Shaving Etiquette: Is It Better to Shave Before or After Shower?

Shaving Etiquette

You probably have your preference for shaving before or after your shower, but there are pros and cons to both methods. If you ask anyone who has a regular grooming routine, they will probably tell you what their preferred method is. Is there a reason for using one method or another? Does it really make a difference?

Should I shave before or after a shower? That’s the question a lot of people ask when they first start shaving or when they are looking to improve their grooming routine.

There isn’t a quick and easy answer to this, so we want to take a little time in looking at every angle and telling you why you may prefer one method over anther for your personal hygiene. We should say that there isn’t a definitive answer, because both options have their own perks. It’s worth looking at the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision and find out what works for you.


If you like to keep things clean, then consider how little mess you make by shaving before you shower or even in the shower. When you shave makes a difference as to how much mess you have to clean up. Should you shave before or after a shower? That depends on how many little hairs you like to clean out of the sink.

If you shave before or in the shower, then you can clean your face off with the shower water. You don’t have to deal with all of the hairs in the sink. Pretty nice, right? If the thought never occurred to you that you could reduce or eliminate the sink cleaning as part of your shaving routine, I bet you are thinking about it now. There is a lot less mess to deal with by shaving at the right time, and that’s a big advantage in favor of shaving before your shower.


Did you know that when you take a warm shower, you open up the pores of your skin? This makes it easy to clean off your body, but it also makes it easy for hairs to come out when you shave. If you find that you are getting a lot of razor bumps after you shave, then you might not be shaving with warm enough water. Wetting your face with warm water before a shave will help widen your pores, making it easier for hair to come out. Your razor won’t have to do as much work, so you won’t have to press the razor as hard against your skin.

That means there is less irritation and less chance of a razor bump forming. Should I shave before or after shower time? The answer to that question may depend on how annoying and painful it is for you to shave. If you experience a lot of discomfort, try showering first, using warm or hot water to open up the skin and ease the shaving process.

Alternatively, you can simply wash your face with warm water before shaving. You don’t have to go into the shower and get entirely wet. It’s up to you how you want to do it, but warm water on the face definitely helps improve comfort.


Okay, let’s say you have to get out the door quickly and go to work or meet a friend. You need to shave before you go, so is it better to shave before or after shower? You’ll probably get a better, more comfortable shave if you shave after your shower, but if you want sheer speed, you can’t beat how quickly a dry shave can be completed.

There is no faster way to shave than to just do it with a dry face. The hair comes off fairly well and there is less mess to clean up. If you don’t wet your face, you are saving valuable time, and you will be out the door incredibly quick.

There are some drawbacks, though, and if you are wondering, “should I shave before or after shower time?” then you need to consider how painful dry shaving can be. It can leave razor bumps, of course, and it can irritate your skin. You won’t be exfoliating, and you won’t be softening the hair. The shave may look close enough at first and may work for the moment, but you might very well regret it later on. Once the razor bumps start to form and your face feels rough and irritated, you may have wished that you chose to cut the hair with a wet face.

Close Shave

What if you are going for a very close, great-looking shave? Is it better to shave before or after shower time? You will want a wet face for a close shave. You will get more of the hair out, since your skin will have open pores. The hair gives you less resistance, so more of it can come out. If you are going for as close a shave as possible, there is no dispute that your face needs to be both warm and wet. The question still remains, though- do you shave before or after a shower for a close shave?

You can wet your face either way, but there will be less mess for you to clean up if you shave before your shower and then go into the shower to clean up. Or you can shave in the shower and use the water there to clean up, leaving no mess in the sink at all. Just make sure you have a mirror in the shower so you can see what you are doing. That’s not an option for everyone, since not everybody has a portable mirror that they can take into the shower. If all you have is a wall mirror, you may not be able to attempt in-shower shaving.

Clean Clothes

One thing to consider when you are trying to decide “should I shave before or after shower time?” is that showering dry can leave lots of small hairs on your clothes. A wet shave is often a cleaner shave as far as your clothes are concerned. The hairs you shave off will be more likely to stick to your face or to the razor. If you shave when your hair is dry, like before the shower, then you will probably end up with lots of hair on your clothes. That can be irritating, but it may not matter if those clothes are going to go into the laundry before you step into the shower.

Also keep in mind that when shaving after a shower, you may have clothes on at that point. If you tend to get dressed after your shower and then shave, you can get lots of small hairs stuck on your clothes. That’s so irritating when you keep finding hairs in your clothes throughout the day.

The hairs can be itchy and just look unsightly, especially if you are wearing a white shirt. The small hairs can really stick out and make you look unkempt. Even if you shave with a wet face after the shower with clothes on, your clothes can still become full of hairs. It’s best to either shave with some of your clothes or shave before you even get into the shower.

Electric Trimming

What about if you are using an electric razor? Do you need to use your electric razor before or after shower time?

The best time to use an electric razor is before the shower. That’s when your hairs are dry and are standing up the most. Your electric razor will be able to catch the hairs more easily, cutting them close and giving you a close, neat trim. Once the hair is wet, like following a shower, your electric razor will have more trouble. It won’t be able to catch the hairs as well as you move it along your face, so it may miss a few and give you a shave that looks a little spotty.

Is it better to shave before or after a shower with the electric razor? You can go either way, but make sure your face is dry first for an effective shave. That’s why when it comes to doing an electric shave before or after shower, we choose before every time.

Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions about when to shave. The next time you are wondering ,“Should I shave before or after I shower?” think back on our list of reasons why to choose one or another. The way you shave, your preferences, and the outcome of the shave will all determine which time is right for you. It may be necessary to change your shaving habits in order to prevent razor bumps, look tidy, and feel great after shaving. If we can help you do all of that through this article, then our work is done. Remember, the best way to shave is the way that works best for you.

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