How to Trim Eyebrows for Men: Ultimate Guide for Attractive Brows

How to Trim Eyebrows for Men

Many men are gym freaks because they love their bodies and love to showcase their muscles. Not only muscles, but men also love their beards. They try their heart and soul to maintain it. But the question arises: do they take care of their eyebrows? I don’t think so!

Rarely will you find the man who is concerned or talking about their eyebrows. The reason behind such carelessness is men’s eyebrows are thicker than female eyebrows. Hence men don’t bother grooming their eyebrows. You may ask me why you should invest your time in learning about how to trim your eyebrows?

Well, most men let the hair of the eyebrow grow thick and wild. But, it leads to an unattractive and silly look. I feel sad for those men who have hair between their eyes. If you have these unfortunate features, then my brother, you have to be very careful.

In short, learning how to trim your men’s eyebrows is a crucial part of your grooming routine. That is why it is essential to follow the guide so that the boys/men who are entirely unaware of how to trim men’s eyebrows can learn and make themselves more attractive.

In this article, you will learn about three popular types of eyebrow trimming possible. Let’s get started.

How Often Should You Trim Your Eyebrow?

The hair regrowth varies from one man to another. But the majority of men stated that the eyebrow hair starts growing within the fourth week of the trimming. The salon expert suggests checking the eyebrows once a month. You should regularly check because a newbie can’t trim bushy eyebrows in the first attempt.

You can plan your first trimming schedule after examining your eyebrows once a week. If you got the first trimming experience, check which portion you have missed or if any portion has gone thinner or wilder.

In case of the missed spot, you have to pluck the extra hair, which you should do after one week. Always remember, it may seem like a useless time investment but, you should keep in mind that investment of your few minutes can give an alluring look to your eyebrow and face.

Methods You Should Avoid While Trimming Eyebrow Hair

Trimming the eyebrow is a good grooming routine, but before going to the section on how to trim your eyebrows for men properly, let’s have a quick look at the methods you should avoid trimming the eyebrows. If you choose any of the methods mentioned below, it may lead to more problems and issues.

Shaving: A big no to shaving! Before the idea comes to your mind, put a full stop to it. Even if you are a lazy person, don’t ever try to pick up the razor. Razor has gained a bad reputation for thinning out the eyebrows. You might think that shaving is a shortcut and will save time. Shaving is not an option for such delicate work.

Waxing: Wax is undoubtedly a great option to get rid of the hair for the long term, but the option is not for the eyebrows. Plucking is a suitable substitute method, as both wax and plucking will pull out the eyebrow hair. The problem is waxing is not so accurate compared to plucking. If a big chunk of hair comes out, then you will be responsible for the loss.

Enough of what not to do now. Let us jump into the best part of the article.

Best Eyebrow Trimming Method for Men

Before walking straight to the trimming technique, there are some methods that you need to follow before every eyebrow trimming session.

Ways to Trim Eyebrows for Men

What Are The Steps?

First of all, brush your eyebrows properly. Brushing will help to put all the eyebrow hair in a single line. Brushing the hair will help you In shaking the hair and trim it easily. You can use a small comb to brush.

Tweezing Your Eyebrow With Tweezers

In the first portion of the article, you will see I have suggested plucking in place of waxing. Plucking is the process you can commence with the help of the tweezer. It is a proven and effective method in terms of trimming the eyebrows. You will need minimal experience, and it is the cheapest way to shape your eyebrow hair. But how will you do it?

  • Step 1: Rub your eyebrows with warm, clean clothes so that the pores can open up. And you can easily pluck the hair.
  • Step 2: Next step is to brush your eyebrow. It will help you to identify the extra hair and bring optimal shape to your eyebrows.
  • Step 3: Hold the tweezer firmly, just like a pencil.
  • Step 4: Once you set your finger correctly, you are ready to pluck the hairs. To make the process easy, try to hold the hair from the root.

There are a few pros and cons of this process. The pros are tweezing with a tweezer is cheap and easy to use. You don’t have to be professionals. The cons of the process are that it is a bit painful, and you have to invest more time. You can try the slant Tweezer from the tweezer guru, which has an excellent record for efficiency. It is slanted, made of steel, and has curves that you can grip tight.

With Scissors

Scissors are another effective way to shape the eyebrows. Using the method of scissors is different from an electric trimmer or a tweezer. You have to be careful with a scissor if you don’t want to cut off the bulk of your eyebrows. You will need moderate experience. It is best for shaping the eyebrow.

  • Step 1: The first step is the same as described above, wash your eyebrow with a warm, clean cloth.
  • Step 2: Next step is to take the scissors and hold them carefully. Slant it in the opposite direction of the eyebrow. When you get some hair, cut it and take a step back to look at the result.
  • Step 3: If the first attempt is satisfying, you have to repeat it carefully.

Scissor is not risky; you have to be a bit careful, or else you might end up thinning your eyebrow. You can try eyebrow scissors and brush by AUMELO, available on

Methods to Trim Eyebrows for Men

With Electric Trimmers

There are different types of electric trimmer available in the market. You can choose as per your choice. Electric trimmers are safe and need less time investment. But, just like scissors, it can also end up cutting too many eyebrows.

  • Step 1: The first step is similar for all the techniques.
  • Step 2: Brush your eyebrows and ensure that all the hairs are in a good straight line.
  • Step 3: The third step is the trimming time. Switch on the trimmer and begin with the edges. You can also draw some lines with the help of the marker. Do it very carefully. Don’t forget to pause and check the result.
  • Step 4: Once you completed the process, clean the debris from the eyebrows.

Trimmer is an easy and straightforward technique to trim the hair. It needs a bit of attention and is a bit expensive. But you become pro on the same, and it is the most reliable way to trim your hair. For best results, you can also use the ROZIA Professional 3 in 1 facial hair trimmer.

Wrap Up

You can appear more handsome and charming with a properly trimmed and shaped eyebrow. You need to follow the guidelines of how to trim your men’s eyebrows. Trimming an eyebrow doesn’t need rocket science. You have to do it in the right way and carefully. Hopefully, the article will help you to trim your eyebrow hair and look macho in the crowd.