How to Train Your Moustache: Step by Step guide and Our Expert Advice

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A lot is entailed in making your beard look great. From trimming to shaping up, applying oil and washing, it takes some valuable time and effort to get your desired beard style. Do you know how to train your moustache? If you do not then worry not, here is all you need to know.

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How to Train Your Moustache

With your hunger for knowledge in mind, let us jump into the step by step guide and expert tips on how to train your moustache.

Part One: Growing the Moustache

Invest in your Supplies

Choose a wax for your moustache. It is worth it. Since you do not want to look obvious, then you will need some wax to make things clean and tidy. Applying a bit of wax to your moustache goes a long way to make your moustache training journey fun and effective.

Don’t forget that having a good moustache will make your eating and drinking more fun and easier. That said, it is easy to get the best moustache wax and style up your moustache the way you want it to be. Only apply a little wax to prevent making the moustache hard to style. If you have thin mouth hair, buy a softer wax, otherwise, if it is thick, buy a stiff wax. You may also need a fine-tooth comb to help brush your ‘stache hair.

Use the wax intelligently and sparingly since our aim is getting to style the moustache and not getting a lot of mouthful hair when eating.

Stop Shaving the Upper Lip

Moustache uses hair from the upper lip. If you are just starting off, it is advisable to not completely shave any facial hair since you may destroy the potential moustache hair. However, if you have some experience in moustache training, shave all other areas you would like shaven apart from your upper lip.

Do not throw in the towel, it may take up to two and a half or three months for the hair to become thick enough. If you doubt your hands consider going to a barber and show them your favorite moustache picture. Let them get you started.

Blow it Up

If you feel like the moustache is becoming uncooperative or needs some extra touch, do not be afraid to blow it up. Blowing the hair after applying the wax, heats up the wax making it more manageable. So you need to blow up your moustache to get the most out of it.

Train the Hairs

Your moustache is now long enough to comb, and it is time to start training it. An easy way of knowing if your moustache is enough for training is seeing it become hard to manage when applying wax.

Divide the moustache hairs into two halves by the center of your upper lip and gently comb each half away from the nose. Add some moustache wax while combing to keep the hairs in place.

Keep Training the Hairs as You Wait

It does not take a single day to get a decent moustache. Once you start training your moustache, be consistent and never lose hope on the way. Uncooperative hairs might be a sign of short hair and you may need to give them some more time to grow before they pick up well with the comb.

Part Two: Shaping your Moustache

Find your Moustache Style

The tips of your moustache hairs have now gotten long enough and can curl with ease, its now time to start projecting your new moustache looks. Identify your style.

Calm the butterflies and reward yourself since you have made it through the first part of getting your favorite moustache. How long do you want your moustache to grow? If you want a long and extra curly moustache, you will need to let the hairs grow longer. Conversely, if you like a relatively smaller moustache, begin trimming the ends when they become extra long.

Blow the Moustache to Shape It

Blowing your moustache helps shape it how you like it to be. You will not need to blow the moustache every time but only the first few weeks of having it. After washing and towel dring your moustache, use a comb to part the hairs into two and carefully brush them to the sides away from the nose.

Mold the damp moustache into your favorite shape or position using your fingers and carefully blow the hairs to dry the curled edges.

Use the low setting on the blow dryer to avoid damaging your moustache. Also, keep the ends of the moustache hair wrapped around your fingers as you dry. This helps you asses the temperature of the air coming from the blower.

Apply Moustache Wax

Moustache wax makes the hairs easy to manage and neat. Apply the wax to your moustache and brush using a fine tooth comb. If you use a tub wax, apply a small amount to the hairs and carefully spread it to cover the whole moustache.

Ensure all the hairs are evenly coated and combed into place. You may need to buy tinted wax to ensure it is almost invisible against your hair after applying. Simply brush off excess wax using s fine-tooth comb.

Twist the Edges the Way you Like

After applying moustache and combing to part the hairs, it is now time to curl the edges the way you like. Using your fingers, curl your moustache endings the way you like them to look. As soon as the wax dries, your curled moustache will keep its form.

Find a curl that gives the best out of you, as some people prefer large looping curls, some prefer straight ending moustaches. Stronger waxes help keep the curled moustache tips in place for the desired time.

Part Three: Taking Care of your Moustache

Yikes, and thumbs up, you have your moustache in place and now it is time to to take care of it. Moustache care involves key steps just like getting it in place does.

Here is it:

Wash Your Moustache

Check for flakes of dead skin and residues of wax on your moustache. Brush off your moustache with a stiff brush to do away with any prevalent debris. Then wash your moustache with shampoo to remove excess wax and skin oils.

Wash your moustache at least once a day. Some people chose to do it in the morning while others prefer to prevent their pillowcases from wax residues by washing their moustache in the evening after long days of work. If the wax is too strong to be removed by shampoo use soap instead.

Take Extra Care When Eating and Drinking

Your moustache is prone to pick up all kinds of stuff all day long. Spread a small amount of moustache wax on the bottom strands before eating to insulate it from foods and liquids. Wipe off your mouth regularly when eating crumbly foods to keep your moustache free from crumbs.

If you are just starting your moustache journey, avoid eating soupy and other ‘wet’ foods in public until you are well vast with eating with a large moustache.

Promote Your Moustache Hair Growth

Just like any other hair, moustache hairs require hair growth enhancement techniques. Hygiene is key and as mentioned, always wash your moustache at least once in a day and apply moustache wax.

Eating healthy also goes a way up in promoting the growth of hair. Experts advise eating foods rich in protein and vitamin to get the most out of moustache hair growth. Such foods include egg yolks, avocados, yellow peppers, and salmon. If you focus on growing your moustache, the hair on your scalp will also grow quickly, which is killing two birds with one stone. The hair will not reach your desired volume and thickness in a single day, be consistent and wait.

Expert Tips on How To Train Your Moustache

Visit internet forums or join clubs to find fellow mustache training men, they will have a word of advice to give

  • Be patient and consistent, your moustache hair won’t grow overnight
  • Take care of your moustache by washing and waxing it daily
  • Be careful when eating food, this helps keep your moustache crumble free


a man with a mustache
Final Word

And with that, you are now ready to style that moustache. Make a move now and get the tools necessary for your moustache training journey. Do not fear to invest in purchasing the tools since having a moustache does not come easy and free, it is for the bold and ready. Chose a wax depending on the volume and thickness of your hair. Also, do not forget that moustache hair is hair too and it needs oil. Get the best beard oil for your sensitive skin.

We are not being biased but we can sure tell you that having a moustache is the real deal. And you now know How To Train Your Moustache- go ahead and give it a try.

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