How to Grow A Beard When You Can’t

Growing a Beard

Not everyone can grow a full beard without some help, and it is nothing to be ashamed of, especially since there are a variety of methods you can use to grow out your beard. If there are parts of the beard that don’t connect to one another or some of your beard is patchy or it just seems like your facial hair doesn’t want to grow, you might need some help.

Full beard coverage looks manly and attractive. If you are like a lot of guys trying to grow a beard, if it doesn’t come out the way you want and it doesn’t look full when it should be, then that can leave you feeling inadequate. No need to feel that way, though, as there are some methods we want to share with you that can help you get that full beard growth you want and fill in the patchy areas on your skin.

Now, not every beard spacing problem or beard growth problem can be fixed through simple methods like we are going to share here. Some of them will need surgery or other major treatments. If you are having beard growth problems because of a scar or a medical condition, that is going to need more help than what we are advising here, but for everyone else, these simple methods can make a huge difference and give you the full, luxurious, and manly beard that you want.

Eat Your Veggies

The solution is more detailed than just eating a bunch of vegetables, but the gist of this idea is that you should be eating healthy foods. Your body may be lacking nutrients, and your hair and skin specifically may be nutrient deficient. That could be why you are not getting facial hair to grow like it should and why you are looking up how to grow out a full beard when you can’t.

When your face and hair are nutrient deprived, they will suffer when it comes to growth. The growth could be patchy, the hair could be weak, and you may not get full beard coverage. If your hair gets the nutrients it should have, then it will grow in fuller, thicker, and stronger. The hair will look glossier and will grow thick and full. It won’t be the frail, tired-looking hair that you might be seeing right now. There could also be patches of skin where no hair is growing. Those might be lacking the nourishment they need from vitamins and minerals, so eating healthy will have a positive effect on them.

Changing your diet takes time and it takes some time to see the full effects of those changes in your skin and hair. If you eat foods with healthy oils and that are rich in vitamins and minerals, you can see a positive change in your skin and your hair shortly.

Use Beard Oil

If you have never used hair care products for your beard before but you are wondering how to grow a full beard when you can’t, then using some beard oil may help. Beard oil has been known to nourish the hair and give it a fuller, lustier appearance. If your beard is looking scraggly and limp, some beard oil can thicken and rejuvenate it.

High quality beard oil made with top quality ingredients is the key to making your beard oil worth the investment of money and time. It isn’t very helpful to work beard oil into your facial hair that is of low quality. It will have subpar ingredients and have a subpar effect on your facial hair. Go for high end beard oil if you are going to use this method, and your beard will be nourished and your hair will look fuller, thicker, and healthier.

Get Some Exercise

Your doctor may always be telling you that you need to exercise more, and if you ignore him but wonder how to grow a beard when you can’t grow facial hair, then exercise could be the missing ingredient.

When your body gets enough exercise and your heart rate is increased for a few minutes each day with some cardio, then that gives long-term benefits to the entire body. What exercise does, especially cardio exercise, is improve circulation. That’s very important for skin and hair care. Without proper circulation, these parts of the body are not getting enough nutrients. The vitamins and minerals that should be carried by the blood to your face and facial hair are not getting there.

When you exercise, your body gets the blood pumping. Nutrients go where they are supposed to. How to grow a beard when you can’t? Start with exercise if you haven’t done much of that lately. It could be at least one of the missing components in proper beard hair growth. You could change around your entire look and greatly improve the healthiness of your hair with some decent exercise. Keep it up regularly, working out or exercising a few times a week. Your body will thank you for it and your facial hair may benefit.

Take Care of Your Skin

So, you look in the mirror and you see a face of hair that isn’t growing in like it should. You are asking yourself how to grow a beard when you can’t, and the answer is that you might be not taking proper care of your face.

The skin where your beard grows from is very important to your beard health. If you are taking good care of the skin there, then the hair you want to grow is more likely to grow and to grow fully and attractively. When you don’t take care of your skin, the hair follicles that are hiding under the surface may never come up, so they may grow up looking malnourished and feeble. They may not last long, and they may grow poorly.

How to grow a beard when you can’t grow one? We say take good care of your skin and use a skin maintenance routine each day. Wash your face with soap and water, dry it out thoroughly and use a moisturiser if you need one. You can go further than that as well, using aftershave and shaving cream when you shave. This helps to avoid nicks and cuts that could damage your skin and your beard growth. You can also use an exfoliation mask every so often. What this does is clear up your pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

It’s important that you clean your face regularly, even if you don’t want to go as far as exfoliating. You need to remove dead skin cells, because they can block the pores of our skin and stop the growth of hair follicles. There could be hair trying to grow out into a beautiful beard for your face, but it could be stopped in its tracks by dead skin cells that didn’t get cleared away.

Do Some Micro-Needling

Have you heard of a skincare treatment known as micro-needling? If you are stuck trying to figure out how to know why you can’t grow a beard, you may want to try out this method. It stimulates the hair and skin to spur on hair growth and give you healthy, well-nourished skin. What is it?

The micro needler is a tool you can use on your skin to make small cuts all over it. That may sound painful, but it isn’t that bad. What this does is trigger your body’s healing reaction, getting it to rush nutrients and minerals to the parts of the skin that were cut. So, if your face is lacking a decent beard because the hair won’t grow, it could be due to lack of nutrients to that area of the face.

You may notice that this is a common problem we keep coming back to. A lot of guys have malnourished skin, unfortunately, and that can happen anywhere on the body. The face is exposed to a lot of harsh lights, including the sun, and it gets clogged up with dirt and other debris throughout the day. It takes a lot of punishment and may need more nutrients than it is getting. Micro-needling is a great way to stimulate growth and send nutrients where they are needed.

It’s not very painful at all and can do wonders for your face. You may be surprised at how quickly you grow the facial hair you are wanting. How to grow a beard when you can’t grow a goatee? Start with some skin stimulation. It could really benefit your face.

These are just a few methods that aren’t very expensive and won’t require you to buy a lot of products to get the results you are looking for. Give your beard some time to grow out after you start making these changes and trying out these methods. In time, it should grow in full and healthy, looking just like you want it to.

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