10 Best Edge Up Clippers of 2020 Recommended by Pro Barbers

best edge up clippers

If you’re wondering what brings the difference between great and not-so-great haircuts, then you’re in the right place. It actually boils down to paying attention to all the details and the power of top-notch equipment.

If you’re looking to transform haircuts the same way as the professional barbers out there, you should know that it’s actually possible and easier than you think.

Best Edge Up Clippers

That’s why we’re going to look at the 10 best edge up clippers that pro barbers won’t tell you about- it’s in real terms their best-kept secret. Keep reading.

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Andis Go Pro leads off the list…

1) Andis 04603

Obviously, it’s not a surprise to find Andis Go Pro on top of the list of the best hair clippers of 2020. Reason? Well, Andis is a household name since their hair grooming tools and products have been in the industry for way too many years. And just like all other Andis clippers, Andis Go Pro is also innovative and it also a tool you can rely upon. After you experience everything that this edge up clipper has to offer, you’ll definitely have no choice but to agree that it’s the leader in this industry.

So, what can you expect from Andis Go Pro? Well, the first feature that stands out in this clipper is the close-cutting blades, which means that you can expect an extremely close shave, especially if you’re doing linings and fades. The clipper also comes with durable stainless steel blades or durability and dependability. If you overall closeness of shaves, of course you should, then you can cash in on its ability to zero-gap! How about the power cord? You’ll also like enjoying a lot of maneuverability and freedom that is made possible by the 8ft power cord. Though this won’t offer you the freedom that wireless clippers can offer you, you’ll still be able to easily accomplish what you want without much hassle.

Another impressive feature in Andis Go Pro is its powerful high-speed motor, which ensures that the clipper remains cool for longer periods. Thus, you can expect it to remain cooler even when doing the toughest of all cuts.

Andis 04603 is available here on Amazon. 


2) Wahl 8051 Pro Zero Overlap Razor Edger

If there’s an edge up clipper that is capable of tackling the toughest hair cutting tasks, then it has to be Wahl 5-Star Professional Razor Edger.

After all, we all know that Wahl is a leader in the hair grooming industry, yeah? And their clippers are just impressive and versatile. This one is no different as it cuts any hair with speed. Apart from its attractive and comfortable body, you’ll also like its ability to run for longer periods of time without getting hot. Its 8ft cord completes the ergonomic design that this clipper comes with.

Accessories? A pro-set tool, cleaning brushes, oil, blade guard, and 3 sharp spare blades. What this means is that Wahl Pro Razor Edger is literally what you need to transform your haircuts.

Wahl 8051 razor edger is available on Amazon


3) Oster Adjustable Clipper 76023-510

We’re talking about a clipper that can give you the freedom of drifting from one length to another when shaving- the Oster Clipper 76023-510. One of its most impressive features is its small size, which makes it comfortable to hold in the hand. Without further ado, let’s look at the impressive things it has to offer.

Now, its double-blade design will offer you a range of hair-designing options, of course depending on the type of hair. With this edge up clipper, you can easily switch between blades, for easier cuts and shape up to look. The power knob lies a bit flat on the side, to prevent the user from getting into contact with it during hair grooming.

For more comfort and experience, its architects made sure that it produces less sound when you’re using it. Another plus? Oster 76023-510 is way more versatile as compared to some industry leaders. What more? Its 4-blend comb works to make the whole cutting experience less stressful. Its long power cord allows the user to move freely when shaving. Additionally, the motor is well-placed to avert stubborn vibrations that other edge up clippers produce. The list is endless, but you can experience for yourself all the good things that this clipper brings you.

Oster 76023-510 clipper is available here on Amazon


4) Remington HC6550 Hair Clipper

If there’s a hair clipper that can simplify the whole clean-up process, it’s, without a doubt, the Remington HC6550. How? Well, listen.

While it may sound weird to use vacuums to clean a clipper, Remington has already made it a norm. Then, its blades are coated with titanium, to make it capable of handling any kind of hair on the planet.

In real terms, this clipper performs incredibly well on both wet and dry hair. Out of its more than eleven guide combs, two are made with taper and fader effects.

And all these blades are usually sharp to ensure that the clipper passes through the hair easily. Beneath the blades, you’ll find a vacuum bin that collects all the hair cut-offs in real time. This makes maintenance easy- you simply need to detach the bin for a clean. 

You can find this clipper online at Amazon


5) Wahl Balding Clipper

Still on Wahl top-notch clippers, this one is also a 5-star rated edge up clipper. It is ideal for stylists and barbers who want to cut hair using twice the speed of pivot-motor clippers for full balding. Ideally, this clipper was made with balding concerns in mind, and that’s why thanks to its contoured body, it’s much easier to get a closer cut more easily and comfortably. Also, these contours offer you a better grip when cutting. 

Let’s talk about its blades. Are you looking for a clipper with titanium-coated blades for fast cutting? Look no further as Wahl Balding Clipper comes with top-of-the range self-sharpening blades, which when coupled with 3 guide combs, they make the clipper more dependable.

Besides its attractive body design, Wahl Balding Clipper is mostly efficient. It speeds through all types of hair in no time at all. And its settings are quite easy, so much that even a novice can grab the concepts pretty fast. Additionally, this clipper comes with three brushes with dense bristles, which renders it easy to rid the clipper of hair cut-offs.

Find Wahl Balding Clipper online at Amazon


6) Andis Pro T-Blade Slimline Trimmer

Yet again, Andis brings you another great edge up clipper, and just like all other hair clippers from the company, this one also has a lot of expectations to fulfil. Truth be told, it’s among the best choices for many pro barbers, and you shouldn’t be an exception. Its unwavering versatility is certainly the major reason behind this statement.

So, when can you use the Andis Pro T-blade? Well, this clipper comes in handy after you have already made a nice haircut. That is when you can use it to do light-duty minor touch-ups, especially around the neckline. What makes this clipper visually appealing to hair stylist and barbers is its sleek and delightful body design. You’ll definitely like it as well. But this unique feature wouldn’t be deemed perfect without stating that the clipper is also lightweight, with a weight of 7.8 ounces.

The adjustable blades also make it easier for the blade to cruise through any type of hair within no time at all. Let’s be honest here, that its ultimate speed coupled with top-notch performance are what makes Andis Pro T-blade the ideal clipper for anyone.

Andis Pro T-blade Slimline clipper is available on Amazon


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7) Wahl 8148 5-Star Cordless Trimmer

Are you looking for something high-professional grade? Well, your search should end here. Wahl 8148 gives the user a sharp cut no matter the number of times that the tool has been used. Its versatility and flexibility go hand in hand to fulfil all hair styling needs. This magnificent tool also comes with zero-overlap sharp blades, which when coupled with the clipper’s sleek and firm body, it leaves a client with a bright a bright smile.

Above the clipper, you get a taper level that helps the user to utilize the different blade adjustments that Wahl 8148 comes with. What this means is that you can quickly make fades and blends without pausing at all.

Since it’s a cordless edge up clipper, you can expect a lot of freedom and maneuverability when cutting. Also, the Li-Ion battery is a reliable one-it offers you the chance to use the tool for slightly over 1 ½ hours before recharging! 

This great cordless clipper for pro barbers is available on Amazon


8) Philips Norelco 7100

Many pro barbers agree that Philips Norelco 7100 is a two times speed beast. Not because of the fact that Philips is a well-known brand for many hairstylists across the globe, but because this new release comes with a reliable 2X speed feature that suits the hair grooming needs for anyone. With the dual-cut technology, you can expect double sharpness for more cuts definition. 

The next great feature is its small size and the blade guard to help you store it safely even when you’re traveling. It won’t cut through your suitcase.

Also, the cordless clipper can run for hours on a single charge. In real terms, to charge the Li-ion battery won’t take more than 1 hour. Quite efficient and dependable considering the prices of Philip products.

Its sleek curvy body and titanium-coated blades are really durable.

Finally, the clipper comes with 24 length settings, which is yet another plus for the user.

Philips Norelco series 7100 is available on Amazon


9) Remington HC5855

Built with durability in mind, the Remington HC5855 is yet another edge up clipper, and it’s arguably the best in the T-blade category. It’s top-notch engineered body is housed inside a polycarbonate case that helps to protect its powerful interior. Use this clipper to make new haircut styles for years, as it offers just excellent results year in year out.

What makes it convenient is the spare oil, beard and mustache styling comb, guards, and length-adjusting guide combs. Another thing you’ll obviously like about this amazing clipper has to be the storage pouch that it comes in- it keeps the clipper and accessories in order. 

The 8ft cord allows you ample freedom when cutting, and the cut gets even better because of the 2X speed. You’ll also like its extremely less sound.

Remington HC5855 is available on Amazon


10) Wahl 8355-400 Professional Clipper

With Wahl products, possibilities are just endless. For example, the Wahl 8355-400 was made with the belief that it will be a reliable tool whose main goal is to protect the hair and skin, and this actually came to pass when the clipper was finally released to the market.

Truth be told, this clipper performs excellently in all types of hair and skin, you cannot expect any issue in future. 

Like most high-quality hair clippers, Wahl 835-400 comes with spare oil, 6 combs, instructions manual, blade guard, and what more, ergonomic design that appeals to both novice and pro barbers. In fact, this design lets you use it for extended periods of time without getting tired in the hands. Instead, you get more control and extra comfort.

Its 8ft professional power cord offers the user additional convenience when cutting. And then, adjusting the blades to suit blends and fades helps you to get noticeable results in a record time. All these combined, are what makes it a must-have edge up clipper for almost all pro barbers, literally.

Wahl 8355-400 professional clippers are available on Amazon

best edge up clippers

Choosing the Best Edge Up Clippers for Barbers

As you may have realized, getting a great cut is no joke, especially if you’ve no clue about the clipper to use. It helps to scrutinize a clipper well before making a move towards the shop. You should consider such factors as price, corded or cordless, comb settings, maintenance, styling features, flexibility, efficiency, sound and vibration levels, and of course, the body design of a clipper.

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