Why Does My Beard Split in the Middle?

Why Does My Beard Split in the Middle

Beard splits happen because your hair growth is uneven. Unlike earlier, a split beard is carried as a fashion these days because it provides a bushy texture to a long beard. However, beard splits aren’t an indication of healthy beard hair. That is why many people ask us: why does my beard split in the middle?

Why Does My Beard Split in the Middle?

Your beard covers almost the entire chin and jawline. Sometimes the growth rate of beard hairs in the middle is slightly slower as compared to the edges. Therefore, the hair in the middle turns upwards, and the hair beside it looks down.

The split that occurs here creates difficulty if a person wants a longer beard. Secondly, you have to keep trimming the long hair by the edges.

On the other hand, forked beards are edged beards that grow along the side of your face and give a pointy look at the end.

The splitting here can be completely natural, or you might have trimmed your inappropriately.

Causes of Beard Splits

Firstly, let us clarify that beard splits aren’t bad. Some people even carry them as a fashion now. Sometimes men get themselves to trim their beards according to splits to get a particular beard style.

On the other hand, beard splits can be a concern if you are careful about your beard growth’s regularity, and certainly, certain styles do not go well with splits.

Splits usually come into the picture when your beard hair grows to more than fifteen inches. If you want to keep a long but synchronized beard, you should avoid letting the hair grow beyond fifteen inches.

Let us discuss some reasons for the topic at hand: Why does my beard split in the middle?

Genetic Inclination:

Genetics plays a role in nearly everything related to your hair. Perhaps, the slow growth rate of the beard in the middle part is in your genes.

Observe whether your father or grandfather also had a beard split. Generally, you cannot treat genetic traits, but you can try to minimize their effects.

Brushing Hair Biasedness:

While grooming, it may have happened that you were giving more attention to the edges compared to the middle.

Well, everyone is comfortable combing or nurturing a specific part of the face. Observe whether you have a habit of touching your cheeks and the beard hairs on them again and again.

Causes of Beard Split

Overuse of Chemicals:

Applying shampoos and other chemicals like beard oil, waxes, and other such things in the middle part can be another source.

Unequal distribution of these chemicals can induce the beard to split in the middle. Rubbing aggressively with a towel or constantly playing with the beard hairs can also affect the growth.

What Is Forked Hair?

Forked hair happens when the hair grows more from the outer(end) region and less from the middle. In this case, you get a lot of distinct, unconnected beard hairs.

Forked hair has been a fashion, especially in the west. Many times men trim their beards to get forked hair. However, if you have naturally forked beard hair, you won’t adapt easily to other beard stylings.

How To Fix Beard Splitting in the Middle?

Beard splits occur mainly after 15 inches of beard hair growth. As mentioned earlier, observe what you are doing to cause the split. Once you know the actual reason behind your beard split, you can correct the problem easily.

An expert consultation can also help to overcome the issue quickly. Lastly, prevention is more feasible than remedies. Don’t take beard hair for granted, as they are just as sensitive as those on your head.

Beard Split Ends and Remedies

Before we begin, let me say that the effect of remedies is not always consistent, it depends on person to person. However, these are the best remedies that I have found through experience and research:

Causes of Beard Split

Braid the Beard in the Middle

Braids are an excellent way to make hair growth consistent. Braid the beard in the middle and keep it on for a minimum of three to four hours a day. You can braid in the wet beard or dry bread. It depends on you.

I suggest applying oil to your beard, braiding it, and sleeping overnight. The following day unbraid it. Sometimes, this can give a curly hue to your braids. In this case, you can wash the braid off, and it will bring back the original hair structure to your hairs.


As mentioned, braids can give a curly structure. To avoid that, you can tie a ponytail in the middle of your beard. It will help you to direct the hairs in the middle and radiate the roots towards the center. It can initiate concentration as well as growth.

Let the Hair Grow Till Its Limits

Letting the beard hair grow to its most absolute limits is a perfect option if you suffer from uneven growth (especially genetic issues of the bread hairs).

Once you feel the beard is long enough, trim it completely. The likelihood of getting a split beard back is much lower after that.

Use Products

Many products personalized for a specific issue like middle splitting are available in the market. You can try the one addressing your hair type, and that has good reviews and other verifications. It needs a powerful assertion for use. If you have a single doubt about the product, don’t go for it.

Consult a Beard Hair Specialist

Beard hair specialists are the best option if your problem worsens. Visit a salon, converse with the people and get your doubts cleared.
A specialist can easily show you the way out. Many of the men consult with friends; stay aware your hair type might not match them.

Best Tips to Maintain a Healthy Beard

  1. Comb and Wash Your beard after proper intervals regularly.
  2. Use the verified and tested products for your beard, not the cheap ones.
  3. Apply good beard oil regularly.
  4. Don’t use not for beard products on beard hair. Head shampoos and oils are a strict no-no.
  5. Don’t treat your beard aggressively. Do not scratch, rub or stretch the hairs in any way.
  6. Before, After, and during styling, take necessary precautions concerning gadgets and chemicals you are using.
  7. Use an excellent clean cotton towel or napkin to clean your beard correctly and gently.


Why does my beard split in the middle depends entirely on how fast your beard hair grows and how you treat your beard hair.

These days many products and techniques help you in getting equal growth of beard hairs. Proper care and attention in regular intervals can help to avoid the problem.

By reading this article I hope you would have got a lot of help, and maybe you can even overcome the problem. If you want to know more from us, then let us know by commenting below in the comment box. We would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions.