How to Trim a Short Beard?

How to Trim a Short Beard

A short beard is the most liked beard style as it is easy to grow and even maintain. A short beard looks neat and clean. It takes time and patience to get a perfect short beard.

Do you know how to trim a short beard and get a perfect look?

To have a perfect beard, you can look at different styles to suit your face and get it trimmed accordingly. So if you are looking at how to trim a short beard, you need the rights tools to get a perfect beard.

Let’s look at the steps, styles, and tools needed to trim a short beard.

Steps To Trim A Short Beard

#1 Grow Your Beard

When you think of styling a beard, you first need to let it grow to a certain length. You need to have patience as growing a beard takes time. When growing a beard, you might even feel some itchiness, or your beard might not be looking very appealing. But you will have to deal with it for some time.

You may be thinking of how long it takes to grow a short beard. It depends on your lifestyle and genes. Even your diet and sleep are some of the factors in getting healthy beard growth.

It normally takes around five weeks to grow a beard, and then you can trim it as per your style.

#2 Comb Your Beard Well

Once you get a beard, comb it well using a wooden comb. Combing your beard will help keep it tidy and give some volume. A wooden comb will help prevent any snag or hair-pull.

A wooden comb and brush set by Viking Revolution are made from high-quality materials. It is just perfect for combing your beard. A beard comb will help you in blood circulation and stimulate beard growth.

Brushing your beard will help make it appear without any gap and will be covered fully. Avoid combing a wet beard as it might get stuck and will weaken your hair scalp.

Once you get a long healthy beard, you can shape it as per your choice.

Guide to Trim a Short BeardGuide to Trim a Short Beard

#3 Start Trimming Your Beard

Facial hairs don’t grow the same way for everyone. Some men can keep their beard as it grows, but you need to care for it to keep a short beard. You need to know the proper technique on how to trim a short beard.

So before defining your cuts and giving them a proper shape, you need to remove the thick hairs to make your work easier. You can either use a beard scissor or a trimmer as per your comfort. You can use a good quality trimmer to have a short beard as it is safe to use.

After choosing a good quality trimmer, you need to know how much length you need to cut. Trim your beard according to your preferred length.

You can also use a beard-shaping tool by Beardclass. With this beard shaper, you can trim your beard more accurately. You can use a trimmer or razor and easily trim the edges and sides to give it a perfect look.

#4 Style Your Beard As You Want

Whatever style you choose to have, make sure to have clean and tidy edges to give it a perfect look. A beard trimmer by Panasonic trims the beard safely and smoothly with its sharp blades. It has many different settings to trim as you want. You can trim on both wet and dry hair.

You can get a clean look by trimming your mustache and sides and remove any rogue hairs from the top. Make it look even on both sides. You need to trim your neckline and give it a faded look.

You can trim all hairs below your Adam’s apple.

To get a more precise look, you can use a trimmer without the guard and use it safely.

#5 Oiling

After shaping your beard the way you want, you need first to wash your face and condition it well.

You should wash your face at least once in a few days using a beard shampoo to remove all the dirt that gets stuck. A beard shampoo by Mountaineer has all the natural ingredients and essentials oils. It nourishes and cleans your beard and makes your hair soft.

The scalp hair and beard hair are different and require different oiling. Applying good quality beard oil or a balm after the wash is essential to make your beard look perfect. You can apply beard oil by Viking revolution, which is natural and organic. It reduces the itching in your face and makes your beard hair look smooth and healthy.

Guide On How to Trim a Short Beard

Short Beard Styles

#1 A Boxed Beard

A boxed beard is trimmed neatly and is just a small version of a full beard. This style is perfect for men who like a classic style. The normal length of a boxed beard is around .75 inches. This style is great for hot weather and gives a versatile look. A box beard is very easy to maintain and care for. This style even looks great with different hairstyles.

#2 Keep It Royal

When you combine your mustache and your chin strip, it gives a royal look. You can keep your hair in the chin as thick or thin you want and give your mustache a classic look. Keep your cheek area and your neckline clean to give it a perfect look.

#3 Beardstache

The beard stache is a beard style where the length of your mustache looks longer than your hairs in cheeks and chin. You can use good beard oil to keep your beard healthy and trim it regularly to maintain its shape.

#4 A Balbo Style

A classic Balbo look is perfect for any face cut and style. It needs very less maintenance and makes you look well-groomed. To get a Balbo style, you need to trim your sides and mustache. You can use a full-size trimmer to trim the other parts of your face.

#5 A Goatee

A goatee style is very easy to maintain. In a goatee style, your mustache joins the sides of your mouth and covers your chin area. This beard style suits different hairstyles and looks great on men who have patchy hairs. To keep a goatee beard style, you need to trim the neckline and your cheek area regularly.

On What Face Type Does A Short Beard Look Great?

Short beard styles look perfect on any face type, be it long, round, oval, or a square face. You need to trim your beard regularly and keep it in perfect shape. Trim your sides and neckline regularly.

A royal and classic beard style looks perfect for workplaces or any occasion.

To have a healthy beard, you may even have to change your living style, eat a balanced diet, and apply good quality products.


To get a perfect beard style, you need to trim it to the right length. You need patience and time to grow a beard and then style it to give it the perfect look you want. Using a good quality trimmer will help you get a perfect short beard style.

I hope now you got an idea of how to trim a short beard and style it as you want.