Men’s Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Men's Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

There are many styles you can create with fine, straight hair. While finding the best men’s hairstyle for fine, straight hair, the trickiest part is that it should handle the hair type’s unique requirement.

Some are more than happy to have short hairstyles, and some want long or medium ones. And the other need can be adding more volume. It is good to try and experiment with hairstyles for fine, straight hair of any length. The hair will grow soon, and there will be a new hairstyle again.

The best men’s hairstyle for fine, straight hair is about finding the style and cut in which you feel your best. It should boost your confidence.

We’ve created a list of the best hairstyles for men with short/medium or long hair of any color, white, black, or blonde. Before jumping to any men’s hairstyle for fine, straight hair, one has to check the important tips we are mentioning here.

Important Tips

Let’s revisit some important hair tips which you might have also heard. Men’s hairstyles for fine and straight hair should be handled as per their quality, length, and density. Here are some important tips for men with thin, fine, straight hair!

1. Thin Hair or Thinning Hair

There is a difference between both terms. Thin hair is the quality of hair. It refers to the diameter of the hair follicles. This means when the diameter is shorter; the hair strands are finer and smaller. Whereas thinning means balding. The density will be less as the hair is thinning out. Both are separate terms, and one can have thin hair but not thinning hair and vice versa.

2. Find a Suitable Barber or Hairstylist

The person who cuts your hair should understand the type and style of your hair. One should not change the hairdresser very frequently. You should know your hair type to guide the hairstylist and ask for the styles suitable for you.

3. Don’t Take Hair Products Lightly

Hair products are important even if you have small or medium-length hair. It impacts the overall health of hair strands. You will be amazed to see the results after using the correct type of hair products. Use a small amount of product when not very sure about the effect. One should always use a tiny quantity of any gel or conditioner to avoid any thin hair flattening.

Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Best Men’s Hairstyles for Straight Fine Hair

Let’s check out some of the best hairstyles for fine, straight, thin hair. You can experiment with the hairstyles as per your hair length and trends.

Buzz Cut

Cutting the hair very short gives the appearance of dense and thick hair. Longer hair looks thinner. A shortcut is always better for men’s thin straight hair when you don’t want to put much effort.

The Buzz Cut is one such short style where you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You can keep the desired height from A1 – A4 (nearest to skin A1, will give baldly effect). This cut will look even great with a little beard. It’s a perfect spring style.

Comb Over

As the name suggests, the combover is the simplest style with a tidy and stylish look. Take a little amount of pomade in your hands. Create a side part and comb the sides down and the top across. Combover gives a perfect look for semi-formal and office events with any formal or casual attire.


It’s good to be in trend, and hairstyles are a major part of it. Pompadour trend hairstyles can also be done in thin hair. Scale the style down for a shorter length. A small Pompadour look will also look as stylish as long ones. The side fade can highlight the pomp more. It’s a great choice if you want to look like a stylish gentleman, a mix of old and new trades.

Soft Spikes

The soft spikes create the illusion of volume with small spikes. Perfect for short hair, and it adds texture to locks so that they don’t look flat. Tale and rub pomade in your hands and comb hair with your fingers. Gently pull the hair upwards on top and outward on the back and then sides. Soft spikes look quite catchy and stylish.

Crew Cut

Another famous and great hairstyle for short, thin hair is crew cut. Sides are shaved to make the hair appear thicker and longer on top. This style features top short strands sitting in an upright position. The crew cut is also known as a short pompadour. It’s also called a longer version of a buzz cut.

Textured Crop

The fine and thin straight hair sit flat and unappealing, if not style properly. The short textured crop makes it more visible. The longer strands will sit flat, and the shorter ones will be lighter and sit higher. It’s a versatile style that suits most face shapes and hair types. Styling powder helps in giving the texture and volume to this style.

Textured Side Part

It gives a clean and professional look—a great style for business and formal events. Comb into a side-swept look and provide the texture with the help of a texturizing spray. Texture and side parting create the appearance of thicker hair and gives a decent yet stylish hairstyle.

Undercut Faux Hawk

The undercut itself is a great hairstyle for men with thin hair. Adding Faux Hawk will give it an extra edge and make it more classy and stylish. The volume will be mainly on top with an appearance of messy short hair. It’s a very trendy hairstyle and makes thin hair look denser.

Hairstyles for Men With Fine Straight Hair

Sleek Side Part

The sleek side part gives the most formal look one can have with thin hair. Just make sure to put the right amount of product to form a little volume, and hair will not sit flat. It provides the most smooth appearance.

Slicked Back Curls

If you have fine and naturally curly hair, then the locks and curls will look great in this hairstyle. Apply some pomade and slick back the hair with natural curls at the end. Curls will add up to volume and fill the gaps between strands.

Short Quiff

Short Quiffs are a very versatile hairstyle for thin air. The short quiff lets you feel the breeze in your hair gently. The trick of setting this style is to apply some product to fluff up the hair a bit and blow dry for maximum volume. Sides and back remain short and tight. It’s a rocking hairstyle.

Short and Tousled

A very short and simple hairstyle that gives a messy look. It is wild on top and neat on the sides and back. Teasing the hair on top adds texture and volume to this extremely short hairstyle. You can also do brushing for a neater look.

Tall Quiff

A tall quiff can be achieved with high-density hair. Using the right products can create a good voluminous hairstyle. The quiff is created taller by brushing the hair straight up and then back. It’s tousled a little to create texture and volume.

Long and Flowing

It’s the best hairstyle for men with thin straight long hair. It is a natural and wavy style. The length of hair makes this cut look thick and full. A beard may give a more balanced look with this hairstyle. Long and flowing is quite natural and doesn’t need much styling.

Hard Parting

It’s a contemporary twist on the normal side part hairstyle. Instead of parting, the hard part is achieved with a shaved line that acts as a part. It’s quite a visible and eye-catching style. You have to understand which side parting suits you better before trying this hard parting.


The best haircut for anyone is the one that boosts confidence. You look cool and stylish when you are confident enough to carry that style. You can opt for any hairstyle provided in the list. It has a range from very short to long hair. All casual and formal hairstyles can be achieved easily with a little bit of help from hair products.

Which one is your favorite among these? And what hairstyle do you want to try next? Let us know in the comments. Spread the information with your buddies with thin straight hair having the same style every day.