How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff?

How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

Do you like to keep a beard? If you wish to keep a long beard, you would also have to face some common problems or difficulties that come along with it. One of the major problems faced by bearded people is beard dandruff. Beard dandruff affects roughly 50% of the American male population. One question that often comes up is: “How to get rid of dandruff in my beard?”

Beard dandruff is a very common condition that arises due to the skin’s improper conditioning and scalp. This informational piece will explain the steps on how to get rid of beard dandruff. By following these simple steps, you can achieve a neat, tidy, and clean beard. A clean beard massively adds to your personality as you appear to be more presentable and helps you have healthy hygiene.

Things You Require In This Process

Taking good care of your beard is a simple procedure that you can do regularly to experience the best results over time. You will not require any extra things or products to carry out the steps given in this article. Some of the essential products that you will need to get the best results are listed below.

  • Beard Brush.
  • Dandruff Removing Shampoo.
  • Beard Oil.

Steps For Getting Rid Of Beard Dandruff

For removing the dandruff present in your beard, you will have to devise plans that completely eradicate the presence of dandruff. To do so, you must remove the presence of extra oil present on your skin. Due to the lack of oil and impurities, there will not be any formation of new dandruff flakes in your beard. If you do sincerely follow the steps given below, you will get good results within one or two weeks.

Exfoliate to Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

#1 Exfoliating

In this process, you remove all the dead skin cells present on your face and skin. By reducing and eradicating the dead skin cells from your face, you also get rid of the majority of the cells that cause dandruff to develop as well.

  • Use a beard brush to clean your beard. This type of brush helps keep your beard neat and clean by removing all the dirt and impurities from your beard. One of the major benefits of using a beard brush is that it also distributes the natural oils present on your skin. Due to the distribution of these skin oils, your beard hair grows to be silky and soft. Softer beard hair is easier to manage in comparison to hard hair. You can use BFWood Beard Brush for Men; it’s a good product.
  • You should choose a beard brush that has softer bristles. Softer bristles are gentle on people that have sensitive skin types. Gently rubbing such beard brushes over your beard will not cause any irritation or skin problems.
  • Before you start washing and cleaning your beard, you must gently rub the skin with a beard brush to experience the best results. Rubbing the beard will soften the hair so that it is easily washed.
  • One question that we often hear is: “How to get rid of severe beard dandruff?”. The most important tip to remember is not to rub or scrub your beard too hard, as doing this would worsen your condition. The amount of dandruff in your beard will increase a lot if you rub the beard or the skin too hard.

#2 Washing

This step involves the cleaning and washing of your beard with soaps, shampoos, and water. If you don’t apply shampoo regularly over your beard, then you should start doing so. There are special shampoos with unique formulas available in the market that are designed for a beard. You can even use the traditional hair shampoo if it can eradicate dandruff. One good product is “Polished Gentlemen Beard Growth Shampoo.”

Using Beard shampoo to Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

  • While buying a shampoo that removes and prevents dandruff growth, you must look for specific ingredients that help your cause. Some of these special ingredients are tea tree oil, coal tar, selenium sulfide, and zinc.
  • How to get rid of dandruff under beard?”. This is another often asked question. You should massage dandruff removing shampoo gently on your beard. Make sure that the shampoo can comfortably reach the skin present underneath. This step’s main objective is to remove impurities and get rid of dandruff under the beard.
  • Allow the shampoo to rest as it is for about one or two minutes. Waiting for a few minutes would allow your skin to get the proper nourishing from vitamins and minerals. You should not use hot water for cleaning your beard as it increases the presence of dandruff. Extremely hot water irritates your skin and also increases the number of dead cells.
  • If you have a sensitive or dry skin type and are using traditional hair shampoos, you must be extremely careful. These shampoos may be too hard or harsh for the sensitive skin of your face, so it is always ideal to use specialized soaps and shampoos for sensitive beard skin. While applying your shampoo, if you feel your skin too dry, it indicates you need to change your shampoo.

#3 Moisturizing

Moisturizing your skin and beard after a shampoo is a very important step that prevents dandruff’s further growth. This step is also important as it rehydrates the skin after contact with soap and shampoo chemicals. After moisturizing your beard, you will find your beard hair to be soft and clean. A good beard moisturizer will also replenish the missing nutrients and vitamins from your skin and scalp. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit has a good moisturizer.

  • Traditional lotions are the most common moisturizers that are popular among people. You can use these lotions as well on your beard, but they do turn out to be hard for your gentle beard hair, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin.
  • Using beard oil is ideal for moisturizing the beard after washing. These moisturizers are designed specifically for nourishing beard hair and scalp. Beard oil does not leave any residue in your beard, unlike traditional lotions. You can find the best beard oils online as there are many such oils available on online portals.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, you should use beard oil that is simple and has a unique texture. The beard oil that you apply should not clog or block your skin pores. This beard oil would increase the growth of acne on your skin.
  • Take a few drops of the special beard moisturizing oil in your hands and rub them together. Then apply this oil gently to your beard. To get the best results, massage your beard so that the oil reaches under the hair to the skin.
  • To avoid the build of extra oil and prevent the clogging up of your skin pores, it is always the ideal option to start with a few drops of beard oil. You can always increase the quantity if you feel the oil has not reached your skin and scalp’s depths.


The above-given steps briefly explain to you how to get rid of beard dandruff. All these steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. You should not have any difficulties or problems following them.

Grooming of the beard is a very important step towards maintaining your appearance as well as hygiene.

Beard dandruff is a common problem through which most men go through regularly. But it is not an irreversible problem. You can comfortably improve the dandruff situation by regularly cleaning and washing your beard with the proper products and steps.