Best Budget Straight Razors 2019

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If you are here, you must be looking for the best budget straight razors. There is a huge selection for you in the grooming market. But if you are still in the experimental stage of conventional shaving, there is likeliness that you don’t know where to begin your search.

Those who are familiar with straight razors already, and trying to get rid of your overused ones, there is no better place to get affordable suggestions. By the end of this detailed review, you’ll get great product recommendations together with solid tips to help you make the right choice.

Before we can see our list of the best budget straight razors for 2019, we will learn the things to consider first to make the correct decision. While straight razors seem simple in design, they have underlying elements that make them effective at what they do.

A razor you choose will determine your ease of use, and exploration of your shaving creativity. As a result, it is critical to learn specific features as we discuss below.


Before buying a straight razor, find out which material makes it. Carbon steel and stainless steel are the two often utilized materials to make the blades for straight razors. Stainless steel is durable but less expensive, compared to carbon steel, which is costlier because of their high-quality results. Many men use stainless steel razor types. The handles come in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, animal horns, among others.


The temper is the razor’s blade. There are hard, medium, and soft tempers – which determines the simplicity of the sharpening process and how long the blade will remain sharp. If the temper is hard, it retains the sharpness longer. A soft temper requires frequent sharpening.

Modern Vs. Vintage

You can choose to buy a vintage straight razor or a modern option. Vintage ones are used before, while most modern razors come directly from the manufacturer.

If you are the kind that loves buying and restoring things from the past, then a vintage straight razor could be your choice. They are cheaper but will require a lot of maintenance work to function well during every shave. Depending on which kind you buy, they can serve for a long while.

If you are new in this kind of shaving, modern options will work well for you. They incorporate new technologies and the craftsmanship behind guarantees a great experience and a simpler learning curve. Their quality is high compared to the vintage alternatives.

budget straight razors

Point Types

Straight razors have varied blade types; round, square, and French. The round point is not sharp at the end and is rounded at the tip. Beginners will find them easier to use than the other straight razor tips. The square point is sharp because the tip is perpendicular to the cutting edge. This type of razor is good for experienced hands. The French point, also termed as an oblique point, has the characteristics of the round and square points. It is rounded but has a sharp tip at the end, which makes it suitable for experts.

Blade Width

Even though the blade width does not significantly impact the quality of your shave, getting a smaller blade will make the stropping process easier. You will also have a clear view of your face with a small blade as you shave. Reaching hidden facial areas with a large blade will be hard.


The grind is the indentation on the blade (concave in shape) usually comes in two types; full hollow and less hollow grinds. The first one makes the blade sharper and feels lighter. The full hollow grind is recommended for experts because it can cause nicks and cuts for a person who does not understand their way around blades. On the other hand, the less hollow option is heavier and less sharp, which makes it suitable if you are just starting out.


A shavette can be a great introduction to traditional shaving. It looks like a straight razor, but it includes double-edge craftsmanship. You can utilize it to get used to the motions and shaving tactics. They also cost less.

Now it is time to see the best budget straight razors list. We’ve researched, tried, and considered customer reviews for these products to reach this conclusion. Read and pick your favorite razor.

Parker Wood Handle Professional Barber Straight Razor (SRDW) New for 2019

budget straight razors

The Parker Wood Handle Professional Barber Straight Razor is a new release from Parker for 2019. Having come from a reliable industry player, it is accepted all over the world in shave parlors, barbershops, and men’s homes. Its handle is made of wood and is well curved to offer you the grip you need during the shaving process. The wood is purely natural and so, you will find varied shades with different blades you buy. This straight razor makes it easy for newbie shavers to use thanks to its clip mechanism that ensures the blade is in a single position according to the shavers liking. That is not all. It is a rounded point blade type. Therefore, those venturing into traditional shaving have an easy time to get a close shave without nicks and cuts.

Its blade is stainless steel. Meaning, it will last you as much as you are willing to take care of it. The blade is also a heavyweight making it durable. It is easy to sharpen and strop also. And after your sharpening efforts, you’ll enjoy several months of great work without needing to do it again. You get it out of the package and start using it straight away. It is also simple to use as mentioned before, but this time because of the perfect balance of its weight and length. It gets into every part of your face, leaving behind a close shave and great results. Both experts and newbies are in praise of this product. Try it out for your shaving explorations.

Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor

budget straight razors
If you are looking for a great balance between traditional shaving razor ideas and modern craftsmanship in a straight razor, Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor will deliver this justly. It is built from stainless steel that is carbon grade, which has resulted in a high-end straight razor. It is a half hollow ground with an ultra-sharp edge and a flexible temper. These features make it a great shaver, even to resistant hair. The blade is forgiving and suitable both for seasoned and new shavers.

The handle is made of wood and has taken great thought for it to balance the blade size and weight the way it does. Over time, the handle adjusts to the contours of your hand for further comfort and firm grip in your hands. The molded thumb rest increases the coziness during use. The straight razor draws its good looks from the handle, in large part. With it, the entire shaving tool is lightweight and effective at its duty. With these materials in use, the razor lasts many years with great maintenance from you.

If you take your grooming seriously, then the Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor is a great contender. It looks professional, super easy to use, superior grip, cutthroat razor sharpness, it lasts a lifetime, its sharp, no sharpening or honing is necessary for the first shave, and the list of benefits goes on and on. This straight razor is a serious investment, but it makes the shaving business easy and delivers excellent results, making it worth every penny you can spend.

Barbarossa Brothers Cut Throat Buffalo Horn Straight Barber Razor

budget straight razors

This professional manual folding shaving razor is a top consideration for many. From its looks, construction material, to the unrivaled features, you can’t get enough of this straight razor. The industry pros make use of it, so does newcomers, yet the price is very reasonable. The fact that its price is low does not mean it is of substandard quality. No. The blade on the Barbarossa Brothers razor is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable to last you a lifetime. The material retains its sharpness for a long time. You just need to clean it well after use. You can change the disposable blade, which is an easy process owing to the swing lock abilities. And there is no shortage of the compatible disposable blades in the market. Moreover, these blades come at a fraction of cartridge razor prices.

The blade is held on the handle with a stainless steel metal as well. You’ll be holding on a buffalo horn that is naturally sourced as the handle.  The handle is hand carved with a variety of black and white variations, which gives it an appealing and unique look at the same time. This straight razor is weightier than the plastic options but is flexible enough to get its way in the professional squares and for home use.

Is this your first time to use a straight razor? Don’t worry, this straight razor has a rounded tip, offers a firm grip, and it is lightweight and maneuverable. Any novice shaver can learn their traditional shaving art with this equipment. It gives you full control over your shaving experience and offers a close shave – all the time. This shaving product from the Barbarossa Brothers is a great bargain for all men out there.

The Cambridge Cutthroat Barber Straight Shaving Swing Lock Razor

budget straight razors

The Cambridge Cutthroat kit is another great choice for your shaving if you are trying to find the pleasure of conventional shaving. It is easy to use and provides unrivaled convenience during usage. It comes as a kit and so includes all the necessary items you might need to kickstart your journey with this kind of shaving. The set has a traveling pouch, the straight razor, and a cotton kit bag.

This shaving appliance uses double edged blades and offers a luxurious feel and effective results. It tactfully combines various materials to achieve a sturdy straight razor that will last a lifetime. As you use it over time, you’ll master how to hold it and get the closest and perfect shave. The swing lock mechanism, its rounded blade type, and quality material build, make it easy to use even for novice shavers. The replaceable razors are cheap and so, you don’t have to spend your effort to sharpen them. Unfortunately, take note that the razors are not part of the package, but you can easily buy them in your local pharmacy, supermarket, or on Amazon.

This Cambridge Cutthroat straight razor comes with a wooden handle sourced from Missanda that can withstand the abuse most handles won’t. It does not warp at the presence of water, and will still retain its value with endless uses. It is curved excellently to offer you the coveted grip during a shave. With such a handle and stainless steel blade construction, you are in for long service. The design is also withstanding in its looks. This item is a great investment at its cost.

Dovo Blue Shavette Disposable Blade Straight Razor
budget straight razors

The reputation of Dovo with their shaving razors is unquestionable. They have top-quality razors, and it was a hard task deciding to put this straight razor on our list. The blue attractive color of this item gives it a unique identity. It does not just look good, it is also small and super light, and that for a shavette, is great. That explains why it is popular in barber shops for achieving the perfect beards line and trimming of necks. It uses disposable blades, which are easy to find in your local area. This way, you won’t need to purchase sharpening and honing accessories.

The blade holder is tough plastic, while the blade is stainless steel. The combination of the two makes a high-quality product you’ll enjoy for a lifetime with proper care. They provide a cutthroat sharpness that shaves every part of your face including under the nose. Even though experts use it more, budding traditional shavers can use it to practice those precise cuts. Purchase it to hone your technique and reach every nook and cranny of your face. The Dovo Shavette comes in a wallet that is made of protective plastic, plus three holders for the blades.

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