6 Best Electric Razors for Elderly Men

best electric razors for elderly men

Every elderly man needs a quality shave. An ideal razor helps one to cut through their hairs easily, leaving them happy and looking stylish. The best electric razors for elderly men should perfectly work on facial hair without feeling overwhelming when handling it. The razor must be gentle on the delicate elderly skin – no nicks and cuts here!

Unfortunately, men’s skin change with age. Other than getting a razor that is easy to hold, keen interest should be put to identify a model that will offer both comfort and convenience during use.

Not sharp shaving tools like straight razors! This guide gives a compilation of the best electric razors for elderly men so you won’t struggle to find the ideal one for your skin.

Best Electric Razors for Elderly Men

Take a browse of the best electric razors for elderly men here…

1) Braun Series 7 790cc

The shaving world is incomplete without the name Braun. With their different series of razors, no client is left unsatisfied. The shavers have a sophisticated design and technology to give quality close shaves. Their series 7 tops our list with a smart body that adapts to your beard easily.

The fully flexible Braun Series 7 7790cc, available here allows maximum pivotal adaptation to the contours on your face. With the Autosense technology, this razor’s motor produces 10,000 micro-vibrations each minute making it adaptable to thick hair. 

Sensitive skin? Worry not; the latest feature includes 5 different shaving modes for you to choose. You have a command to select between intensive shaving – for the heavily bearded, normal mode – for the average individuals and extra sensitive mode for those with sensitive skin. This model can be comfortably used with foams and gels.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Easy to configure and use
  •         Adaptable to both wet and dry shaves
  •         5 shaving modes with different power settings
  •         Comes handy with a unique power station
  •         Optimal balance value and performance
  •         Waterproof

2) Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

The next on our list of the best razors for elderly men is the Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver. This series is head and shoulders above the competition on the side of rotary razors. The nicely contoured grip makes this your old man’s razor. The handle design makes it comfortable to maneuver around your face offering closer shaves.

This choice differs from others in this list because of its tri-headed design. The three rotary shaving heads are linked on the same body to give a firm cut. A clean and good-looking shave is achieved by the ability of the three shaving heads to move in eight distinct directions. The self-sharpening system will collect your hair and give a clean shave.

The Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, available here utilizes moisture strips that soothe dry skin. This makes it an ideal solution to those with dry sensitive skin. The razor works to cut hair below the surface giving a super smooth shave.

Reasons to Buy

  •         High-quality cleaning station and travel case
  •         ContourDetect technology gives close shaves
  •         Anti-slip grip for comfortable holding
  •         Tri-head design gives a firm cut
  •         Ideal for heavily bearded individuals

3) Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Popularly referred to as the ‘no-frills’ razor, the Remington F5-800 foil shaver is ideal for men with longer facial hair. The Intercept Shaving technology and 60 minutes runtime on battery power makes it stand out from other razors. The intercept shaving technology is constituted by a 3 stage cutting system and two flexible foils. An intercept tool pre-trims long hair as the foils facilitate closer shaves. Another feature is the razor’s pivot and the flex foil feature allows the head to adjust and cut hair on all contours of your face. This maintains close contact around the neck, chin, and jaw-line.

The five-minute quick charge provides enough power for a quick shave in the early morning rush for a meeting. The corded shaving capability enables you to use the razor while it is plugged without having you worry about the battery power remaining. Either way, the Remington F5-5800 foil shaver has an LED power gauge letting you know when to charge. It takes two hours to bring the razor to full charge.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Affordable for the low budget
  •         Excellent battery life of up to 1 our
  •         Interceptor technology makes it ideal for long hairs
  •         Great dry foil shaver
  •         3 specialized cutting elements

Panasonic Es8243a Arc4

This is perhaps the most gentle electric razor you will get on the market today – just right for an elderly man’s skin. Panasonic Es8243a is gentle on sensitive and delicate skin making it the best option for the elderly. The razor keeps your budget low and gives perfect shaves too. The ultra shaped blade consisting of ultra-thin steel foils makes it the best choice for sensitive skin. The razor offers protection against skin bumps and cuts. Do you prefer stylish beards? The pop-up trimmer can be used to style your moustache.

When it comes to handling, you don’t have to worry. It has just the right weight and has an ergonomic design that makes it settle well in the hand. Thanks to its waterproof nature, you can do your wet shaves without concerns about damaging it. Get is as a gift or for your own shaving.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Reasonable price
  •         Best for delicate and sensitive skin
  •         Pop-up trimmers enable stylish shaves
  •         Waterproof hence ideal for wet shaves

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV95-S Arc5

Whether you prefer dry shaves or shaving in the shower with foam and gel, this razor has got you covered. The versatility feature makes the razor a popular choice among many men. The pop-up trimmer on the sides of the head can be used to produce a stylish shave on your moustache.

If you have sharp contours on your face, this Panasonic razor will probably impress you by its ability to manoeuvre the deep areas. No one likes the irritation and after shave skin bumps, this series with gold rollers is the best choice to take. The extra fast motor with an ability to hit 14,000 micro-vibrations per minute delivers a quick, efficient and close shave

The foils incorporate five blades facilitating a clean and close shave. Without a doubt one of the best electric razors for elderly men, the Panasonic Arc5 has sensors inside the foils which detect hair density leading to automatic motor adjustment. When the hair is light the razor switches to low power mode and the motor speed is reduced. Contrary, with dense and thick hair the motor is adjusted to more micro-vibrations giving a close save. Elderly men will definitely love this razor since it is comfortable and easy on the hand.

Reasons to Buy                                                                                                                      

  •         Adaptable to both wet and dry shaves
  •         Easy to clean the foil head
  •         Convenient charging station
  •         Powerful motor suitable for all hair types
  •         Cuts all hairs with no irritation

Andis 17150 Pro Foil Shaver

Whether you have heard of this manufacturer or haven’t, after trying this elegant shaver you will love their products. Andis has since 1922 been striving to produce an excellent line of shaving products with a track record of customer satisfaction (elderly men included!).

The company’s rich history, however, has nothing to do with this list. The excellent performance of the Andis 17150 proves merit to be named one of the best electric for elderly men.

This lightweight and easy to use razor is one of the best electric razors for elderly men. The superior battery power can run for up to 80 minutes of runtime on a full charge. The Andis 1770 pro foil shaver is ideal for travel since it can do quality shaves on battery power. The powerful rotary motor is ideal for thick and curly hair likely. This razors motor is quieter than most razors making it a better choice for small home use.

The Andis 17150 series, available on Amazon here is capable of both corded and cordless use. The LED battery indicator tells you when the right time to charge is. Wet shaving is one sure thing that the Andis 17150 does perfectly. This does not disqualify it either for dry shaving, its top-notch performance makes it a choice for elderly men. The company offers a 1year warranty covering the product against defective workmanship and material damage.

Reasons to Buy

  •         80 minutes runtime on a battery power
  •         Hypoallergenic shaving foil preventing skin irritation
  •         Excellent for sensitive and elderly skin
  •         Powerful motor that cuts the hair of any length

Final Word About Best Electric Razors For Elderly Men

Sure enough! You have a guide to take you through the choosing of the best electric razor for elderly men. This guide will get you the value for your money whenever you are purchasing electric razors for elderly men. Other than the price, motor power, size, and power consumption, and finding the perfect tool for your skin, purchasing a razor with a manufacturer’s warranty will be a double win to your pocket.

Quality shaves demand maintenance of the tools. You, therefore, need to take great care of your shaving tool to get the best service out of it. The above razors together with a good maintenance schedule will ensure you get the most out of your shaves. For a good start, consider making a visit to a barber versed in the field to offer you guidance on the best shaver for both your hair and skin. Barbers will also give you hints on how to handle and use a shaver to avoid unnecessary nicks and cuts.

We hope you’ve found our guide to the best electric razors for elderly men helpful!

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