5 Reasons to Switch to Aloe Vera Shaving Gels


You have lots of choices for shaving gels, and some people will use baby oil, olive oil or even soap as a shaving gel. If you look at the shaving gel selection, there is a wide variety, but which one is the best? 

Are you considering what will be gentle on your skin, safe for your body, effective for shaving with, and environmentally responsible? I want to tell you about one kind of shaving gel that stands out for a number of reasons but probably does not get enough recognition. That’s aloe vera shaving gel, and I’m going to give you some reasons to use this gel that might make you rethink your choice when you go to buy shaving gel next time. 

1. It’s Soft on Your Skin

I think we probably all know this one, but aloe vera is famous for being soft and gentle. It’s the soothing and nourishing gel, and aloe leaves are well known for their rejuvenating and healing properties. In shaving gel form, they are just as beneficial, soothing your skin, helping to reduce irritation caused by razor burn, and reducing friction on your skin. They nourish and soothe the skin cells, decreasing some of the harsh effects that shaving can have on your skin. 

Aloe vera is derived from a plant so is a natural source. It is commonly grown and found naturally in the Arabian peninsula but you can also easily grow your own aloe vera plant at home.

2. It Hydrates the Skin

Aloe vera shaving gel isn’t just easy on the skin; it also actively hydrates the skin. So, if you have dry, flaky skin, then shaving with aloe vera gel could be very good for you. The nourishment provided by aloe vera goes deep into the skin, giving it proper hydration that makes your skin feel smoother and suppler. Aloe vera is used extensively for skincare, and the same characteristics that make it a good skincare treatment make it an excellent shaving gel. It leaves your skin feeling softer and healthier than before because of its hydrating power.

3. Prevents Infection

When you shave, there is a risk that you will cut yourself and then a further risk that your skin will become infected. Yes, this is rare, but it happens, and when it does, it is not fun. Your typical shaving gel has no antibacterial properties to help keep infections at bay.

Aloe vera shaving gel, on the other hand, is an antibacterial and antifungal product, actively fighting off infection and keeping your skin safe from illnesses. The United States Pharmacopeia has proven that aloe vera does accelerate wound healing, so it is excellent to use when shaving incase of a shaving cut.

So even if you do cut yourself and leave your skin open and vulnerable to infection, the aloe vera in the shaving gel will penetrate the skin and provide a measure of protection against incoming threats. It keeps you safer than other gels, reducing your risk and ensuring healthy skin.

4. Prevents Acne

Have you ever tried to shave areas of your skin that have acne? It’s not very easy to do, and the uneven skin where acne is spreading can be tough to shave. The bumpy skin makes for a difficult shave, and it makes sense to try to treat that skin to make shaving easier and make your skin healthier and acne free, if possible. 

Aloe vera boosts the blood flow to your face and therefore helps prevent acne but also helps reduce scarring due to acne.

The good news is that aloe vera naturally prevents acne and reduces acne formation, so if you are shaving with aloe vera gel, you are already working to decrease the amount of ace that is present in your skin. You are also reducing the chance that more acne will form, and if it does, it should be less rampant and intense than it would be without the aloe vera working. 

5. Works on Oily or Dry Skin

A lot of skincare products are designed to work for either oily or dry skin but not both. Aloe vera, on the other hand, work just as well in oily skin as it does with dry skin. It hydrates the dry skin and absorbs easily into the oily skin. If your skin is oilier than it should be, that can repel some kinds of gels and skincare treatments, but aloe vera doesn’t have any problem absorbing into oily skin.

This is why it is so perfect as a shaving gel- it can be used by anyone regardless of the type of skin they have. It will work well to nourish the skin and be gentle with it while working effortlessly as a suitable shaving gel as well. 

This wonder plan is working in a lot of different ways to protect and beautify your skin and make for an easier, more pleasant shaving experience, and you can see why we would recommend it as a shaving gel.