How to Thicken Hair for Men & 5 Best Products

Thicken Hair for Men

If you want a thick, luxurious beard, then you might have to do more than just wait for it to naturally come in. You may have to do some work on it and give the hair a little help to grow out as thick and full as you want it. Not all beards will naturally grow out to impressive lengths and grow in full without some assistance.

This is true of the hair on top of your head as well. The same growth methods you can use for a thick beard will help you to have a thick, full head of hair. If you want to take care of a bald spot and get your hair to grow so that thinning areas are eliminated, then you need to learn how to thicken hair for men.

Thinning hair can be frustrating for guys who want an impressive head of hair to show off. They might start to cover up with a hat all the time or feel the need to buy a toupee or other means of disguising the thinning hair. That’s not necessary if you know how to thicken hair for men naturally. Yes, there are natural methods you can use that are both safe and effective. There are also some great products you can buy that help to thicken hair in such a way that it looks natural.

You won’t be able to fool everyone with a toupee, and how long can you hide the thinning or patchy hair with a hat? At some point, the secret will be discovered. It is better to have a natural and safe way to get that hair to grow in and look thick and healthy again. Here are the best methods for doing that.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, hair is thin or patchy because of various choices men make. By changing certain aspects of your life an making different choices and forming different habits, men may be able to get their hair to grow out naturally and thick.

Here are a few natural causes that could be affecting hair growth and hair thickness:

  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Sun Exposure
  • Allergies
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Sickness

In many cases, men can change these aspects of their life. If you are sick all the time or eat a poor diet or don’t get much sunlight, then changing up your diet and exercise routine can help. If you take up running and eat a proper diet that is nourishing for your body, you can improve your skin and hair health. Many of the choices we make in regards to our personal health directly affect the healthiness of skin and hair. So, making positive changes can have a positive impact on how thick and healthy our hair looks.

If there is a lot of stress in your life, that can be causing hair loss and thin, unhealthy hair. Reducing stress by cutting out coffee and caffeinated beverages can help considerably, in some cases. if caffeine causes your body sees, it could be affecting your hair. Cutting down or cutting out caffeine consumption can help, as can targeting stress factors. So, if you there are aspects of your life that make you feel stressed, look for ways to handle the stress better, avoid stress when possible, and even cut down or cut out things in your life that cause you stress.

The final category of natural issues that can cause hair problems in men are chemical and allergy factors. If you are allergic to anything or come into contact with chemical substances that are unhealthy for you, these could be causing health issues. They could be creating an allergic or chemical reaction that negatively affects your hair health. Look out for substances that you come into contact with that could be having a harmful effect on your hair and protect yourself or stay away from those things.

Natural Ways to Thicken Hair

We talked about what causes hair to thin, and now let’s talk about methods for how to thicken thin hair men can use.

Before you turn to any manmade products for help, consider some natural cures and treatments that you can use.

Use Eggs- You can take two eggs and whisk them together and then massage the eggs into your hair during a shower. Leave the eggs in your hair for about 15 minutes to let them soak into the hair and scalp, then wash your hair out thoroughly. What this does is nourish and strengthen the hair. It can help to make your hair grow stronger and thicker over time.

Another method for how to naturally thicken hair for men is to puree oranges and used that as a hair treatment. It nourishes the hair and scalp too, helping hair to grow out thicker and stronger. The vitamins in the orange puree are great for your hair health, and you will need to massage the puree into the hair and scalp and leave it to set there for about an hour. Thai puree can drain some of the hydration from the hair, making it dry out a bit. To remedy that, you can use a conditioner to rehydrate the hair afterwards. This two step treatment does wonders for your hair.

We want to share one more method for how to thicken hair naturally for men. Aloe gel is known to be helpful in making hair healthy. It is nourishing to the scalp and to the hair, and over time, using aloe gel can make your hair thicker, stronger and healthier. Many hair products contain aloe gel for this very reason, but you can use the gel on its own in an undiluted form. This will be more potent and help you to avoid some of the less healthy chemicals that might be present in hair treatment products. To use the aloe gel, just rub it into the scalp and let it sit there for 30 minutes. Then you can wash it out.

The Best Products for Thickening Men’s Hair

Men, how to thicken hair fast? Y our need to use chemical treatments. We will showcase a few of the best ones that you can use, having done the research for you as to what is the best out there. We encourage you to do some of your own research, however, so that you ensure the product is safe for you and right for your hair type and hair problem.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

This spray is best used after you shower, and it adds volume to your hair over time. It uses wheat proteins to help nourish and renew your hair, leading to regular strong and healthy hair growth. It also thickens the hair, but don’t expect to see an instant change. Even though this uses some manmade chemicals, it will take time to take effect, as the formula is designed to work with your body’s natural functions and be safe to use over the long term.

Invite Scalp Revitaliser

Part of the reason your hair may be thin is because your scalp is damaged and undernourished. This revitalizing treatment helps to strengthen your hair and provide nutrients to the scalp. It makes your hair look and feel amazing. If you have thin hair, then it will be strengthen and reinvigorated with this treatment that is designed to be one of the best ways how to thicken hair for men.

American Crew Boost Powder

This is another product we love, and it isn’t a spray for those who are worried about the potentially harmful effect of aerosols. Your hair might be thin and lack texture because the pH levels are off, so this product tries to fix that and balance out the acidity in your scalp. This should make your hair thicker and more aesthetically pleasing, giving it a thick matte-like finish. The powder contains the chemicals citric acid and silica silylate to nourish the hair and make it look its best.

Real Men Go 24-7 Mint Thickening Shampoo

One of the easiest ways to thicken hair safely is to use a shampoo treatment. You can use this one whenever you take a shower and work on your hair’s thickness, volume, shine, and healthiness. The hair follicles should swell under this treatment that is recommended for how to thicken your hair, men. It makes hair look and feel fuller, and it leave sour scalp feeling revitalized and refreshed. We think you will like the sensations it creates and how it makes you feel after you use it.

Axe Jacked Up Thickening Shampoo

The final product we want to tell you about for thickening up men’s hair is this Axe thickening shampoo. It is designed to treat thin hair, and the specialized formula gets rid of excess oils in the hair that will make your hair thin and keep it from growing like it should.

These are our top picks for quick and thick hair growth. If you are suffering from thin hair, that doesn’t have to be the case for much longer.


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