5 Best Razors for Coarse Beard Hair

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When you shave, you want the experience to be smooth, painless, and effective. But a coarse beard coupled with poor razors cannot make this possible. Is there something you can change to make your experience better? By the fact that you have no control over the type of beard you grow, there is still something you can do about it – buy the best razor for coarse beard.

It is not going to be easy to get the best razor for coarse beard considering that the market is packed with a plethora of shaving products and tools – some good while others bad. Razors come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Too often, every manufacturer and vendor will be praising their own products, failing to give substantial information that can aid you in buying the best razor for your beard.

You’ll also encounter companies vouching for modern shavers – which is not bad. However, traditionalists like you will find them not the best option to deal with a manly beard. Here, we suggest the best razor for coarse beard that you need to try. But before then, here are some considerations you need to do.

What Makes the Best Razor for Coarse Beard?

The Blade Type: Because your beard is coarse, you want something equal to the task. A stainless steel blade can work great. It is also very hygienic because it does not rust, and you can attain the best sharpness with it for easy facial hair cuts.

Razor head: Your razor must be flexible enough to give you all the maneuvering ability. With a safety razor, this is very important so you can avoid hurting yourself in the shaving process. That calls for a razor that can lock the blade firmly and has the perfect pivoting feature for your hands.

Length: Your blade should be long enough to fit in your hands as well as be short enough not to bother the positioning of your hand while you shave. Balance is key when it comes to using razors, so be careful what you choose at this stage.

Weight: Weight goes hand in hand with the length and size of your razor. Again, you want it to have the perfect weight (which will vary per person). The perfect weight will be easier to handle and be more effective in cutting hair.

Maintenance: You need to buy something you can maintain. The best razor for coarse beard for most men is those that only require a little washing, rinsing, and wiping after use. That depends greatly on the material used to make it. That’s why we recommend stainless steel products.

Additional Features: You want to look at special features like lubrication strips that will make the razor easier on your skin.

Manufacturer: When it comes to the best razor for coarse beard, you want to find out who the manufacturer is. There are many reliable industry players already so you shouldn’t strive to find a good quality razor. Don’t totally shy away from new kids on the block, they might have the exact thing you are looking for – just approach with caution.

What Razor Types are Available in the Market?

When it comes to selecting the best razor for coarse beard, you will have to pick among the types available on the market. Some of the options at your disposal will include:

Safety Razors: Newbies will love these razor types. As the name suggests, they are safe to use. The blades are tucked in an angle that allows the cutting edge to protrude for easy cutting. No nicks and cuts with the safety razor! It is not just designed for beginners; experts also enjoy using it.

Cartridge Razors: This type of razor comes in pieces with the cartridge and the razors separate. The blades are replaceable and will cost you quite a fortune – explaining why most people don’t use them.

Straight Razors: If you are the kind that loves to use stuff from the past, a straight razor is a perfect suit. It’s the oldest of the best razor for coarse beards. They are recommended for experts alone because they require experience to use. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bloody face after every shave.

Disposable Razors: These are the kind you buy and dispose of after use. They are a single piece of the combined blade and handle, which you throw away when the blade becomes blunt. Travelers will love these because they are cheap and offer convenience during use.

Here is our best razor for coarse beard list tried by our teams.

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Safety Razor

We had to pick the MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Safety Razor, available to buy here, because of the satisfaction level of its users. Most people are happy with it for offering a close shave without leaving irritation after use.

best razor for a coarse beard

It integrates multiple blades in its structure, and that is how it’s able to cut so close to the skin and yet leave no nicks and cuts. This feature also makes it perform well without doing a lot of work. In fact, all you need is to hold it on your face and move it around. The weight on this best razor for coarse beard helps you do the cutting effortlessly.

The manufacturer recommends that you lather up your face first before you can shave. Then, hold the safety razor at 30 Degrees to your skin. It guarantees a smooth shave without aggression at all. Even lady users recommend it. After you are through with the shaving, it’s easy to clean. Use water and rinse well before storage.

MANION S1 Men Easy Opening Straight Razor

The MANION S1 Men Easy Opening Straight Razor is a tool for those who take their grooming seriously. It is recommended for experts because it’s a straight razor, though can be useful if you are training to use a straight razor to shave as well.

best razor for a coarse beard

This fantastic razor is available to buy here. We’ve picked it as the best razor for coarse beard because of its high-quality steel blade that is designed to give a perfect and close shave to the user. The blades are replaceable, and thus you have the opportunity to have a sharp shaving instrument every time you are grooming. And don’t worry; the blades are easy to replace owing to the Opening Technology Mechanism the manufacturer has provided.

We also love its handle, the shiny surface, and the unique style in its make. It looks good and is easy to use. It folds up so very easy to store without security concerns. You also save plenty of storage space in your shaving kit with it. Though it can shave other body parts like the eyebrows, legs, and pubic areas, it’s particularly great for beards – coarse beards. t

It’s cheap and its blades are equally affordable to replace.

Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men

If you have sensitive skin and a rough beard, the Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men is a great alternative. It is built with absorbent technology that works in your favor as the user to protect your skin from nicks and cuts. You also don’t have to worry about razor burns and acne after a shave.

best razor for a coarse beard

It integrates five blades that cut your beard easily and close to the skin as possible. This product – available here – doesn’t require you to use a lot of pressure during use as it’s ready to cut through those stubborn facial hairs of your without trouble. It’s designed to glide with lubricated blade edges. And as you press it on your skin, the shock absorbs technology kicks into action. That means it adjusts according to the pressure you apply to avoid cutting you by all means.

You’ll also enjoy a flip trimmer functionality that enables you to reach hard to reach points on your face. The package comes with razor blade refills and a razor handle.

BAILI Classic Butterfly TTO Double Edge Safety Razor

If you are in for a wet shave any day, the BAILI Classic Butterfly TTO Double Edge Safety Razor will provide the satisfaction you need. It is designed so you can easily replace the blades and have a smooth shave that is close to the skin as possible. With this product, you can replace the blades as soon as they are blunt.

best razor for a coarse beard

The look of this product does not disappoint either. It’s glowing in silver and has the perfect weight for most men. Besides buying it for a gift for yourself or a man, you can purchase it for a woman as well. It can shave any part of the body.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver and Trimmer

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver and Trimmer crown the best razor for coarse beard list. It is not your regular razor because it comes with features that allow it to trim, edge, and shave the beard to any size of your preference.

best razor for a coarse beard

Available for purchase here, this razor has the cutting part and the protective part that allows you to cut hairs without causing nicks and cuts. When you buy it, you get the blades, different sizes of trimming combs, and the body or handle.

best razor for a coarse beard


The best razor for coarse beard depends on your preferences because the market does not lack varieties. Our list makes things simpler for you. Click the links and enjoy smooth shaves with these products.

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