5 Best Shaving Foams and Creams 2019

5 Best Shaving Foams

The two most important things you need to achieve a successfully smooth shave include a razor, creams and foams. Of course, other stuff like your skills, a bib, a bowl, and a brush contribute immensely to make your experience worthwhile, but they can’t beat the cream and razor choice. You can use these two without the rest, and everything will turn out just fine. There is already lots of information about razor types and suggestions out there, and it is now time to talk about shaving creams as well.

Benefits of Shaving Creams and Foams

Shaving creams and foams have been in use by men for centuries, and there are good reasons why. But before you go out there and pick a random shave creams or foams, you should understand that they come in varieties. You need to be keen to purchase one made of natural ingredients, suitable for your skin, and with the fragrance you love. Also, it is essential that you follow the user instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully before experiencing the numerous benefits these products have to offer as we discuss below.

Man putting shaving foam on his face

The consistency and thickness of shaving creams make them better at sticking to your skin during use in comparison to soaps. If you choose a premium quality cream, you stand to enjoy your shaving experience more than those who opt for other alternatives.

The first things it does is to moisturise the skin and soften the whiskers. Doing this allows you to apply minimal pressure during use. In response to this, reduce the possibility of getting cuts.

Razor burns will become a thing of the past because you won’t be shaving on a dry skin anymore. The cream acts as a thin layer that prevents you from cutting and scratching your skin surface.

A good cream application will raise the hair for easy cutting. Therefore, achieving a clean shave becomes a breeze.

If you are the kind of people who dread the grooming exercise, applying cream will increase your confidence knowing that there is no chance of cutting yourself during the shaving process.

man holding a straight razor before a shave

  • Helps to Nourish the Skin

Most men buy shaving cream just to get a smooth shave. However, a great shave cream will also nourish your skin. That is why you want to choose a cream that is an integration of various organic products rather than chemicals and questionable ingredients. This way, you infuse your skin with vitality and health every time you apply it on your face. By the end of the day, you won’t have a skin that looks dry or has blemishes.

  • Smells Good

Shaving creams come in a variety of appealing scents. When you use the products, the fragrance remains with you after completing the shave. Even though you shouldn’t go out there looking for strong perfumes because of the possible negative effects, there are good plant-based odors. All you need to do is wipe the white residue that might be left on your skin and leave feeling and smelling good.

Buying the Perfect Shaving Foams and Creams

We have suggestions of the best shaving creams and foams for you. But before we can review them, here is what to consider when buying shaving creams, soaps, and gels.

The first thing to understand before buying any product you are going to use on your skin is to know the type of skin you have. You’ll either have dry, sensitive or oily skin. In case you have sensitive skin, do not use shave creams with any kind of astringent. Those with oily faces will do well with products that contain astringent because it helps in maintaining the pores to open as it eliminates the facial oil.

Those with dry skins will benefit from shaving products that have glycerin. This content avails the foundation on your skin surface that prevents the blade from scratching it. Therefore, you protect yourself from nicks and cuts.

The ingredients that need to be on your buying list should be oils like almond and jojoba. These oil types are good for your skin because they evaporate fast and are not oily. Also, they leave a natural scent after use. Essential oils are also very good. Examples include eucalyptus, rose, lavender, and many others.

Regardless of your skin type, there are ingredients you must avoid. The first one is parabens because they cause allergies for most users. They intend to prevent the growth of bacteria when used on the skin but have negative effects. You can do without them.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) cleanses the skin, but rids it the natural oil and can stay in your body for a week or less. You are better of without them. SLES is also another component you must avoid. It reduces the side effects of products made of petroleum but may cause organ toxicity among other serious effects.

Another thing, though hard to avoid because it is available in most shaving products, is the fragrance. These are usually chemicals which can contribute to getting acne.

Man with hands on his face with shaving foams

Clinique for Men Shave Gel

Clinique for men shave gel is a wonderful product that brings a fresh touch to your shaving routine. It is packed with aloe vera components and formulated to eliminate oil but still give a smooth shave owing to its quick lathering to give that close-cut every man desires. Unlike most gels that we will advise you not to use, this aloe-based product will work great at protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. It also comes with a cooling effect that will calm razor burns. On application, it foams to give you that thick and wet shave. It works well with electric shavers and razor blades.

This organic based product is not the kind that triggers allergies and reactions. It is tested to work well with most men’s skin. All you need to do is to clean your beard well, squirt it on your palms, and apply on the clean beard area. The results will be softened facial hair and well-protected skin. Your razor will be gliding with no effort. After using the product, you won’t be worried about getting rid of the residue from your face. It is free of oil and is easy to rinse from the face and cleaning it off the razor as well.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioner

Jack Black beard lube conditioner is a multitasker. You can use it as a shave cream, pre-shave oil and apply it after shaving. Your entire shaving routine can rely on this product. Compared to other traditional foams that dry up your skin when you use, this product makes your shaving experience pain-free and the skin smooth after using it. What ingredients make it so great? This beard lube conditioner has macadamia nut oil of the best quality that makes it penetrate the hairs to hydrate and soften the skin.

Another softener and moisturising component is the jojoba oil, which lubricates and cushions your skin from nicks and cuts. Glycerin is also a natural ingredient within the product that works towards maintaining the moisture balance of your skin. Plus, phospholipids supports the barrier of your skin. If you are worried about clogging of the blade, then there is an advanced silicone blend which makes the aftermath cleaning process easy.

Those that get irritations after a shave gets a rescue in this product. Heather in this lube conditioner acts as a soother and keeps you safe from irritation. Eucalyptus and peppermint ensure you get tingling and fresh sensation during and after the shave. That is not all, it has tens of safe-to-use ingredients which work together to give the perfect results. It is tested dermatologically and proven to be of the best quality.

All you need to do is work this product in your beard before or after shaving while it is still damp. If you have tough stubble, allow it to stay for a minute before you can use the razor. You get a thin and transparent shaving surface allowing you to see every cut in the mirror. Glide your razor afterward and rinse using cold water. It is simply a game changer.

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Do you want great value for your money? The Taylor of the old bond street is a product for you. It comes from a long history of great shaving products. This list would be incomplete or inaccurate without listing this shaving product. It is the gold standard in the shaving marketplace. It has been in the industry for ages but can still become number one on the list of many men. There is a lot of reasons why it has earned a great name among shavers across the world.

First off, it is capable of offering the same consistency as lotion, but lathers very well to give you the smooth shave you need. Ideal lathering should give you a comfortable cushion for a pleasant shave, and this product does just that. Its glycerin component enables moisturising and makes the shave smooth for the perfect experience.

This Taylor product is great for those who make use of straight razors and double-edge safety razors. You can also achieve good results with electric and cartridge razors, but not as good as with the two razors.

It does not just come with a blunt smell. Instead, it incorporates a manly scent that combines vanilla and cedar in perfect proportions. You also have the choice to enjoy different scents like lavender, almond, coconut, lime, lemon, rose, and peppermint.

It might seem pricey, but its timeless craftsmanship is worth the investment. It also includes a shaving bowl to add on the convenience.

Nivea Men Shaving Gel

Who doesn’t love Nivea products? If you choose the right product from them, you definitely love what it has to offer. The Nivea men shaving gel is one such example. It is alcohol-free meaning it does not burn. The ultra glide technology ensures you get a smooth shave. It contains hamamelis and chamomile that takes care of the skin before the shave. You are sure of comfort and protection from nicks and cuts using this product.

Your stubble will also soften at the effect of this gel, and dermatological tests approve it to work great for sensitive skins. You won’t be red from scratches and razor burns. Get yourself one bottle of this product and enjoy more than a month of close shaves with it.

Creamo Shave Cream

If you are looking for a product that is affordable and yet performs great than other regular creams, the Creamo shave cream is what you are looking for. It does not need a brush to use. It provides you with a thin lather that you can apply with your fingers. The designers veer from the traditional foams through significantly reducing air pockets of the lather. This move is to ensure the barrier between the skin and razor is tight enough to prevent nicks and cuts.

The Creamo shave cream contains good ingredients like papaya extract, lemon extract, macadamia, aloe, and seed oil. The aloe components ensure you get a moisturised skin and protects you from flaking. It is also what you go for if you hate strong scents. The scent is subtle and does not overpower you. As a bonus, it is free of parabens as well.

The product works well with all manner of razors, including safety razors, disposable razors and, electric razors. Those who use straight razors confess to enjoying using this cream because it allows one to see what they are doing owing to the fact that you apply only a little and the foaming gives a thin covering. Even though Creamo shave cream comes in a unique way and effect, there is science behind their concept.

We understand that you want to glide smoothly during your shaving process. And the secret is simple; get high-quality cream and a good razor. Shaving creams and gels make the whole difference. Picking one of these products in the available thousands of brands can be a hard task. But the list of five products we list above will make your work easier.

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