Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush Review

Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush Review

Shaving is an essential routine for many men, some even shaving twice a day. While the popularity of wet shaves has declined somewhat in recent years, the appeal is still there for many who appreciate the soft and pampering feeling that a great wet shave can achieve. Electric shavers certainly offer quicker results, but the wet shave is still a favourite of those who prefer to dedicate some time into their personal grooming, or those who want to make an extra effort for a special occasion.

If you’re interested in wet shaving, the right tools are essential for you to achieve the results you’re aspiring to. The extra time investment might be futile if you choose to wet shave with poor quality equipment. Which is where we start talking about the Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush.


Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush

The Luxury Shaving Brush by Vikings Blade  is quite a highly esteemed tool in the world of wet shaving. Previous models released by the company had minor issues that were resolved with the release of their 2016 model, making this brush an excellent choice for its comprehensive quality. The product weighs 6 ounces, meaning the brush has a sturdy feel to it.

About The Product

The product is made with synthetic fibres which emulate silvertip badger bristles very accurately, at an impressive fraction of the price. Some users even noting that the brush has a greater water retention than genuine silvertip badger brushes that they own.

  • Weight of Product: 6 ounces
  • 2016 product amendments
  • Brush Material: Synthetic Silvertip Badger Hair
  • Handle Material: Ivory Tusk Coloured Acrylic
  • Base: Swedish alloy

The greater water retention contributes to the brushes ability to produce a nice, thick lather for a luxurious shaving experience. The thinner bristles make the brush more suitable for sensitive skin types than coarser alternatives, without compromising on its exfoliation properties.

As oppose to lower-grade alternatives, this Vikings Blade model has a decent weight to it, meaning the model is less likely to shed an unnecessary amount of its bristles. The model has an excellent ability to withstand wear and tear due to its tough acrylic handle, and the ivory tusk colour is arguably more aesthetically pleasing than lightweight wooden or aluminium alternatives. The Swedish alloy base contributes to the weight of the brush and allows for a more comfortable shaving experience.

The brush has a ‘manly’ design to it, and so works great as a part of your own grooming kit, but the product also works excellently as a gift as it comes packaged in a Swedish gift box complete with metallic embossing.

The amendments to this model have resolved the issues that users had previously encountered with hair tangling, making for a fuss-free shaving experience.

Shaving Cream On Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush



  • Sturdy weight for durability
  • Exfoliates while you shave
  • Synthetic bristles mimic silvertip badger hair
  • Better water retention than genuine silvertip for a nice lather
  • Ergonomically designed, sturdy brush for comfortable application
  • Swedish alloy base maximises the lifespan of the brush
  • Some users felt that the brush sheds more bristles than they’d ordinarily expect 

What Others Users Say

Buyers of the Luxury Shaving Brush by Vikings Blade are impressed with its performance when it comes to shaving and the resilience that helped it last a long time.

This model is a favourite among regular shavers, even converting many die-hard badger brush lovers to the side of synthetic alternatives. The model is highly praised on online forums and acclaimed as an excellent gift or a luxurious way to treat yourself. The brush not only emulates the feel and features of the silvertip badger brush, but also the appearance – meaning that this brush will look as impressive on your bathroom counter as it will feel against your skin. Silvertip badger bristles can be identified by their untrimmed white tips, you’ll struggle to distinguish the difference other than with water retention, which is supposedly improved with the synthetic model. While some men do prefer genuine silvertip, this is a great stepping stone to the real deal without a big price commitment.

Buying Advice

Despite the various benefits that one gets from buying this shaving brush, there will be a ​

If you’re looking to purchase a silvertip badger brush at an extortionate price, you’ll probably want to try this shaving brush first. The bristles are almost identical, and so you’ll get more of a feel for whether or not these are the right bristles for you. Some men prefer the coarser bristles of other badger grades like best badger and pure badger, and so before you splurge out on an astronomically priced silvertip – it’s best to find out if it’s actually the right grade for your skin type and shaving needs.

Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Brush


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