How Many Shaves Per Blade? How Long Each Razor Should Last & Tips To Make It Last Long

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A good shave gives you the confidence you need to face the world. It will also save you from bruised chin and give you the smooth feel that every man is chasing.

However, the price of the blade might make your shave painful if you have to replace the blade too often. On the other hand, you do not want a blade that outlives its usefulness such that it fails to meet your expectations. This begs the question, how many shaves per blade?

How Many Shaves Per Blade?

The number of shaves for each blade is a matter of the dynamics of usage. Some blades will serve you well for a prolonged period while others disintegrate within a few shaves. There is not standard or conventional rule on how many shaves a blade should last. However, several factors will affect the durability of your blade. 

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  • Quality of Blade

The market offers blades of different qualities, like all other products in stores. The common notion is that blades are designed to last between 5 and 10 shaves. Some people also claim to take up to 30 shaves with the same blade. However, it is the quality of a blade that will determine how many shaves you enjoy. 

The quality of a blade may be determined by several factors. The material used in the manufacture of the blade will determine the quality. Some metals and materials used during manufacture will be damaged within a short time, leaving the edges of the blade blunt. Check reviews for insights and experiences from other users on the best blades in the market. You must be prepared to pay the price for quality blades. 

  • How Do You Use The Blade?

The sole purpose of a blade is to help during shaving. Using it for any other purpose will lead to damage that reduces its lifespan. When used appropriately, the blade should last a reasonably equal time because the quality of hair is similar for all people. You must use the blade in the recommended manner for it to serve the intended duration. 

Manufacturers provide instructions on how a blade should be used. The instructions include how to clean it, inclination during shaving, and storage. You are also prohibited from using the blade for any other purpose apart from shaving. Violating these instructions will result in a reduced lifespan for your shaving blade. 

  • Personal Preferences And Shaving Expertise

A blade only remains useful if it serves the intended purpose. The initial shaving days are characterized by uncertainty as well as trial and error. This is normal for all consumers. You will buy one brand that leaves you with a bruised skin. Your style of shaving could also be the problem affecting the durability of the blade. Amateurs starting out on the self-shaving journey have to test suitability by buying several blades before settling on the final one. 

Personal preference also affects how comfortable the blade feels on your skin. If it feels uncomfortable because it has gotten dull, you are forced to change. Another person might feel comfortable with a dull blade because it does not cut into the skin. Such dynamics affect how long you will stay with a blade before disposal and buying another. 

  • Other Shaving Materials or Substances Used

The shaving industry has provided numerous products to help during shaving. These products will affect your skin, hair, and blade. A product that softens the hair enables you to use the same blade for multiple shaves. It will also protect the edges from getting dull. Some products eat away onto the edges of your blade. This will happen during storage or when you are actually having.

Choose materials that will preserve the integrity of your blade. Shampoos and other products used should also soften your hair so that the blade does not get dull. Check the response of your skin and blade to the shaving substances you use to determine whether they will help you maintain the durability of your blade. 

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  • How Many Blades Are You Using?

A blade will go dull based on the workload it is subjected to. Machines that use multiple blades make the work lighter, reducing the chances of the blade going blunt or dull. If you are using a single blade, you should expect it go get dull faster because of overload. 

While the number of blades on a shaving machine will affect durability, you should also consider the material used and maintenance. Multiple blades on a shaving machine only provide secondary reprieve to increase the durability of your blades. 

How Many Shaves Should You Take With A Single Blade?

The answer on the number of shaves per blade is not certain. Manufacturers are also shy to indicate the number of shaves a single blade should take. However, there is a reasonable average that would give you a clue on how long it should take you to replace the blade. 

How keen are you that your blade has gotten dull? People with soft and sensitive skins might be tempted to change the blades more often because shaving could come with bruises. People with thick hair that is not oiled regularly are also forced to change the blade after three shaves. Such dynamics make it difficult to set a definite number of shaves that a blade can take. 

However, there are indicators that it is time to change the blade.

  • The blade has gotten dull– if you are struggling to shave, you need to change the blade. You can feel the sharpness in a new blade, an aspect that will not be felt if it has already gotten dull. 
  • If you are using more effort to shave– shaving should be natural, easy, and swift. If you require more energy to make an ordinary shave, it is time to change your blade. Force or pressure when shaving will leave the skin bruised. 
  • Maintenance- poor handling and maintenance may leave your blade corroded. Such poor handling and maintenance means that you change the blade after one or two shaves. You also do not want to expose your skin to bacteria. 

Tips To Make Your Blade Last Long

If the blade is this sensitive and crucial in your shaving routine, how do you keep the edges sharp so that they can serve your purpose? Here are a few tips on how to maintain a sharp shaving blade and in the process reduce the cost of constant replacement.

  • Buy Quality Blades

Quality shaving blades will always last long. They have been developed using the best technology and materials that guarantee their durability. Check reviews of the most durable blades in the market and pick your preference. You must prepare to pay the price for quality blades. The quality of a blade combines with your shaving expertise and the substances you are using to give you a decent and satisfactory shave. Quality blades will always give you the best value for money.

  • Master The Art Of Shaving

Shaving is an art that will determine how many shaves per blade. The angle of inclination, pressure exerted, and nature of your hair will make a blade dull or prolong its usage. The blade must be subjected to the lease amount of pressure and work load when shaving. 

Watch shaving tutorials that will enable you to achieve maximum efficiency. The blade must be made to cut through the smallest distance. Some inclination extends the length that a blade has to cut during shaving. It translates into additional workload that will leave your blade dull. Master the art of shaving such that it will take the least number of strokes to achieve desired smoothness. 

  • Use Quality Shaving Substances

The quality of shaving materials used will leave your blade sharp or dull. Use the high quality shaving materials that have been approved by blade manufacturers. These substances must also be healthy to your skin. They should protect the blade from corrosion or getting dull during use and storage. 

The substances affect the strength of your hair strands. Use shampoos and oils that will make the hair strands soft enough for your blade to cut. If the hairs are hard, the blade will find it difficult to cut, making it dull within a few shaves. 

  • Follow Maintenance And Storage Instructions

Shaving blade manufacturers provide instruction on usage and maintenance of blades. The instructions are based on the material used during manufacture and environment of use. The instructions will indicate the substances that you can use and how to clean the blade after use. 

Some of the instructions include drying properly after use and storage in a dry place. Such measures reduce the chances of corrosion. Failure to follow instructions may even expose your blades to bacterial infections that will damage your skin.

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There is not conclusive verdict on how many shaves per blade yet but user mannerisms as well as maintenance will allow you to use the blade a little longer. Personal preference must also be considered alongside your shaving expertise. A long lasting blade is an investment. However, if the blade does not give you the desired results, you are at liberty to buy a new one. 

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