10 Best Men’s Hair Clay for All Hair Types

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Hair clay is one of the best and newest hair products on the market. It is new and it defines your style and knowing the Best Men’s Hair Clay will help you define your style and know the difference between hair clay and the normal hair wax. Ready to jump into a different age of hair investment? Then this guide is all you need for your personal and other people’s helpful knowledge on hair wax.

Best Men’s Hair Clay

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Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Hair Clay

Before jumping into the Best Men’s Hair Clay, it is a wise move to keep you informed of the points to put into consideration before making a decision to purchase your hair clay. 

What should you have in mind when purchasing hair clay Here are the top tips:

Current Hairstyle and Length

Your current hairstyle is a stepping stone that gives you hope for the style you desire to have. Your hairstyle helps in determining the length of your hair which in turn determines the type of clay you will need. While you can just apply hair clay on most hair lengths, be sure to reach out for the clay with a stronghold if you have relatively long hair. Hair clay is the ideal product to go for if you are looking to achieve a casual look with your long hair. The hold from hair clay can not be compared to that of a hair gel or pomade. Hair clay adds volume to your hair, making it thicker and more stylish. 

Hold Power

Hold in terms of hair clay refers to how strong the clay keeps your hair in place. If you ave long hair, consider purchasing clays with a high hold.


Finish refers to the shine and how glossy the hair looks after applying the clay. Majority of the hair clay products have a dry finish which makes your hair seem natural like you have applied nothing on it. 


Natural products are always good not just for health but looks too. Looking at the ingredients before purchasing hair products is a good choice to get value for your money. Look for clays wit natural ingredients which will help to soften and nourish your hair. Some of the natural ingredients include bentonite, lanolin, beeswax and carrier oils.

Similarly, avoid products with synthetic preservatives (parabens) that could be harmful to your hair. However, some parabens have been tested and met quality standards. Do your maths well. 


Hair clay contains clay. Yes clay, nothing fishy about that. Bentonite is the most commonly used clay in the manufacture of hair products. Bentonite is collected from volcanic ash and it helps draw toxins from hair thereby increasing hair health. Some hair may be allergic to some type of clay. Be sure to consult a hair specialist when in doubt.


Price varies from product to product and different vendors have their price ranges.

Ingredients and brand names also affect the prices of hair products in the markets. If you are into purchasing hair products, which of course you are, do adequate research to find the best products that fit in your budget. 

All caught up, you now know what to look for when purchasing the Best Men’s Hair Clay, let’s continue with the best we have on our list. 

10 Best Male Hair Clay for All Hair Types

Smooth Viking Hair Clay for Men

With the word ‘viking’ on its title, you are pretty sure the results will be cool. The 2 ounce can contains a super textured hair clay that feels more like cream to anything else. Whether you have short or long hair, curly or straight, you are assured of stunning looks with the Smooth Viking.

The remarkably designed hair clay promises a smooth finish to your hair with less to no gloss since you are trying to look stylish and not reflect light. Thinking about texture? Then worry no more because you will like to apply it again and again. 


  • Two ounces of the hair clay
  • Zero gloss and shine
  • Works well with short hair holding it in place all day long

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California products always have an additional ‘premium’ in their descriptions. This is not veinous because the product suits every man in more than mentionable ways. This Clay Pomade is one of the best hair clays known with the ability to hold your hair the entire day. It is however not so strong, giving you a chance to play with your hair and restyle it if need be. This clay offers a lot: with a natural matte finish and textured look you are assured of your style each and every day. 


  • Great natural finish
  • Long lasting, pliable hold
  • Great for unruly hair

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Layrite Cement Hair Clay

Layrite is a no surprise in this list for its ability to offer you both comfort and value for your money, all in one. With other hair clays, you may feel like you have applied a bunch of glue on your hair. Layrite Cement is an exception, known to offer you a non-messy experience. 

Additionally, it is water-soluble giving you an easy time washing it off in the evening. No shine or gloss, perfect and classy to have a look different from the rest.


  • 4.25 of product
  • Matte finish with no shine and gloss
  • Water-soluble for easy washout
  • High hold all day long

Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

You have definitely found or will find Aveda’s products in a variety of reviews and wonder what is it with it? The logical reason behind this narrows down to performance.

The Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay thickens your hair with no shine or gloss. It works with both wet and dry hair but works perfectly with damp hair which you blow-dry after applying. With its strong holding, you are assured of more aggressive and complex hairstyles without feeling your hair getting dry or brittle. 


  • Great hold for kore complex hairstyles
  • Nice matte finish
  • Works great on short hair

Jack Black Clay Pomade

With Jack Black hair styling products, you are assured of your looks and health as well. The products are known to have 100% natural products which pose a less than zero damage to your hair or beard. The Jack Black Clay Pomade is vegan and does not contain synthetic fragrances. Upon applying the JB’s pomade provides a natural finish with no gloss on both dry and wet hair. With natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Organic Leaf Oil, and Sage Leaf Oil, the creamy texture has all your hair needs in both looks and health.


  • Excellent matte finish
  • Has natural ingredients for healthy hair
  • Smooth texture for easy application

Redken Rough 20 Matte Hair Clay

With 1.7 ounces of rough hair clay, you will transform your hairstyle to something you have never thought of before. Redken is unarguably the master of hair clay and general hair products and with their Rough 20 Matte, you will have leads for your workmates who have tried several hair products with no success.

The Redken Rough 20 will stay smooth in your shelf for up to 12 months. It works fine with fine hair and you can easily apply it in your last minute rush to work and still be assured of your smooth curly hair all day long.


  • 1.7 ounces of product
  • Works great with short hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Long hold of up to 12 hours

Sebastian Craft Hair Clay

Let Sebastian take care of your hair and you will have no regrets. With the high-end quality products with unbeatable market prices, every drop of your coin is counted.

With the relatively small container containing 1.70 ounces of the product, you can do wonders to your hair. All you have to do is take a tiny drop into your fingertips and emulsify it then wait for back taps congratulating your ‘commercial’ look. The Craft Hair Clay leaves absolutely no gloss and can be reworked all day with ease. 

When we say all day we absolutely mean all day, and you can switch your hairstyle couple of times without any worries. Just to ice your cake, the product is infused with earth minerals to give you a more natural look before the people you value.


  • 1.7 ounces of product
  • Perfect for medium and short hairs
  • Matte finish with slight volume
  • Can be reworked several times throughout the day

Mister Pompadour Sculpting Clay

If you have locks and are looking to add volume then here is your product. While it poses outstanding results in almost all hair types, men with thinning hair will find it their best bet.

The Mister Pompadour qualifies to be a lightweight styling clay that will smoothe your hair without weighing it down. The smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to apply even when in a hurry. With thicker hair, you will love how easy it is to apply the clay through your follicles.

We also recommend the Mister Pompadour for messy or combed hair since the bentonite in it absorbs into the hair quickly providing more body and thickness.

The clay has no parabens and is easy to wash out after a day of hefty works. This is the most versatile clay you will ever find and a great option if you are after adding volume to your hair. It is unbeatably the best option if you like to achieve different hairstyles over periods of time. 


  • Water based hence easily washes out
  • Has mineral oils to enhance hair health
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Works with thick hair
  • Smooth and easy to apply

Mock For Men Hydroclay

Mock for Men is a producer devoted to creating hair friendly products with a craft of all the organic and natural ingredients you have ever thought of.

Their HydroClay is a no exception as it incorporates an endless list of natural ingredients to protect and nourish your hair.

Their products have proven functionality and the HydroClay, gives a firm hold, a matte finish with zero gloss. The smoothly textured clay is water soluble making it easy to wash out. Just a drop in your fingertips will hold your hair firm through the day with no need to reapply. To add some sugar on your cup, the clay has a pleasant scent which is never overpowering.


  • Offers a long lasting hold
  • A load of natural ingredients to protect and nourish your hair
  • A natural look and sweet scent

Sexy Hair Textured Matte Hair Clay

To wrap up our list we have the Sexy Hair, and just as the brand name suggests, yes it does it. The manufacturers have made a non-sticky clay, something which is rare. Sexy Hair is available at a relatively cheap price and a container will last you up to three months. For up to ten hours, you are assured of a firm hold and a classic look with leniency on your wallet.


  • 1.8 ounces of product
  • Firm old of up to 10 hours
  • Solid matte finish with no gloss
  • Non -greasy

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Summing Up it All

Texture, holding and volume, not forgetting price are some of the key qualities you should look for when choosing the Best Men’s Hair Clay for you.

With the variety of brands in the market, it is never an easy time to choose the brand that will hold your hair all day, easy to wash out and an ability to play with, without the need for reapplying. This article will sure be a great tool in helping you overcome the huddle. 

While we could not have every clay on the market in our review, we are confident our selection has most of the best, if not the best brands available on the market today. We hope this review has a great impact in guiding you to get your next hair clay.

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