Should Men Brush their Beards Up or Down? Brushing Tips for Unruly Beards

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Should Men Brush their Beards Up or Down? A contentious question, right?

When it comes to grooming your beard, it can get to be a puzzling affair. This is because it tangles anytime every time you wake up. Most of the men, especially those with longer and fuller beards, keep on complaining how the pesky tangles just anyhow even after some intense combing and grooming.

However, this problem can be solved easily even before you think of combing them away. Some ways can guarantee you that those tangles will remain curly and smooth, giving you a great look all day. Many beard styles are there for one to choose from as well as  many tricks that can make them look stylish when combing  

Reasons Why You Should Bush Your Beards towards Your Chins

By saying towards your chins, it means that, down cheek beard, forehead beard and up neck cheek beard. It is good to take note of the following reasons as to why it’s essential to follow the above beard rule.

  • You Can Have A Routine

By following this rule, it gives you a simple and easy way to remember. It’s a routine you can use without overthinking. It will provide you with the satisfaction that you have a good structure for your beards brushing procedure.  

  • Helps In Creating A Neat and Sharp Beard Outline

By brushing your cheek beards downwards towards the chin, you can put in place hair strands that are straying. It will also sharpen the board outline. In theory, it should give a shape like that of V to your beards. However, if this is not the look you are looking for, try to brush your beards vertically downwards along the cheeks bead. 

That way, it will produce a square-shaped outline. To get you to beard a nice and sharp outline, brush the fore beards and cheek beards downwards, using the direction of the chin area. It is important to note that, by doing this, it’s generally brushing with the use of grain. This, in the end, gives a precise result. Any of the strays will be pulled gently towards the direction you want. 

  • Helpful In Addition To Beard Volume

Neckbeard, at times, can be more difficult when it comes to brushing.  It usually forms the bulking of the lower beard. However, if you flatten it out, it can make it untamed a bit well. Its good to know that the neckbeard at times is referred to as unsightly, which is untamed hair that text ends if untrimmed towards the chest. 

Assuming its already brushed, the hair left of the neck hair, which is above the neckline, is what the one that supports the fore beard, which is then brushed. The lower beards achieve the fullness if the upper parts of these neckbeards are brushed upwards and towards the chin. It also helps in supporting the fore beard from behind quite well.

Professional Steps of Brushing your Beards

Most men know how good a beard brush can be for their beard hairs.  But one question many do ask is which is the best direction to do the brushing. Although there are lots of beard styles, the rule of thumbs usually applies. If you want a neat, uniform, and full look, brush your beard hair towards the chin. This is to mean; you go down your cheek, then fore beard and finally up of the neckbeard using a forward direction. To tame the beard hair properly, you may be required to vary the angles slightly so that you can get a well-balanced look.

  • Wash And Then Clean The Beards

As much as it sounds obvious, but every time you to intend to brush your beards, make sure you get to wash them first. It is advised that a gentle beard wash should be used to clean them two to three times a week. You should not do it more often as it tends to rob off your skin natural sebum oil, which usually found at the base of hair shafts. 

Head shampoo is possible to use, but it is not recommended. This is because the chemical used in making it are quite harsh on beard hair as well as facial skin. This will also take off the sebum oil we’re trying to protect. Although this oil can be of big help, it can clog if it is left unattended. It redistributes itself when brushed across the beards.  This will, in the end, make your beards looking moisture well and not oily. So be keen when cleaning so that you don’t overdo it.

You can start by washing the beards with water that is lukewarm. Without pulling or tugging too hard, run the water through your finger. Try to avoid water that is hot as it tends to destroy the hair integrity. 

After that, apply some amount of your preferred beard wash into your palm. To create a lather, rub it using your fingertips, then apply it to your beards. Don’t focus on the surface hairs; instead, get deep and do the massaging using the beard wash by use of your fingertips. Wait for thirty seconds before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.


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  • You Can Apply Some Oil

If you decide to use beard oil, which is very recommended, try to do it before brushing the beard. Directly, drip it into your beards, or onto your palms then, your beards. Doing this allows the bristles to effectively release the oil along with the beards the same way sebum does. The results are a nice and slick shine. It also ensures that there is no clumping together of the beard hairs to cause patchiness

  • Brushing Everything Upwards

By use of beard brush, brush all the beard hair upwards. This way, it will give you a style that does not like to be seen in public. The purpose of doing this is that it will lay a foundation or something you can work  If you brush your beard hair immediately, you will release that, the strands get clumped together, the beard not facing their natural direction, and they have tangled. Hence, brushing the beard upwards helps in separating some hairs, and thus making them face a similar direction. That done, it becomes easy to move them to any direction you may want. 

  • Brushing Other Fore Beard And Cheek Beard With The Grain

This is to mean, ‘the general direction of hair growth.’ In most people, it is usually downwards. That is vertically downwards, or towards your chin or as a mixture of the two. Its always good to try what works best for you. And what suit the style you want. 

The good thing about brushing it is that you can force the beard hair to lay in whatever direction you may want it. Boar hair bristle brushes are excellent since they work efficiently through the beard. You don’t have to use a lot of force as they are as similarly consistent with beard hair. In case you feel there is a lot of resistance in a specific direction, don’t persist or trying to put up more force instead change the angle and try it again.

  • You Should Not Forget The Mustache

You will be better off if you use a good mustache comb. However, you can brush through the comb in case you want a quicker fix. To keep the beard neat, brush downwards via mustache. It will also help you to notice any hair that tries to creep over the upper lip. That way, you can as well cut them off if you want to. After the mustache is primed already, you can use some balm when styling in any way you want to do it.  When freshly brushed, it becomes very easy to do this effectively.

  • Try To Brush Your Neckbeard Upwards

This step depends on one’s beard type to another. As explained, the neckbeard is usually the bulk of the lower beard. So just trim it to get the acceptable and defined neckline.  The neck hair lies behind the forehead to support it. Brush your beard hair upward to your chins using the beard brush. This way, your lower beard will have a nice, full, and to top it all, have a great finishing touch. You can as well undo it if it feels it look untidy. After that, you can just leave it as it is or brushes downwards.

A man smiling. Should Men Brush their Beards Up or Down?

  • Step Back To Analyses

After you are done, take a mirror and look for any hairs that could have skipped the process and work on them. Ensure you put all the beard hair back to their rightful place.

Should Men Brush their Beards Up or Down?

Finally, it is worth noting that the direction you decide to use while brushing your beards is very important. However, there is no particular answer on which direction is the best to use. You can brush them downward, other times you brush the beard upwards. All that determines the direction is the area the beards been combed are. More importantly, the kind of beards also matters.

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