The Ultimate Guide To French Mustache; Growing, Styling and Maintaining

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The word ‘mustache’ or ‘moustache’ first entered the French books in 1585. Almost half a millennium later, we are still experimenting with mustaches and creative beard combinations. Each person has developed his style to fit the thickness of the hair and to suit different occasions. The French Mustache is recognizable from its distinct appearance. 

The mustache is known for its bushy style. Though the definition of bushy may vary from one person to the other, the French people want to enjoy a bushy face for their mustache. The thickness of the bush may depend on the amount of hair and space available around the nose.

French Mustache Guide


Identifying the French Idea of a Mustache

The French have a distinctive design for their mustache. Though multiple designs have emerged over the years, the distinctive features remain to identify the French idea of a mustache. Here are features to look for in a mustache for it to fall within the French definition. 

  • Bushy- if you decide to grow a mustache, you must prepare for a bushy face. It is from this bush that you develop different styles. It allows you to manipulate the appearance on your face. 
  • Pointed ends- the bush shrinks as you get to the edges of your face. It takes the shape of a drop of water that is lying horizontally. If you lack the bushy element, it will be difficult to shape the edges such that they are pointed.
  • Lengthy- the French do not want to be associated with tiny mustaches. It appears like a competition to see whose mustache will touch the end of the face faster. The French mustaches are, therefore, lengthy to the point of appearing like an exaggeration. The length helps to enhance the French element on the face. 
  • Upward curve extremities- the pointed mustache does not just end there. It is curved upward like bull horns or handlebars of the traditional bicycle. 

The features may suggest a uniform appearance for all French mustache lovers. However, different designs have emerged over the years. Individuals are still creating their own ideas and designs. The ultimate shape of the mustache will depend on your facial features. 

History of the Mustache in France

Mustache has remained a fashion symbol for men. It has been used in an attempt to stand out in the crowd to be noticed. This led to the development of different designs and enhancement of the existing ones. This is how the French developed their idea of a mustache that has spread to other parts of the world. 

The mustache could have been popularized by King James who exhibited great pride for his thick mustache. His style was taken up and then modified by King Charles who popularized the handlebar style. It is King Charles who enhanced the handlebar combination. 

Sir Antony Van Dyke was public about his jealousy for the dapper mustaches by the monarchs. Van Dyke would proceed to grow his mustache like the monarchs. Since he was an artist, he helped the style to become popular to the point that one was named after him. 

How to Grow the French Mustache

A mustache is a style that is developed over time. Since it has a distinct appearance, you will need to be cautious when growing it in order to achieve this appearance. A simple mistake could mean that you lose out on the shape or size, and eventually, the distinctive appearance. 

It takes a lot of commitment and knowledge of the elements to pay attention to over time. Your type of hair and its growth habits could also influence how your mustache shapes over time. Here are tips on how to grow the mustache and ensure that it achieves a distinctive shape. 

  • Do Not Trim Your Mustache

If it has to grow, trimming must be out of the question. Trimming means that the length of the mustache is reduced. Being bushy is one of the distinctive features that you have to achieve. Instead of trimming, you should just comb and groom it so that it takes the shape you desire once it is long enough. This is an indication that it will take time to grow your mustache into the desired shape and size.

  • Comb The Mustache On A Regular Basis

The mustache is likely to bother you while you are growing because it gets to your mouth when talking or chewing. Make it a habit to comb the mustache so that it can take a particular direction. Comb the mustache towards the cheeks. This is the direction that you will be pulling the mustache when looking for the pointed edge. Be gentle when combing so that it does not break the hair strands. Use a comb that will not break the strands and avoid applying a lot of pressure. 

  • Wax The Mustache

Maintaining the mustache forms part of grooming. Men have experimented with numerous products in an attempt to grow the mustache. Do not just leave it to grow on its own. A little waxing should be your habit so that it can acquire the desired shape and strengthen your strands.

Waxing is aided by leaving it damp for a few minutes after leaving the bathroom. Add mustache wax to your fingers and stroke the hair as you pull towards the cheeks. Once you have applied the wax, a comb can help in spreading the wax. The amount of wax you use will depend on the thickness of your bush. Personal preference also determines the amount of wax used.

  • Routinely Twist to Shape

The shape of the French mustache can only be achieved through twisting. The habit could have developed as men played around with their facial hair when listening or following proceedings. If you are sensitive or conscious about the appearance, you will constantly have your fingers on the mustache. The twist to shape procedure can also be achieved when waxing. 

Twisting to shape is done inwards and upwards. You begin from inside where the mustache is thick and end up outside in strokes. You must be gentle to avoid breaking the strands. A lot of force will damage your hair strands. 

There is no standard length that your mustache should grow. It is upon you to decide when it has grown to your desired length. You might also consider other facial features, your desired personality appearance, and the growth habit of your hair. Growing the mustache is a continuous process because hair will break or require trimming from time to time.

Grooming the French mustache

The beauty of any mustache lies in how well it is groomed and maintained. Grooming helps you to achieve a crisps feel on your face. The steps you take during grooming will also depend on your grooming habits as well as the nature of hair. The style of mustache you choose will also affect your grooming procedures. 

The French have a distinct mustache that calls for unique maintenance and grooming procedures. You begin by parting the mustache down the middle. An ordinary comb can be used in this endeavor. The hair between your lips and nose will also part naturally. However, you have to wait until you have achieved a substantial length for the hair to split naturally.

Splitting the mustache can be enhanced using the wax. Wax used during grooming helps to force the hair strands to follow your instructions and directions. Oil may also be used for splitting the mustache so that you can comb it towards either direction. If your hair strands are strong, you might have to use more oil for the strands to take shape. 

The French mustache is very particular on shape. While wax and hair oils are used during shaping, excess hair may make it a huge or difficult task. In some cases, the hair will obey your instructions once you apply sufficient oil. To achieve a sharp appearance, you are required to trim any excess hair that appears on the sides or outside your design. Hair cutting scissors will help you to get rid of the excess strands. An alternative is to visit a stylist who will help you achieve the look.

Waxing is a crucial part of grooming your mustache. The wax helps the hair strands to maintain their shape because it will hold them together. Further, waxing or hair oil application will also soften your mustache hair strands so that they do not break easily or fail to follow your styling directions. 

Waxing does not require any special tools or techniques. Use your ordinary hands to ensure that your entire mustache is covered. Failure to cover the whole mustache will result in failed styling and disobedient strands. It is during waxing that you shape the mustache out towards the cheeks. Be gentle to avoid breaking the strands.

Grooming and styling should help you to achieve a uniform appearance. You must be cautious when splitting the hair on the face to ensure that you split right in the middle. Further, ensure that you maintain uniformity during grooming to avoid an imbalanced face.

french mustache

Factors To Consider When Grooming Your Mustache

Hair between your lips and nose can take any shape you wish. Grooming forms part of shaping because the shape will depend on the care provided. What should you watch-out when grooming your mustache so that it can attain the desired shape? Here are expert tips.

  • Your type of hair– the mustache is made of hair. The grooming steps you take must take to account the fact that it is hair that is connected to your skin. Some hair is thick while other men have scanty mustaches. You may also possess very soft hair that would be damaged by constant touching or the use of particular products. Take grooming steps and use products that will preserve the health of your hair. 
  • Thickness of the mustache– handling of a mustache depends on its thickness as well as target thickness. A thick mustache requires a lot of substances like wax just because of its volume. However, the thickness may also make it easy to style. If you wish to grow a thick mustache, you must be tender during grooming. A lot of pressure or use of inappropriate grooming combs will reduce the thickness of your mustache. Too much oil and the use of thick oil may make a mustache slimmer. Observe the reaction of your mustache upon application or oil or wax to determine the best step to take. 
  • Desired style- the French mustache is unique in its styling and appearance. Some people achieve a mustache without much struggle or buy simply trimming away the excess hair. The French design can only be achieved out of hard work. You have to know when and where to split your hair, the grooming materials and techniques to use, and constantly maintain your mustache in the shape desired. You might also want to match the style with the shape of your face or character. This will lead you to a different grooming habit. 
  • Personal preference- each person has a desired appearance. This appearance will affect the grooming style you adapt. For instance, if you love oily hair, your waxing procedures and products will differ. People with soft and oily hair do not require a lot of oiling and waxing. Such preferences mean that you adapt a different grooming habit. Grooming products are also different based on your skin and hair type. The desired ultimate appearance will also depend on personal choices. 

A well groomed mustache is attractive. It will also enhance your appearance. Such a mustache requires tender care, including the use of appropriate tools for grooming. Your personal preferences must be considered. While you can groom a mustache at home, you might need to visit a specialist on a regular basis to fine-tune the style. Grooming is an on-going process that helps to maintain the appearance. You may change the tactics from time to time, based on response to products used or to achieve a different style. 

Maintaining your Mustache

Maintaining a mustache requires you to take the basic steps of growing decent hair. This is in recognition of the fact that mustache is just hair on your face. Failure to maintain this hair will disrupt your styling efforts. Maintenance should also consider your chosen mustache style. Personal preference also affects your maintenance efforts. Here are expert tips on maintaining a decent French Mustache

  • Acknowledge your chosen style– mustaches come in different shapes and styles. Some combine with the beard while others stand alone as a mustache. Maintenance affects the style and shape of your mustache. Acknowledge the style you have chosen because it will direct you on the maintenance steps to take. For instance, the French style requires oiling and waxing in order to maintain the shape. The type of hair might also require you to be more cautious during grooming. It is the shape and chosen style that determine your maintenance habit. 
  • Grow your hair- the French style will only be achieved if you have long and bushy hair. The hair must also be of good health to avoid breakage that dismantles your style. The length of the outward moving tips also adds to the style of your mustache. Grow and groom your hair so that the style will be easy to maintain. 
  • Use Quality Maintenance Materials or Substances- care given to the hair will determine how well it responds to your commands. The type of grooming materials used will affect the strength of these strands. It also affects the thickness of your mustache bush. Buy quality oils, wax, and other hair grooming materials for your mustache. 
  • Age of the mustache- it takes a while to grow and shape your mustache. Your mustache will only grow based on the age and desired length. A young mustache requires a lot of care to protect the strands. Once the mustache has grown, the most care and maintenance needed is trimming. Oiling is also reduced because the hair can take a natural shape. 
  • Maintenance tools- the tools used must help you to achieve the desired results. An ordinary jerry comb may help in some instances. It is especially important to choose a comb because it helps in shaping and will either preserve or cut your hair strands into pieces. 

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy mustache is an ongoing process. It also depends on the personal decisions you are making on a daily basis. For instance, once you shower, the mustache will be disfigured. You have to get it back to shape before leaving the door. Failure to wax the mustache also exposes it to disfiguring because the hairs cannot hold together. 

Training The Hair On Your Mustache

The French mustache design is achieved by training your hair in a particular shape and direction. This is a continuous process and, at the same time, an art. If you have mastered the design, it will be easy to modify the ultimate look without losing the original shape or feel. Amateurs or beginners will take time to master the shape. When you get to the expert stage, you can shape the base of your mustache or tip in such a way that will enhance your French appearance. 

Wax is the ultimate tool for training your mustache. It helps to hold the hair strands in place so that they can give you the desired shape. The wax used will depend on your skin type and sensitivity. The hair will fall into place if sufficient oil or wax is applied. Waxing and oil will help you to control all the hairs of your mustache. 

Trimming is another way to achieve the French design. An ordinary mustache trimmer will suffice when trimming the hair strands. You may trim the entire mustache into shape or use it to get rid of excess and stubborn hair on the mustache. Trimming helps you to avoid the constant care required if the mustache relies on your long hair. Trimming will also be required if the mustache is overgrown beyond your desired size. It may be used independently or alongside waxing.

french mustache

Complementing The Mustache With Your Beard

The mustache forms part of your overall appearance. A mustache will be visible above the other grooming styles on your face because it is distinctive. It may form part of a heavy beard and head hair or may stand alone on a clean face. 

The goatee beard works perfectly for a lengthy French mustache. It was popularized by King James and King Charles alongside the artist Van Dyke. It appears like the two are separate features on your face yet complementary because of their shape. Still, it is one of the best combinations you can get for the French design. 

The mustache also forms part of your dressing. It is a perfect fit for people with hairy faces and also fits an informal setting. When combined with informal dressing like a cowboy hat and a walking stick, it helps to enhance the traditional French design. The amount or design of hair on your head might not be a huge consideration. 

When used with official attire, a playful design is recommended. It indicates an idea of authority or outgoing personality. It also shows that you are thoughtful and meticulous in your approach to issues. The mustache is for settled or calm individuals and not the jumpy type. If you have to adorn the mustache like French people, you must be a man of a few and wise words.

A French mustache that is well grown, groomed, and maintained will be a spectacle to behold. It raises your profile in a crowd and will help you to earn the respect of people you interact with. There is no magic to maintaining a beautiful mustache apart from constant care, waxing, and oiling. Take care of your hair so that it is the best quality and can withstand the rigors of maintenance. Personal preference plays a huge role in the ultimate appearance of your mustache. Choose high-quality maintenance products and your mustache will be a spectacle. 

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