9 Best Luxury Shaving Kits for the Man Who Has Everything

luxury shaving kit

Shaving is a process that you should be conversant with as a man to look neat and stylish. And this does not happen without proper tools. You need to have the best luxury shaving kit for the procedure to be comfortable and effective. Investing in beard shaving essentials is key whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Fortunately, manufacturing companies are ever on the race to produce shaving tools and products that cause less to no skin challenges. Having the best tools on your shaving kit will build your passion for the shaving procedure. A perfect shave will definitely lead to a stunning look and healthier skin.

A soft brush, elegant brush stand, shaving cream, and aftershave oil, just to mention, are the essentials of the best shaving kit for your skin. But with a variety of shaving kits on the market, choosing the right one can be an engaging task. Here comes the best shaving kits compilation to make the process easy for you.

You should definitely try the best luxury shaving kits out.

Best Luxury Shaving Kits

1) Zeva 5PC DE

First in our selection of luxury shaving kits is the Zeva 5PC DE. Are you looking to gift yourself, a male friend, or family member and do not know what to get them? The Zeva 5PC DE is the ideal choice. This kit has an elegant stand. The kit additionally comprises a DE safety razor, shaving soap,  shave stand and 5 ASTRA blades for replacement. Zeva 5PC DE offers a close shave since the razors are heavyweight.

luxury shaving kit

The Reasons to Buy

  •         Stainless steel stand
  •         Heavyweight razors
  •         Soft-bristle shaving brush
  •         5 Astra razor blades
  •         Shaving soap is made from natural vegetable materials
  •         Deluxe Handle Shaving Brush

2) Colonel Conk Shave Kit

Colonel Conk Shave Kit is probably one of the most comprehensive kits for shavers. You will get great value in its contents and more products upon purchasing this kit. The kit contains shave soap, a badger brush, bowl, and a shave stand. Have larger hands? The long handle ensures you an easy time when handling the kit. You will definitely love the ease of replacing blades on the Colonel Conk Shave Kit. The high-quality razor blades make it a valuable purchase and gives value for your money.

best luxury shaving kit in a box

Reasons to Buy

  •         High-quality shaving kit
  •         The shave oil moisturizes the skin
  •         Chrome bowl and shave stand
  •         Excellent shaving mug
  •         Shave oil made from natural ingredients

3) Parker 29L

The minimalist design of this Parker essential shaving kit is a preference to every man. The set is made up of a sleek safety razor blade that has a chrome finish. The chrome finish is a feature that stands out and justifies the price of this set. The butterfly design is easy to open and the head is yet another feature to value. The head allows you to switch blades with ease. The premium shaving brush that comes with the kit also ensures a smooth shaving procedure. This kit is ideal if you are looking to gift your loved one with something to last long.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Beautiful stand
  •         Excellent quality kit
  •         Functional brush stand with a beautiful design
  •         Provides dense and rich lather
  •         Easy to open and switch blades
  •         Soft shave brush that reduces skin irritation
  •         Genuine Brass frame ensures durability
  •         Textured handles ensure grip
  •         Includes 5 Parker premium blades

4) Parker 96R Safety Shave Set

A perfect shave should not only include quality pieces within the best luxury shaving kit but mind your pocket too. If you are looking for a quality and affordable set for yourself and your loved ones, then go for the Smart Home Shaving Gift Set. This comprehensive set contains essential grooming tools for a smart and close shave.  

luxury shaving kit

Parker 96R Safety Shave Set, available here offers great value for your small budget. The set is extremely affordable and a perfect solution for eliminating traditional razors. It comes with a lot of valuable components like a razor stand, a soft-bristled brush, and double-edged razor blades. The long handle makes it easy to hold the kit for those with bigger hands. There are other bonus accessories like replacement blades and a durable blade guard.


Reasons to Buy

  •         Easy to remove blades
  •         Butterfly design makes it easy to open the head
  •         Great for wet shaves
  •         Comfortable weight
  •         Deluxe badger bristle brush
  •         Chrome handle

5) Perfecto Deluxe Shaving Kit

Perfecto Deluxe is another quality shaving kit that will ensure you get both comfort and quality out shaves. The manufacturers have ensured your comfort is guaranteed by using authentic badger hairs to make the bristles of the shaving brush. With dense lather applied on your face, the brush is very smooth on your face. The bristles are durable and long-lasting which makes sure you are free from replacements which can be costly. The handle of this brush is perfectly crafted for convenience and ease of use.  After completing the shaving procedure, the handy stand is ideal for storing your brush.

luxury shaving kit

Reasons to Buy

  •         Creates a thick and dense lather
  •         Shave brush is made from 100% badger hair
  •         It’s stylish and comfortable
  •         Double-edged safety razor
  •         Chrome razor and stand

6) Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury shaving kit

Van Der Hagen is always determined and committed to producing high-quality shaving equipment for men who love luxury when doing their shaves. One of their greatest achievements is the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury shaving kit. 

luxury shaving kit

This kit has a premium shaving brush made of badger hair bristles. A hypo-allergenic soap, razor stand display and an apothecary mug are the other items in this premium shaving kit. The monogrammed design mug ensures the utmost comfort upon handling. The Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury offers a perfect shave and is ideal for beginning shavers too.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Durable and affordable
  •         Perfect for beginning shavers
  •         Hypo-allergenic soap with natural ingredients
  •         Apothecary mug for easy handling
  •         Elegant design stand
  •         Badger hair, soft-bristled brush
  •         Scented shave soap

7) Vintage Shaving Soap Kit

Do you want to experience a closer shave? Your answer is probably yes. Your preference can be adequately satisfied if you purchase the Vintage Shaving Soap Kit. The Manufacturers, Gentleman’s Hangar have done all the best to bring you this 3-piece best luxury shaving kit to provide you comfort when shaving. The ultra-fine hair used in making the shaving brush ensures it glides gently on your skin without causing you irritation on your skin.

luxury shaving kit

You probably love irritation-free shaves. The stainless steel and spacious bowl perfectly accommodates the shaving soap. The soap is made from 95 percent natural ingredients. If you prefer a wet beard and head shaving this kit is for you.

Reasons to Buy

  •         Rich thicker lather for a comfortable shave
  •         Clean fragrance with a sweet scent
  •         Stainless steel bowl
  •         Shave soap made from vegetable ingredients
  •         Allows closer shaves
  •         Does not cause irritation

8) Vander Hagen Shaving Kit

This is yet another popular and affordable kit that offers you and your loved one’s quality and comfortable shaves. This starter kit is specially designed for people who are not fans of authentic soap, bowl, and brush. The Vander Hagen Shaving Kit contains a boar bristle shaving brush, a hand-dipped ceramic bowl, and hypoallergenic soap. The kit, however, does not include a shaving-brush stand. If you have tough hair the soap is ideal because of its moisturizing power.

luxury shaving kit

Reasons to Buy

  •         Affordable
  •         Dense lather
  •         Ceramic bowl offers durability
  •         Offers closer shaves
  •         Hypoallergenic soap

9) Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving kit

This is perhaps an ideal gift for yourself or the man in your life. The Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit contains a beautiful shaving bowl made to provide durability and lasts long. The long handle ensures your comfort when having the best shave of your life. An organic soap which is 90$ percent made from natural vegetable ingredients ensures you a healthy skin free from irritations and rashes. The set is subtly scented with a blend of natural essential oils to give you comfort and quality.

luxury shaving kit

Reasons to Buy

  •         Hypoallergenic soap
  •         Made from natural ingredients
  •         Double-edged safety razor blades

best luxury shaving kit in a box

Enjoy Your Shaves With Your Luxury Shaving Kit

Now that you know what to add to your shaving assortments, go for the kit and enjoy every moment with the tools in it.

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned beard shaver, the recommendations we provide above will work great for you. Thanks to technology, you can place an order right where you are and wait for it at your doorstep.

We hope you’ve found our guide to luxury shaving kits helpful!

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