Best Beard Styles for Older Men

Best Beard Styles for Older Men

A beard changes the men’s look completely. It makes them look more mature, independent, and bold. Growing a beard and shaping it to a perfect style has become popular among men—even older men like growing a beard and styling it.

Do you know the best beard styles for older men?

Older men may have grey hair, and a grey beard also looks great among them if styled perfectly. You need to choose the right style according to your age. Your face shape determines which style suits you best.

In this article, let’s look at the best beard styles for older men and how to shape them perfectly.

Beard Styles For Older Men

#1 Keep It Thin And Thick

One of the best beard styles for older men is to keep their beard thin along with thick sides. This style gives a great look instead of fading and blurring it out. This type of beard will suit all face types and will look appealing.

#2 Make It Look Classic And Elegant

A classic beard style is neither too long nor too short. For those who like keeping their beard all the time, this is a great style. It gives full coverage to your face. Go with a short haircut along with a classic beard to make your beard look more modern and appealing.

#3 Long Beard

A long beard will look perfect when you do it correctly. It takes a lot of time and patience to grow a long beard. It needs to be trimmed and shaped well to look good on your face. So make sure to style your beard appropriately; otherwise, it will look messy.

Applying good beard oil will help stop any skin irritation, and you will manage your beard better. A beard oil by Honest Amish has all the essential oils that help nourish your beard and reduce skin irritation.

#4 Stubble

A stubble beard will occur on its own when you grow your beard for a few days. Some men like to maintain a 5 o’clock shadow all the time. To have perfect stubble, you need to trim it regularly.

You can use clippers to maintain your chin and jaw area in perfect shape.

A multi-groom trimmer by Philips Norelco comes with different attachments and trimming guards. You can trim your facial hairs to the length you prefer.

Stylish stubble will look great on men who have oval or square face shapes. If your face is longer, you can trim the sides and chin to give it a perfect shape that suits you.

#5 Bushy Beard

Men with grey hair and having a bushy beard will make them look matured and not make them look very old. This style will suit men who have chubby cheeks and a wide nose.

To get a perfect bushy beard, you can trim your neckline and keep your facial hairs long. To maintain the length, you can trim your beard regularly.

#6 Short Boxed Beard Style

A Boxed beard is neatly trimmed. Having a short-boxed beard gives a versatile look.

To get a short box beard, you need to first grow your facial hairs for a few weeks. Once you have good facial hair growth, you can trim it down. This style requires maintenance to keep it in perfect shape.

You can use clippers to define your beard around your cheek area and trim your neckline to give a clean and tidy look overall.

Beard Styles For Older Men

#7 Goatee

A goatee beard style is easy to grow as well as maintain. To have a perfect goatee style, you can shave your sides and grow a beard on the chin and mouth area.

To get a clean and perfect shape, you can use clippers. Keep your mustache and chin connected; otherwise, it won’t look good.

You will need to maintain a goatee-style beard and make sure to trim it regularly using a trimmer or a clipper to give it a perfect shape.

#8 Verdi Beard Style

A Verdi beard style is for men who like to have a full beard. It gives a classic and versatile look overall. To have a Verdi look, you need to have a mustache and a beard around 4 inches long. You need to trim it regularly to make you look well-groomed and clean.

A Verdi beard style looks great with a handlebar mustache. You need to wax it properly and curl the ends to get a perfect look. This style suits all face types. The mustache wax by Viking Revolution has a long-lasting hold. It is smooth and easy to apply.

To get a perfect Verdi beard style, you need to grow your beard for at least three months. Once your beard reaches a certain length, you can trip it to get a perfect shape. Make sure to trim the neckline as well to get a clean and tidy look.

#9 Grey Beard Style

Men with grey hair can also have good beard styles. To have a perfect grey beard, you need to keep it neat and shiny.

Keeping your grey beard in a perfect style will make you look matured and wise. You can choose to have a short or long beard as per your choice and shape it accordingly.

#10 Beard With A Bald Head

A beard can make you look good with a baldhead. Make sure to keep your beard properly trimmed and in shape to make it look appealing to your face. You can have a short or medium beard length and maintain the look by trimming it regularly.

#11 Define Your Beard Lines

A beard looks good when it’s trimmed and has crisp lines. It will look just flawless. The goatee style must be trimmed and shaped properly. Defining your beard lines will give a crisp and perfect look to your face.

#12 Full Beard

Every man likes to have a full beard at least once. To have a full beard, you need to grow your beard for at least two months. Then you can trim it to give it the proper shape you want. A full beard looks great on any face type.

Even older men can grow a full beard if maintained properly. Washing your beard with a beard shampoo and applying good beard oil or balm will help keep the beard healthy and firm the skin.

Beard Shampoo and conditioner set by polished gentlemen has all the natural ingredients. It helps in growing a healthier and fuller beard and helps soothes the skin underneath.

#13 Mustache And A Chinstrap

Having a mustache and a little chinstrap is a great option for men who cannot grow their beards very long. To get a perfect look, you can clean-shave the areas of your face other than the mustache and your jawline. Give a perfect shape to the mustache and the jawline to make it look appealing.

Style Your Beard By Your Face Shape

A beard looks amazing if you style it according to your face type. Here are a few suggestions on what styles look great on different face shapes.

Style Your Beard By Your Face Shape

Square Face Shape

Men with a square face shape can go for facial hairs on the chin area and keep their neckline and sides properly trimmed. Keep a check on your neckline and sides and trim it regularly to get a clean look.

Round Face Shape

Men with a round face have a soft jawline than other face shapes. A beard with short sideburns and long on the bottom will look great. You need to look at the sides and cheek area to have a clean and perfect look.

Rectangle Face Shape

If you have a rectangle face shape, having a short beard will look perfect. If you have a narrow jawline, you can keep your beard a little longer. Look for the style that suits your face and shape it accordingly.

Oval Face Shape

Any beard style looks great on men with an oval face shape. Do you know men who do anything with their beards and always look attractive? They are men who have an oval face. Any hair or beard style looks just appealing with oval face men.

Diamond Face Shape

For a diamond face shape, a cheekbone is a noticeable area. Men with a diamond shape can keep some hair on the chin and trim their cheek areas. Keeping a beard on the chin will make your face shape less prominent and make you look good.

Triangular Face Shape

Men with a triangular face shape have a wide forehead and narrow cheekbone. It has sharp features. You need to create a balance by covering the weak parts of your face. A beardstache or heavy stubble looks great on men having a triangular face.


Growing a beard makes men look wise and mature. Even if you are growing old, you can remain in style by shaping your beard perfectly.

Having a perfect beard changes the men’s look no matter what they age. There are beard styles for men of all ages. Thus choosing the best beard styles for older men according to their face type and styling them will make them look great and wise.