How to Use a Rotary Shaver

How to Use a Rotary Shaver

Are you looking for a rotary shaver? Do you know the right way on how to use a rotary shaver?

When you need to shave your beard quickly and with ease, then the best option to go for is a rotary shaver.

A rotary shaver normally has three blades that spin in a circular motion. You can shave smoothly and effectively using a rotary shaver. But you need to know a certain technique to use a rotary shaver. As rotary shavers come in different designs and functions, it gets difficult to use them without knowing the technique to use them.

So in this article, let’s look at certain techniques and ways to use a rotary shaver effectively.

Correct Way To Use A Rotary Shaver

If you were using a normal shaver and recently started using a rotary shaver, you may find it difficult to use. You would like to know how to use a rotary shaver the right way to avoid any skin irritation or cut.

Rotary shavers help give a clean shave and are very effective to use. Once you start using a rotary shaver, you will find it much better than a manual shaver or trimmer.

If you are using a rotary or electric shaver for the first time, you may find it difficult to use it. Knowing the right way and technique to use a rotary razor will make it easy to use and improve your shaving experience.

Correct Way to Use a Rotary Shaver

Read The Instructions In The Manual Before Using

Whenever you buy a new razor, you should always read the instructions given before using it.

As each shaver has something different, and every brand comes with a user manual for you to read. It will have all the information about the product and the right way to use it.

Even if you are using an electric shaver for a long time, it is better to read the instructions given. There might be certain differences that you may know and get much better results while shaving.

Shave With The Grain

You should always shave with the grain in the same direction your hair is growing in any type of shaver you use. This way, you will not have any red bumps or razor burn while shaving with either a manual razor or an electric razor.

Wet Shaving

If your skin is sensitive and often prone to skin irritation, you should always apply a shaving gel or shaving foam and massage it around your face and neckline. It will help make your facial hairs soft and smooth, and the razor will smoothly glide and cut the hairs easily.

Washing your face with lukewarm water will open up the pores and remove the dirt easily.

Dry Shaving

If you want to dry shave, you should dry your face completely or don’t wash your face at all. The facial hair gets cut easily when the hairs are firm and dry.

If you wash your face before dry shaving, make sure to let it dry completely. Apply a pre-shaving oil or moisturizer to make your hair hard and firm, so it is easy to trim.

Steps To Use A Rotary Shaver

Steps To Use A Rotary Shaver

#1 Keep The Blades Clean

Firstly, make sure that the shaving blade is clean and does not have any hair or dead skin stuck. Make sure to wash your rotary shaver after every use. If you do not clean the shaver properly, you may have skin irritation as the shaver’s dirt enters your pores.

#2 Wash Your Face

It’s always better to wash your face properly with lukewarm water, even if you are dry shaving. Washing your face with lukewarm water will open up the pores and makes your hair soft and smooth.

The blade can easily glide through the skin, and you can get a nice clean shave. You will not have any skin irritation or razor burns.

#3 Apply A Beard Gel Or Oil Before Shaving

It is better to apply shaving foam or gel before shaving. Use the one that suits your skin as per your preference. It will help protect your skin and will give you a smooth and clean shave.

Even if you are shaving on dry skin, apply a shaving gel to protect the skin. You may have skin irritation or razor burn if the hair gets stuck in the blade.

#4 Start Shaving In Circular Motion

You can use a rotary shaver by moving it in a circular motion. You can also move it up and down to remove your hairs from the face growing in different directions.

#5 Don’t Apply Pressure While Shaving

If you are using a rotary shave, you do not need to apply too much pressure—manufacturers design rotary shavers for a clean shave. A rotary shaver is great to use even if you have thick hair on your face. Pressing the rotary shaver harder may hurt you, and you may have skin irritation.

#6 Wash Your Rotary Shaver In Running Water

Make sure to always wash your rotary shaver in running tap water to wash out all the hairs, dead skin and keep the blades neat and clean. It may take some time to clean the blade, but it is necessary to clean it every time. Otherwise, you may have skin irritation if you do not clean the blades properly.

#7 After Care

After shaving your beard, you need to apply good beard oil or balm to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated.

We recommend using a balm by bee bald after shaving. It reduces skin irritation, protects your skin from razor burns and bumps, and soothes the damaged skin quickly.

Best Quality Rotary Shavers

#1 Norelco Rotary Shaver

The rotary shaver by Norelco gives a clean shave and is convenient to use. The rounded blade caps of the shaver consist of 27 self-sharp blades that help smoothly cut your facial hair. It has 4D flex heads, which move in four different directions. This razor is great for maintaining your beard and mustache.

#2 Kibiy Wet, Dry Rotary Shaver

It is a multi-use shaver set. You can shave your head and beard using the shaver head. It comes with four different trimming guards to style your beard. You can clean the razor using the cleaning brush.

You can use it for both wet and dry shaving with or without applying foam or oil as per your preference.

#3 Hatteker Rotary Shaver

You can smoothly shave your short or long beard using this shaver with ease. It comes with a four-direction rotating head. It helps trim hairs from all directions with ease and is very smooth on the skin. You can wash the shaver easily in running water. You can trim the sides of the beard and get a clean cut.


You should shave at least twice in a couple of days to help keep your skin used to the rotary shaver and get the best results. Always care for your skin after shaving by applying moisturizers and balms and also wash your rotary shaver properly with water and clean it thoroughly.

Thus following the correct technique and method on how to use a rotary shaver will help you get a clean shave quickly.