A Guide to How to Make Your Beard Soft

make your beard soft

Make your beard soft with our handy guide!

A rugged and bristly beard is likely unhygienic. It is harder to maintain and will feel scratchy when you run your hand over it. Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

When most people start growing their beards, keeping it soft and straight is the last thing they think about. They imagine; I’ll just stop shaving and that’s it. Like anything else important, they don’t realize a beard requires a schedule of trimming and cleaning. It also calls for investment in a variety of beard products to make your beard soft.

Make Your Beard Soft

make your beard soft

You don’t want your beard to be a turnoff to those who like you. If your beard is rough, your skin itches and your loved ones complain when they kiss you, that is enough heads-up that you need proper grooming. As a result, it’s time you understand how to make your beard soft. It’s easy.

What do you need?

  1. Beard Shampoo – Making your hair soft all starts with cleaning, and shampoo enables the process. Ergo, choose a natural shampooing product that you can clean your hair.
  2. Beard oil – This product you can use before and after trimming to keep your skin safe as well as soften and nourish the whiskers.
  3. Beard Balm – Having difficulty taming your beard? Beard balm is a great friend to help out. It contains beard oil properties with added benefits. With it, you will nourish, soften, and style your whiskers
  4. Brush – This product is what you need to comb and style the beard. It softens and straightens the beard whiskers. If you lack a regular cleaning schedule, the use of a brush can do the cleaning.

Why Your Beard is Rough

These five things might be the reasons your beard is rough:

Lack of Cleaning

Growing a beard is not just stopping to shave. You have to be committed to clean it regularly. You need a schedule. Unlike the rest of your bodily hairs, your beard area has to contend with you transferring germs by touch. And the beard is located in a place it is susceptible to dust waves and other weather elements. And a dirty beard is unhealthy and rough.

Low Temperatures

While you wear a cap over your head to protect it from cold, the beard is often left to protect the chin and neck. The exposure to cold makes it rough and hard.


Like the rest of your body, your beard will be directly impacted when you lose liquids. When you don’t take in fluids as often as necessary, the skin gets spots, becomes pale, and dull. In response to this, the beard will be wiry, rough, and unhealthy as well.

Lack of Trimming

When you grow a beard and don’t bother trimming it, the ends split. Sometimes men trim their beards but don’t do it properly. You need a trimmer and good scissors for quality work.

How to Soften a Rough Beard

Proper Washing

You need to have a beard washing routine. Considering that the beard picks up more dirt than the rest of your hair on the head, your washing should be thorough. You need a minimum of three times every week to achieve the healthy beard levels we desire. Use your mild shampoo by massaging it into the roots of the beard using your fingers. Rinse it properly without leaving any traces of the cleaning agents. After you’ve finished, brush the beard so it is straight and orderly. Then use a towel to dry it and a comb to straighten it again.

Trim the Beard

Make time to trim your beard once every week. Let it be on a particular day to avoid cutting the beard too short. Doing this manages split hair that contributes to making the whiskers rough. The process might be sparing depending on how dense your beard is. Use your hand to pull the longer whiskers out as you cut the edges and level with the rest of the facial hairs according to your style. Those with detailed beards will take longer to trim than people with shorter beards. Don’t trim a wet beard.

Apply Beard Balm and Oil

Make your beard soft with this useful combination. Beard balm and oil must be in your shaving kit because they are important if you ever intend to have soft beard whiskers. After you’ve washed the facial hair with warm water and trimmed it accordingly, take a few drops of the oil and massage it directly on your hairy face.

The warm water will have opened the pores making it possible for the oil to reach the follicles. Later, get your balm and do as with the oil. The beard balm will work on any split hairs and unwind the wrinkled hairs as well. Alternatively, take your bristle brush and swirl the balm into the beard and then brush the hairs straight before you sleep. With this, you’ll find it easy to style your beard into the shape you desire.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Garbage in garbage out, right? If you don’t eat a healthy diet, expect unhealthy beards. But if you eat foods that contain nutrients like vitamin H, you generate more cells and improve the growth of your soft beard. Examples of such foods include avocado, nuts, avocado, eggs, and low-fat cheese.

You also need to eat crabs and clams once in a while to put oil glands under check. Look out for foods that can provide vitamin A such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots and more. Water is also an important part of your diet. Take 8 glasses of water every day. When your body is well hydrated, it makes a nourished skin and a soft beard.

Choose Your Beard Products Wisely

Not every product labeled for the beard is good. There are many beard product manufacturers out there. Choose from reliable vendors with a good name in the industry.

Even though there is nothing as 100% natural products out there, go natural or organic whenever possible. Read the contents of your product to be sure you are protected. Also, as you buy balms, soaps, shampoos, waxes, and others, avoid products with questionable ingredients.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to how to make your beard soft – don’t miss our guide to the best razors for beard shaping.

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