How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out


After you go through your morning grooming routine and admire your beard, you expect  everything to be in place and for your look to be impeccable. It’s frustrating then when you check the beard in the mirror and see a few errant hairs. Some of the hair just won’t cooperate and sticks out one way or another. A few hairs here and there can go against the flow and do their own thing.

What to do with hairs sticking out of the face beard and looking unkempt? It’s difficult to look the part of a gentleman when your hair won’t behave itself. There are a few things you can do to wrangle those beard hair sticking out and put them in their place. We want to give you a few methods you can use to make your beard look proper and keep you looking your best.

Brushing and Combing

The simplest method to keep your beard hairs from going whichever way they want is to simply groom properly and regularly. Brushing the hair all the same way helps, and regular brushing helps the hairs conform and go where they are supposed to. Even if you have wiry hair that doesn’t like to cooperate, regular brushing and combing can make a big difference as to how out of control your hair gets each day.

If you are brushing your hair a couple times a day, it will be very unlikely that hair will stick out, in most cases. If your beard starts to get dry or has unhealthy hairs in it, then those may stick out, but the majority of the hair will stay right in place and look great.

Start by combing the hair and use some water to help with wrangling the hair into place. Comb through the beard completely and then follow that with brushing. This combination does wonders for out of control hair, getting it to do as you want and grow in the way you want. Anyone trying to grow a handlebar mustache has to go through the same process to get the hair to stay in a certain formation and to grow in the right direction. Brushing and combing are very effective at shaping the beard how you want it.

Having good grooming habits like washing your beard regularly also helps keep the hairs in place. If you take extra time in the shower to give your beard a thorough washing, the hairs will be healthier and more likely to do what you want them to.

Use Beard Oil

One of our top tips for how to keep beard hairs from sticking out is to use beard oil. This hair product is great for controlling beard growth direction and how the beard lays. It also helps your beard stay moist and vibrant. Remember, dry, unhealthy hairs are a big problem for maintaining a perfect looking facial hair. If you use beard oil every day, your beard will be glossy and silky and look its best more often.

When to use beard oil? It should be applied after a shower, while you are drying your skin. Dry the beard partially but not all the way. Once it is still a bit damp, apply the beard oil. You don’t need a lot, but you should use enough to lubricate your entire beard.

Use Beard Wax

When you have beard hairs sticking out, a little beard wax goes a long way. This product helps you to form your beard into the proper shape, making it look just the way you want it. Most beard wax is made from bee’s wax, so it is almost entirely natural and perfectly safe to use. You don’t have to worry about it causing long term health problems for your skin and hair.

You don’t need to apply beard wax (also called beard balm) to all of your beard. You can just use it sparingly, only on the places that need it. So, anywhere you see in your beard little hairs sticking out, you can apply some beard balm to that spot and get it under control fast.

Snip where Necessary

One of the most practical ways how to keep beard hairs from sticking out is to use scissors and cut off any hairs that are too long. Sometimes, you will see in your beard white hairs sticking out where they should not be. It seems like the white ones are always the most troublesome once they start to appear. You can get rid of them with a little snip.

As you trim and shave your beard, you may not always get a perfectly even trim, especially if you are doing it yourself or using a subpar barber. So after a few days following the shave, you may notice some hairs that are longer than others. They might not have been trimmed properly. Just snipping them off will help your beard to look better and get rid of some of those unruly hairs. They need to be put in their place, which is at the same height as all of the other hairs. If you aren’t sure of the unruly hairs are too long, you should comb and brush out your hairs and then compare when they are all lined up with one another. You can also take a few hairs including the unruly ones in your fingers and pull them straight to compare. While they are caught between your fingers, you can just cut them all the same length, just like a barber does.

It’s a good idea to look for too long hairs very so often. You’ll keep your beard well trimmed and ensure that hairs are less likely to stick out.

If you have hair on your neck that stick out, you may need to use a trimmer or shaving razor on them. Keeping hair on your neck and under your chin trimmed will help you keep the beard under control and let you stay on top of how the beard looks.

Use a Beard Brush

Another method you can use to deal with hairs sticking out of beard is to use what is known as a beard brush. This is a stiff bristle brush that is specifically designed for shaping and controlling beards. It’s stronger than a regular hairbrush, and it is very simple to use. Regular use allows you to keep your beard shaped the way you want and control which direction the beard hairs grow. If you want to create a handlebar moustache over your beard, a beard brush is almost indispensable. For any kind of beard styling, the beard brush is a great tool and works better than a regular hairbrush and comb.

To use a beard brush to deal with beard hairs sticking out on neck or in the beard itself, just brush down and outward from the root of the hairs. That is how you should always brush, no matter what kind of brush you are using. Long, even strokes from the root out to the end help to shape the hairs in the right direction and give you a nice, uniform look.

Keep It Moisturised

Sometimes, you will have beard hairs dry and sticking out. These will look untidy and you can fix them by moisturizing the beard. Keeping your beard nourished and healthy means getting it wet every day. In dryer weather, you may want to moisturise the beard a few times per day. You should do that on dry, hot days, as that is when the beard will stick out more and hairs will protrude in the wrong places more often.

When hair gets dry, it can become more wiry and harder to control. It might not hang straight and may go its own separate way. It’s a good idea to wet the beard thoroughly when you bathe and then wet it during the day as well when the weather is a bit dry. You will have better control over the beard, and you will be nourishing the skin as well. Healthy skin means healthy beard hair.

One way to help keep your beard moisturised and looking glossy is to not dry it out completely after you wash it. So, following a bath, you can dry your hair out mostly but leave some dampness in the beard. This will hydrate the hairs and allow them to be suppler and easier to control.

We hope these beard tips help you and give you a few ways you can regain control of the hair. We know how annoying it can be when some of the beard hairs want to go their own way. When they don’t cooperate well and you brush and brush and they still stick out tin all directions. You can deal with that annoyance with one or several of these methods. The more of them you use, the more effective your beard hair control will be. You can combine every one of these to keep all of your hair in place and looking great all the time.



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