5 Best Neck Brushes for Barbers Reviewed in 2020

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The growth and maintenance of your barbershop requires that you get the best product for services and hence, customer satisfaction. The satisfaction, however, does not come with your skills alone. A high percentage of the success comes as a result of high-quality Neck Brushes for Barbers among other tools that you use. On that note, here are among the best neck brushes to do the trick.

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HairDay Care Premium Brush

It is one of the best barber brushes that are easy to clean after use. The brush portrays a perfect sleek design and the right color for everyone.

Any other professional barber will enjoy using the brush because it provides a perfect base curve that eases standing, hence efficient access.

Indeed, the handle is not comfortable; Care Premium brush, however, employs the best quality of soft bristles which does away with those undesirable loose hairs from your clothing and skin. 

Possessing HairDay neck brush, likewise, guarantees a soft touch to your customers. Therefore, if your customer has some delicate skin, then the brush will offer the comfort needed because it comes from goat hair. 

The goat hair does away with all the discomfort and prevents any irritation, hence; give the customers a professional touch.

The gorgeous barber neck brush is made up of high quality materials; thus, assures you of a long-lasting professional experience. The bristles do not cling to your hair either, but rather easy to wash after use.


  • It is gorgeous and has a stylish appearance
  • It does not take much time to clean
  • The bristles clear way the lose hair after a cut
  • It is a goat hair production brush; therefore, no discomfort or irritation


  • The handle is not as comfortable as expected
  • The brush is not portable

Anself Large Hair Cutting

If you are a professional barber, then you will enjoy the benefits of Anself. The brush comes with a stunning design and gives you a comfortable grip for regular use besides possessing a natural texture and a soft touch.

With a stand-up bass, the brush enables you to get easy access and put it down when necessary. What you ought to keep in mind is that it is not perfect enough for a neck brush, you should, therefore, not be over-expectant.

But just like other professional neck brushes, you don’t have to take forever to clean Anself, which is an added token. You simply have to put it in water for a short time, and it’ll be ready for another round of cut.

When it comes to size, then worry less! The size is more convenient for any stylist. It comes from a wooden material that has a unique feature for the home, barbershop or any other appropriate place. 


  • The abundant hair cutting brush offers an ergonomic handle
  • It has a stand-up base for easy picking
  • It is soft
  • It has a proper wooden design


  • It does not clear away all the loose hairs 


PERFEHAIR-Barber Hair Brush

If you are in search of a lucrative and professional cosmetic brush, then this barber hair brush is the perfect item.

With a different base from other types of neck brushes, PERFEHAIR contains a specific magnet which keeps it intact. It is not sticky enough but it works. The brush removes all the facial hairs and gets access to the tricky parts because of the design structure.

So that you get a complete curb during a cut, the brush is a bit large and comfortable enough; it’ll only require accuracy so that you won’t have any remains of hair.

The brush likewise provides; a perfect sleek design, soft bristles and a comfortable handle that makes it the most appropriate neck brush for any barber in need of a cosmetic product.

The brush is, however, not sturdy as it easily breaks off and it’s not long-lasting. But despite the duo negative sides of it, there are some pros;

  • The neck brush has very soft bristles
  • The design is gorgeous with a sleek nature
  • It gives you proper control because of the large handle


  • Does not take long before it breaks
  • The bottom magnet does not have enough strength to have a good grip on the base


Diane Neck Duster

The neck duster is an indispensable professional item with soft nylon bristles and comfort. The skin will, therefore, have no challenges after use.

Despite the small size, the brush offers comfort when and offers an outstanding performance which will be evident after the cut. In addition to the excellent aftermath, it doesn’t leave any loose hanging hair. 

With a length of 5 inches rendering it the smallest among other professional barber items, the brush, however, contain a plastic handle that confirms a stunt grip, and can also be of use at home rather than the barbershop alone.

Although the item is not as durable as you’d love, it enables your customers to have the best experience. The base is also level enough, which eases its standing at your desired point for easy pick-up.

Generally, Diane neck brush offers you an opportunity to give your customers the best since it makes the hair cutting easy, and an added advantage of spending less time when washing.


  • The brush comes in a convenient size for use at home and the barbershop
  • The base is robust enough to keep it in the same place
  • Unlike other brushes, Diane is made up of nylon material, hence soft bristles
  • It has an ergonomic handle which is plastic
  • Does away with all neckline hair


  • May easily break in case of a fall thus, not durable enough


Denman Neck Brush

Just like any other best professional neck brush, Denman comes home with ergonomic handles that offer comfort especially when using in different directions.

The brush uses some extra soft nylon materials, and so you don’t have to worry about any scratches or irritations.

Even though the item isn’t renowned as other elite neck brushes, it has some benefits the likes of; curvy design and its suitability to use at different places; be it barbershop, home or any other place depending on your choice.

One of its incredible features is that it is sanitizable, a condition that in turn improve its performance at the barbershop. Do not forget that the mentioned curvy design gives you ease to apply the appropriate pressure when removing any hair traces.

There are some pros, even though the brush doesn’t have a professional look like others in this review. What is important is that it works well.

  • The brush provides soft nylon materials for the bristles
  • The design is curvy for different directions use
  • It’s an ergonomic handle


  • The look in terms of appearance is not professional

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What to Consider When Buying

There are essential considerations and factors that you have to keep in mind before you place an order for the neck brushes. The aim is always to have the best item.

Have a look!

The Stand-up Base

To ensure that the neck brush is safe from falling, which may lead to breakage, go for a brush that can stand by itself. Alternatively, you can look for one that has a strong magnet for the same purpose.

The Design of the Brush

You want to make your barbershop look professional, don’t you? I bet you are. Therefore, if that is the case, you should choose in between the two elite ones; sleek or wooden.

You can, however, go for the standard alternative. The color is your choice, only keep in mind that you want to look professional.


You should go for a slightly larger size, the reason being it saves time when cleaning both neck and face at a go. Large size is also more professional.

However, you have the choice of going for small or extra-large sizes which are for home use.

The Bristle Material

An after-shave especially in the neck areas, may leave some irritations on the skin. And the use of a rough brush sometimes tends to worsen the condition.

The use of these brushes, on the other hand, does the positive side since they contain bristles that don’t cause any harm to the skin. 

It is, therefore, more preferable that you go for a nylon material because it’s the best when it comes to skincare.

Ergonomic Handle

Having a professional barbershop means you’ll frequently have customers, hence, regular use of the handle. It’s, therefore, of good interest that you have a comfortable grip.

In this case, the perfect one is to have ergonomic handles which will also make cleaning hair easy.

The Final Verdict on Neck Brushes for Barbers

Best neck brushes for barbers means being in a position to get up after the cut without any traces of hair, an enjoyable experience.

Therefore, to achieve that and have a continuous round of customers at your shop, do not think twice, pick from the best-reviewed neck brushes in 2020.

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