Classic Samurai Men’s Shaving Set Review

classic shaving set

As time goes by, fewer and fewer people put thought into how they shave. The vast majority of consumers are now satisfied with razors that get the job done well enough but don’t excel at anything. This was not always the case, and shaving used to be an art form, back when the straight razor was used.

Many shavers are afraid of using straight razors because of their intimidating appearance and their lack of additional safety features that are present on most modern shaving implements. From the safety razor to the disposable razor, all the way to the electric shaver, all of those are perceived as safer than the straight razor.

We don’t believe that this unfair reputation is deserved by the straight razor, as you may have guessed. If you want the closest, cleanest shave possible without having to sit in front of the bathroom mirror for over an hour getting every little follicle, you will find nothing better than a straight razor.

If you’ve never tried using a straight razor before, you may find that the technique is the challenging part, though there are many ways to quickly learn how to shave with one of these. In the end, the decision to switch to a straight razor is up to you, but the right kit can make it much easier.

That’s the reason for which we will be presenting our review of the Classic Samurai men’s shaving set over the course of this article. You will be able to find out whether or not this is the right shaving set for you over the course of our detailed review, but we’ll also include some buying advice.

Before we reach our review, let’s take a look at some of the essential features to search for in the best straight razor possible. Of course, if you are already experienced in buying these types of razors, you may already know what you want out of your ideal razor, so feel free to skip ahead.


One thing that you will want to account for before purchasing your ideal straight razor is how much it weighs. Since you can expect to bit standing in front of the mirror for at least a little while as you shave, you will find that a heavier straight razor can end up tiring out your arm a bit more.

Lower weight also allows you to make more precise movements with the razor, though you will have to be an experienced shaver to have the confidence for that. A lot of the time, however; weight is up to the preference of the shaver, as some prefer razors that are hefty and others like light and maneuverable ones.


The handle that is featured on your straight razor is another feature that you will want to consider more closely than you would in another kind of razor. Most straight razors fold back into the handle for safety, so it is likely that it will have a slot in it to fit the blade, and there should be drainage channels to prevent rust. From rubberised handles for additional grip to enamel handles that can resist high temperatures, many materials can be used.


About The Product

The Classic Samurai men’s shaving kit is the best option for anyone that is looking to get into shaving with a straight razor. While it is a beginner model, it comes included with everything that you need to get started, including a carrying pouch, 100 extra blades, a brush, and much more.

  • Made of high-grade surgical steel for added durability
  • Features blades that can be swapped out once they get dull
  • Comes included with 100 blades, all individually wrapped
  • Comes included with a carrying pouch for all of your shaving items
  • Slightly rounded blade reduces the likelihood of nicks


While this shaving kit may not look all that impressive at first glance, you will find that it is well-built and dependable, which is all you can ask out of a beginner kit like this. Thankfully, it has far more benefits than that, making it one of the ideal choices for even advanced shavers who need a new kit.

While the included brush lacks the softness of some of the other kinds we have tried, many of those other brushes were the same price as this full set alone. The razor itself is probably what you’re interested, however, and it comes with 100 additional blades that can be replaced with relative ease.

The blades on this razor feature slight curvature to make accidental cuts less likely to happen, which helps make this model much more beginner-friendly.

What Others Say

We also took a look at what other buyers had to say in their customer reviews and testimonials. Many people who purchased this straight razor kit were impressed by the value for money that you get out of it, as it includes everything that you need to get started shaving with a straight razor.


This kit was also praised for the inclusion of 100 extra blades, so you won’t be running out anytime soon. When it comes to negatives, there were a few complaints about the quality of this razor, but we found it quite reasonable for the price point.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for the most affordable way to get into straight razor shaving, you will find few options to match the Classic Samurai men’s shaving kit. You can get this kit and everything that is included with it for just over 30 dollars, which is more affordable than some individual razors.

Final Thoughts

Straight razor shaving is making a comeback, and we’re sure that nobody wants to be left behind.

This straight razor kit from Classic Samurai is one of the best ways to begin shaving like this simply because it is so affordable. Thank you for taking the time to read through our review of this product.

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