10 Best Beard Straighteners for a Larger Looking Beard

aman with grey beard

You have struggled with a curly, coarse and freezy looking beard and now it is your turn to have the look you deserve. With these Best Beard Straighteners, you will get extra smooth beards and moreso, they will be gentle on your skin.

Most men who wear beards often get compliments on the good looking principles they pose to everyone who sees them. Those giving the compliments, however, either have beards as well or do not know how hard it is to keep a well-groomed beard.

Curly hair is difficult to tame but straight hair too can give a challenge to due split ways, fly-aways, and uneven growing.

aman with grey beard

Beard wax is one of the solutions to the problem although it is not ideal for a short beard and many men also do not like the smell and stiffening effect of the product.

Many men wearing beards, even those who have had beards for years clearly have not had a beard straightener capable of taming beards and make them look larger.

Since lack of a necessity gives birth to the rise of a product, manufacturers saw the gap and are now manufacturing brushes and combs designed to straighten facial hair. Many of the tools are not that expensive and you can easily afford them without shaking your bank accounts, hence a worthwhile investment to make.

To make your purchasing task easy, we have looked at all the beard straighteners available on the market. We have come up with this detailed review and buying guide just for you.

Sit back and relax, let’s get started.

10 Best Beard Straighteners for a Larger Looking Beard

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

If you do not have tons of money to spend on your beard but you desire to look good, worry no more, the CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightening Brush is here for you. One of the easily noticeable features of the straightener brush is its shape, the firm plastic bristles which are slightly crescent curved bristles to accommodate the shape of the chin.

What is more, is the five heating settings which allow you to put the thickness of your facial hair in mind when operating. We also liked the brush’s effective straightening strategy which gets rid of rolled facial hairs as fast as you would like. The brush has a swivel cord for ease of use and is dual voltage. The auto shut off feature is essential since you do not have to worry about it getting overheated to burn your chin.

Andis High Heat Press Comb

If you have a glance at it for the first time, you might think the Andis High Heat Press Comb is just a normal comb mounted on a large handle with some control buttons. The comb is however made from ceramic material hence efficiently transfers heat quickly for effective hair styling and straightening.

It is actually the first heated comb in our best beard straighteners guide and its versatility is top-notch, you can use it on your hair as well as your beards. In fact, the manufacturer’s description shows that it is an all-purpose hair straightener but our study found out that it works best on curly beards.

The Andis High Heat Press Comb is not the easy to get straightener and there is a usage learning curve. The straightener gets extra hor even in low settings and we advise you to first learn from the manufacturer’s guide on how to effectively use it.

The single design mode of the product can be a bit annoying but its power control and auto-shutoff features compensate for that.

Mexitop 2-in-1 Hair Straightener/Curler

Yes, you read the product name right.

The Mexitop 2-in- Hair Straightener and curler can both straighten and curl hair. It has three distinct heated sides to perform the different functions. Let us not be vague by going to its curling function, we were not to talk about that today but just know it does a nice curling job.

The unit uses metal ceramic heating elements that quickly come up to temperature and has a specially crafted brush to fit the face’s curve.

The ‘mini’ tool as described by the manufacturer is merely eight inches long, a good size to hold when straightening your facial hair and comes handy with a protective glove.

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener

If you have some experience with flat iron designed hair straighteners then you know that the units can be up to 12 inches long. However, AmoVee comes with a new design, the AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener which is merely 8 inches long and has a heated section which is just ½ inch wide.

The ceramic material used to make the tool distributes heat evenly while the tourmaline coating ensures the ion emitter doesn’t stick to your beard hair. With this mini flat iron tool, you cannot change the temperatures since they are permanently fixed at 428 degrees. Sounds too hot, right? But trust me it is comfortable for your beard straightening process.

The AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener heats to temperature in 30 seconds and comes handy with a heat resistant glove for more comfort and convenience.

Forher Ionic Beard Straightener Comb

This straightening comb looks like a normal brush at first glance. The grippy handle and stiff bristles are the smiling points of the straightener that you would not find in a normal comb.
The special design, more than three inches makes the tool ideal for the straightening of longer beards.

The Forher Ionic Beard Straightener Comb also has a double ionic generator which gives a dual voltage charge for more efficient straightening.

Iston Beard Straightener

This beard straightener is designed to make the coarse and curly beard smooth, silky and straight. It seals the hair cuticle, preventing split ends thus preventing damage to your facial hair.

The ceramic technology employed in designing the Iston Beard Straightener ensures it heats up fast. Moreso, the straightener has an ionic conditioning coating. The temperatures can be easily adjusted to suit all hair types not forgetting that the tool is wider than other beard straighteners, making you spent less time straightening your beard.

MHU Professional Travel Size Mini Flat Iron

There is a lot more to smile about this mini flat iron other than ½ inch wide size. The straightener has ceramic heating plates that evenly distribute the temperatures for a more perfect and elegant straightening session. The ceramic material used also makes the tool heat more quickly for perfect smooth beards.

The smooth tourmaline generates negative ions that keep the beards hydrated and fights frizz. The dual voltage operation and auto shut off feature are usually found in expensive products but this manufacturer has the customer’s budget in mind when designing the project. The MHU Professional Travel Size Mini Flat Iron is small and extremely lightweight, you can easily toss it into your travel bag and have your beards straightened even in the foreign land.

MIRUOC Electric Beard Straightener

This is our low budget preference for the best beard straighteners for a larger looking beard. The MIRUOC Electric Beard Straightener is made from ABS plastic, and likely that is the reason why it heats up quickly in about 15-30 seconds, so it is the best bet to get rid of stubborn flyaways and curly facial hairs.

The product is extremely lightweight and inexpensive, you can get it with your low budget and still get your beards looking stunning great. You may not be able to adjust the temperature but we promise the 375 degrees generated by the metal-ceramic plates which are positioned high above the teeth is ideal for your curly beards and sensitive skin.

With the MIRUOC Electric Beard Straightener, you may not get the extra features like those in the standard and relatively expensive straighteners, although it still gives a perfect straightening session and is mindful of your sensitive skin. It is a straight forward, single temperature heated comb but still straightens and moistens your curly facial hairs for a low price that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Kalodogo Cordless USB Beard Straightening Brush

More beard straightening equipment will not offer you flexibility since they tie you to the power source via a cable. Well, it is now a smiling moment since the Kalodogo Cordless USB Beard Straightening Brush does not. Just as the name states, the straightener is cordless and can be recharged by easily plugging the power source into the USB port.

It is a medium-priced straightener but you may not feel wasted paying an extra coin for the added convenience and comfort of straightening your beards wherever you want. This heated brush has silicone tipped bristles for easy slipping through your facial hair. It works best for thin and medium-thick beards but not as effective on lumberjack beards.

The ceramic plates generate heat and negative ions for a frizz-free and effective straightening session. It has three temperature setting modes and has no auto-shutoff feature.

Aberlite Beard Straightener for Men

Just another heat brush with necessary ingredients to straighten your facial hairs quickly and effectively. It is made of 40 metal-ceramic plates which ensure even heating in all parts of the brush. The plates also produce negative ions that seal hair cuticles for a frizz-free straightening moment. In order to reduce snagging when straightening your beard, the tool has an anti-static coating on the bristles.

The selectable heat settings will give you just the right temperature for straightening your beards. With the highest setting being 374 degrees, as a man, you do not need more than that. The warm up process takes merely 60 seconds and it has an auto-shutoff feature. Just a few minutes of use, the results will speak for themselves; a straight and larger looking beard. You will need a beard that is at least 1.5 inches for the Aberlite Beard Straightener for Men to deliver effective results.

Best Beard Straighteners- Buying Guide

I now want to buy a beard straightener, which one should I buy? The beard straightener that is suitable for you has been made easy to find. Simply consider this when selecting your beard straightener.

a heavily bearded man
Beard Type

The type of your beard is the most important and topmost consideration to have in mind when selecting the best beard straightener. If you are a starter and your beard is shorter, you may need to avoid heated tools since they may feel uncomfortable with your skin. However, longer beards are the sole target for heated brushes and will get the best results.

Temperature Control

All beard straightening tools from reputable manufacturers will always have a heat shield to prevent you from burning your skin when straightening your hair. However, the heat shields are just not enough, does the straightener have a temperature control system. The systems will help you control the temperature to an amount your beard just needs.


Weight is usually an underrated consideration but it adds up to comfort when using your beard straightener. For an ideal straightening session, you may need to spend 5-10 minutes to get impressive results. With that, a lighter tool is usually better since you won’t get tired holding it nonstop.


Finally, have a deep eye on the prices of the beard straighteners before purchasing. As much as you may want to purchase a relatively cheaper tool, remember quality is expensive, and spending an extra cost to get the quality is not a sin.

Straighten Your Beard

Is there anything wrong with having my curly beard? Of course, there is nothing wrong and we are not in a position to see you and advise the best. Try asking the favorite persons you spend quality time with and you will see their views on the importance of using the Best Beard Straighteners. You deserve a better-looking beard. Think about your boss’s impression of you with a shaggy beard when he’s about to give you a promotion.

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