A.P Donovan Straight Razor ⅞” Set Review 2019

A.P Donovan Straight Razor

Today, we are going to be looking at the ⅞-inch A.P Donovan Straight Razor, and it seems like quite the luxurious item. However, you may be wondering if a straight razor is worth it.

Shaving has evolved many times over the course of time, but the debate as to the best way to shave hasn’t raged on for quite as long. If you want to ensure that your shave is as close as possible, you have a wide range of options open to you, and we often receive inquiries from our readers as to the ideal method.

If we are going to be honest, the best way to shave is up to you, and the only way you can find out is to try out all of the methods at your disposal. The vast majority of shavers either use disposable razors or razors with disposable cartridges, but their popularity doesn’t instantly make them the ideal choice.

You can also opt for the electric razor if you want to put less effort into your shaving, though you will sacrifice some closeness. This all brings us back to the straight razor.

When it comes to the straight razor, shavers around the world speak of it with equal respect and slight trepidation, as it takes a bit of courage to hold one to your neck and shave your beard. While the moniker of “the cut-throat razor” will likely stick with it, there is truly no better way to shave.

If you are looking for the smoothest possible shave, then nothing can offer the same closeness as a straight razor due to the sheer sharpness of the blade. Of course, a lot of work and maintenance goes into owning a piece like the A.P Donovan straight razor, as you will need to sharpen, hone, and strop it to keep it at its peak condition.

A.P Donovan straight razor set


Does It Come In a Razor Kit?

Before we get to our review, let’s look at some things that you will want to search for in the best straight razor possible. If you have never used a straight razor to shave before, you may want to purchase a shaving kit that includes a razor and all of the accessories that you will need for it.

Of course, if you already have everything you need and you are just looking for a new razor, then you will want to ensure that you only purchase the blade alone. There is no point in spending extra money on a fancy kit if you already have one. Keep in mind that some high-end razors are not sold separately from their kit.

Is the A.P Donovan Straight Razor Blade Replaceable?

Another thing you should account for is whether or not you can replace the blade on your straight razor. While this is not possible on a traditional straight razor, there are also models that feature blades which can be swapped out so that you won’t have to go through the process of sharpening them.

While you undoubtedly sacrifice some sharpness for this luxury, you will spend less time working on your blade and keeping it properly maintained. This choice is largely up to preference, and you will find both affordable and high-end razors that come with replaceable blades.

About The Product

When it comes to choosing the best straight razor, and you want quality above all else, the A.P. Donovan Straight Razor, ⅞-inch model is an excellent choice. In addition to this razor, you will get the full shaving kit that comes with a fragrant lather, a brush to apply it, and an impressive wooden box.

  • Black sandalwood handle improves weight and durability
  • Kazakh cow leather strap for stropping
  • The blade is made out of Japanese carbon steel
  • Comes in a carved wooden box with a latch
  • Shaving brush made out of the hair of the American Badger


In this product, A.P. Donovan has created something that is closer to a work of art than a simple straight razor. All it takes is one look at the intricate carvings on the box that contains this blade to realise that it was money well-spent, but you can rest assured that it didn’t all go towards the presentation.

The A.P Donovan straight razor itself is also a thing of beauty, with a black sandalwood handle made of logs that have been sourced from India. The carbon steel from which the razor is constructed has also been sourced from the east, but in this case, it comes from Japan, the home of the finest blades in the world.

This kit also includes all of the accessories that you will need so that you can enjoy the closest shave possible including a leather strip that is made out of Kazakh cow leather. Finally, the brush features bristles that are fashioned out of the hair of the American Badger. All of this comes together to make for the most thorough shaving experience you have experienced.

What Others Say

We also went over customer reviews and testimonials so we could get an idea of others’ experiences with this straight razor, and it seems that most of them were not disappointed. Most A.P Donovan Straight razor buyers mentioned the excellent weight distribution between the sandalwood handle and the carbon steel blade.

Another customer praised the quality of the stropping strip, as it makes it much easier to put those finishing touches on your edge. The only complaints we noticed were because a few packages arrived later than expected, but this can be expected from a product that is shipped out of Germany.

Buying Advice

Keep in mind that this is a luxury A.P Donovan straight razor, so it will be rather pricey, even when compared to other blades of this variety. You can expect to pay around 200 dollars for the black sandalwood version of this razor, though there are other options available for a lower price.

Final Thoughts

The A.P Donovan straight razor is a product for those who take their shave seriously. Whether you are considering this blade as a gift for someone else or as a simple present for yourself, we would recommend it if you have the money to spare. If you don’t think it’s the perfect fit for you, we’ve written plenty of reviews about alternative straight razors. Feel free to leave any comments down below.


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