly cartridge razors in the market. it is designed with 6 fine, stainless steel blades, easy to clean cartridges to give you the closest shave ever. It has an open flow design that allows hair follicles and shaving cream to pass through easily and cleanly, doing away with corrosion and extending the blade’s life. With this razor, you are guaranteed a perfect shave. The lubricating strip has a combination of chamomile, olive oil, and herbal extracts that soothes, moisturizes and protects sensitive skin.

The razor’s shave cream and shave gel comforts and protects the skin. You can get this product on Amazon.


BIC Flex 5 Hybrid Men’s Disposable 5-Blade Shaving Razor

This razor has 5 long-lasting flexible blades each adjusting to the contours of your skin, leaving you with an ultra-close shave. Each pack you buy has a refill cartridge for convenience just for. It has a lubricating strip enriched Aloe Vera and vitamin E enhancing a smooth glide. It has a thick rubber guard bar that aligns the hair for a smooth and closer shave. The exactness edging blade helps you to reach those tricky spots like under the nose and sideburns and achieve that look you want.

This BIC Flex 5 Hybrid Men’s razor is found here on Amazon.

Shaving will not give hiccups as long as you know the basics. But choosing the best cartridge razor will. Find a cartridge razor that fits your shaving needs and achieve the look you desire.


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