How to Grow a Stubble Beard

How to Grow a Stubble Beard

Do you know how to grow a stubble beard and maintain it well?

If you want to grow a stubble beard, you need the right tools for it. A stubble beard looks great if it is well-groomed and well maintained.

You need to take care of your beard by moisturizing it and trimming it regularly to get a perfect look. Trimming your beard every few days will keep your stubble looking perfect and in shape.

In this article, let’s look at some tips and techniques for growing a stubble beard and maintaining it.

How To Grow And Maintain A Stubble Beard

#1 Let Your Beard Grow

To get a perfect stubble beard, you need to grow your beard for some days. Let it grow to at least 3 to 4 cm.

#2 Clean And Exfoliate

After growing your beard, you need to wash your beard with warm water and let the pores open up. Use a good beard wash and clean your face to remove the dirt and oil that gets stuck. Washing your face will help moisturize your skin and make your facial hairs smooth and soft.

A good beard wash will help keep your facial hairs healthy and let your new hairs grow fast.

A beard wash by the gentlemen’s beard helps you remove all the dirt and grime from the skin and make your beard look clean and shiny.

#3 Start Trimming Your Beard

To start trimming your beard, you first need to choose a good trimmer or a razor. Choose the one you are comfortable using.

There are different types of trimmers and razors having different functions and styles to use.

If you use a trimmer regularly, you would like to have a good quality trimmer to get a perfect look and shape. Choose the one that suits your skin. Along with a trimmer, you can even choose to have a beard-shaping tool to get a perfect trim.

We recommend using a beard trimmer by Remington. It has around 14 different style adjustments. You can trim your face, head, and other areas very precisely. This trimmer is great for trimming your sides, neck area, and beard.

#4 Trim At The Right Stubble Length

Beard razors or trimmers come with multi-blades and guards. You can set different blade lengths as per your preference. You can grow your beard first and then trim it short as you want.

You can go with the largest blade length first. Then size it down, as short as you need. This way, you can get the perfect beard shape you want.

How To Grow And Maintain A Stubble Beard

#5 Trim The Neckline

Deciding how to make the stubble look with the neckline is difficult. To get a perfect beard, you need to trim your neckline and make it look clean.

If you want to keep heavy stubble, you can have a little stubble at the neck area as well.

But if your neckline looks patchy, you can clean shave.

#6 Neckline Fading

If you want to keep stubble on your neck, then you can fade it out and make it look appealing and neat. You can lower two settings to trim below your jawline and one setting below around your

Adam’s apple. This way, you will get a neat fading around your neckline naturally.

#7 Trim The Edges And The Sides

Your facial hair may grow somewhere outside the normal growing area of your face. You may have patchy hairs around and need to trim them out to sharpen your look. Shave and trim the sides and patches to get the perfect stubble beard you want.

#8 Apply Beard Oil Or Balm

After trimming, you need to apply beard oil or balm and moisturize it well. It will keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

The beard balm by Viking revolution uses all-natural ingredients. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin deeply. You can apply this balm quickly and easily. It will help reduce any itching and make your beard smooth and soft.

Aftercare And Maintenance

Precise Beard Trimming

Whatever kind of stubble beard you want to have, you will need a good trimmer to keep the beard at the perfect length you want.

Some trimmers have various settings to adjust according to the length you want to trim. You can trim your chin, neck, and cheek area as you want. You can clean-shave or slightly fade it out as you want to.

Beard care

If you want to have a healthy beard, you need to care for it as well. Like after having a shower, you can blow dry your beard and look at the actual length and shape it accordingly.

Applying beard oil is a must as it hydrates and moisturizes your skin well. It makes facial hair healthy and smooth.

A grooming kit by fulllight tech is a great grooming kit for men. The kit includes beard shampoo, balm, oil, comb, scissors, and other accessories. It provides a great grooming experience and helps keep your beard in perfect shape.

Trim The Ingrown Hairs

You may have some ingrown hairs on your face and need to trim them out to get a perfect look. Ingrown hairs may pop out in areas you may not have even thought of it. So have a look and trim the hairs to get clean and perfect shape stubble.

Apply A Good Moisturizer

When you grow a beard, the hair wicks out moisture from your face, and it causes your skin to dry quickly. Applying a good moisturizer or beard oil regularly to your skin will keep it hydrated.

Different Stubble Styles

Different Stubble Styles

Short Stubble Beard

Short stubble is the traditional way of styling a beard. You need to trim your beard at least once a week to maintain the look to have short stubble. You need to maintain your stubble, mustache and even trim the neckline and sides as per your preference.

Light Stubble

If you don’t like many hairs on your face but want to have a masculine look, you can have a light stubble beard. For this, you need a good quality trimmer and trim your hair very short. Make sure to have a good quality razor or trimmer. Otherwise, you might get cut or razor burns.

Having A Long heavy Stubble

To have long, heavy stubble, you need to grow your beard for at least a month. Then trim your hair to the length you want to keep. Give it the shape you want and fade your neckline to get a perfect look.

V-Shape Stubble

Having V-shape stubble is one of the different beard styles. You need to trim your check area properly and give it a V-shape look. You need to maintain the V-shape stubble very precisely and trim it regularly to have the same look.


Stubble beards are easy to maintain and grow. A Stubble beard is a great way to style your beard and give it a perfect look.

Try growing your beard for some time, and then use a trimmer to shape it to get a perfect stubble length. Maintain your beard by having a healthy lifestyle and moisturize it using good beard oil or balm to have healthy growth.

Thus now you might know how to grow a stubble beard and how you can maintain it.