How to Style an Undercut at Home

Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle has come back in a big way over the past few years. It used to be big in the first few decades of the 1900s and then faded away into obscurity for a while. Now, it’s back and extremely popular. Men and women alike wear this style in a variety of different ways.

By styling yours one way, it can seem edgy and individualistic. With another style for the undercut, you can have a look that is refined and classy. If you’re looking for the perfect look for your undercut, then we have a few options for you here. We’ll show you how to style an undercut- male version. The female options seem to be a lot more varied, but guys can have fun with it too.

Medium Hairstyle and Asymmetrical Shave

This sort of punk look is one of the best  ways to show off a personal style and rock some slightly longer hair. You shave the head at an angle, so most of the head is covered by the hair. Then, you grow your hair long enough to cover up the shaved part as you desire. You can style your hair in such a way that it completely reveals all the shaved areas or covers them up completely. This goes straight to the top of our list for how to style an undercut because of how versatile it is. You don’t feel as restricted with this style, and we love it for that.

Faux Mohawk

The mohawk has never really been in style for most guys. It was always a fringe look, but the faux mohawk can look distinguished and is fairly common in parts of the US as well as Australia and the UK.

To keep the faux mohawk looking refined, you need to keep it short, but you can style it in a few different ways. it can be colored or you can keep your natural color. You can also spike it or splay it as you wish, just by using a little styling gel. Depending on how long you let it get, you can have a variety of ways to arrange the mohawk.

You have some options with the shaved parts of the head as well. You can do a simple trim or fade or you can opt for something more complex, like some designs worked into the shaved parts.

The mohawk can end at the back top of the head or be carried all the way down to that bottom of your skull. There are simply a lot of ways to style and work this particular look to make it uniquely yours and to fit your personality.

Undercut and Side Quiff

How to style an undercut in the most fashionable way? The side quiff is probably the way to go right now as it is one of the hottest trending styles for undercuts. Basically, it is a pronounced parting of the hair, often away from the undercut. So, if you shave your head up to a part on the right side, you would then style the rest of the hair by pushing it over to the left side.

This draws attention to the shaved part, making it stand out more. Your hair can be just about any length, as long it as it is long enough to style. This is a style that you can grow your hair very long for, if that’s your thing. It creates a severe part that goes against the classical style of the middle or slight side part. When you have your head shaved on one side and then severely parted over the other side, it creates a dramatic look and one that guys really love for its contrasting look.

To keep this style intact for the entire day, you’ll need some styling gel or hairspray, depending on how long your hair is. Keep combing it the same direction every day and it will be easier to maintain. The hair will naturally fall to the correct side, giving you the look you can become known for.

Combed Over Look

This is probably the simplest undercut you can look for with medium length hair. From wherever you decide to stop the undercut at, just comb over and slick to the side the rest of the hair. You can do this look with hair from just about any length- from about four inches to 10 inches. The ideal length is about 6-8 inches, though.

How to style an undercut men can do on their own? This one is so easy you can even use water to do it. If you don’t want to put greasy gel in your hair, you can simply run some water over your hands and then brush them through your hair. Alternatively, run some water over your comb and style the hair with the wet comb. A few passes like this will have the hair looking like it should be- parted off to the side and combed over.

This is a really simple look to maintain all throughout the day. It’s pretty easy to tell if it is getting out of place, and you can correct it without using a mirror, once you get used to the style. Just wet your hands or hair and pat the hair down (because it may tend to stick up once it dries) and then brush your hand or a brush across the hair to put it back in place.

Slicked Back Undercut

How to style an undercut with pomade? The slicked back is a great use for hair gel or pomade, giving you a simple but elegant slicked back look. You’ll appear distinguished and classy, especially if you pair this hairstyle with a full beard or a well-trimmed mustache.

We like how simple this one is to not just pull off but keep maintained all day long. The slicked back look just requires a brush and some pomade to keep it in its place and to have it looking glossy. That shiny look you get with the slicked back style is one that’s very appealing. It makes you look young, vibrant, and healthy, so it’s a good look for any man trying to maximize their visual appeal.

This is a style that works with a variety of hair lengths as well, with anything from a short cut to a medium-long cut.

We recommend a subtle undercut for this look, shaving just above the temples and keeping the undercut to a minimum. If you don’t have time for a detailed styling and just need to do something quick with your hair before you go out the door, then the slicked back look will do just fine.

Caesar Undercut

The Caesar hairstyle is coming back in a big way. This was a style that was made popular thousands of years ago and has been around since then but not in such a trendy way like it is these days. There isn’t much styling to be done when you wake up in the morning with this haircut, which is probably a big reason why so many guys like it. It also looks kind of tough and macho, like you mean business, which is to be expected from most short haircuts, since they often remind people of military style haircuts.

The undercut makes this look not appear as short, giving some contrast to the short haired top. You need to do very little to maintain this look, and simply brushing it once or twice a day is enough to keep everything in its place.

If you want the cut to look even more pronounced, go for a severe undercut that has very little fade to it. This makes your hair stand out and adds a lengthier appearance to your hair, even when it is short. This is how to style an undercut men’s look that anyone can pull off, no matter their face shape.

You do need to keep the hair closely cut for this look to work. It should only be a few inches long at maximum. The undercut, though, can look however you like. There is some variety there to play around with, and you may even want to go for a styled shaved look on the back, creating a pattern or design that helps your look to stand out from the side.

These are just a few ideas to get you started as you try to figure out what to do with an undercut style. The undercut look might not be for everyone, but there is an undercut look for everyone. Some people fall into the undercut style accidentally, having tried to cut their own hair or having had some other  experience. So, now that you know there are a wealth of ways you can style this look on your own at home, you can keep up the appearance you want without having to visit the hairstylist very often. We encourage you to play around with a few of these and find the look that is the most you.

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