The Benefits of Using Shaving Brushes

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Shaving is a ritual for most men. If you enjoy doing it yourself, you have probably tried numerous shaving products. The ultimate intentions being to achieve a proper close shave that is smooth and without irritations or burns. So, we try various routines, shaving equipment, and products to make our coveted shave possible.

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A shaving brush is one of those important shaving items you should never ignore. While this product cannot work alone, we view it as an essential component for a wet shaving process. It is what you go for when you want adequate lathering for your face before you start the shave.

You might be thinking a shave brush is a luxury item meant for shaving nerds. And some people would argue, why use the money on a brush, when you can use your hands to do the lathering? There are many reasons why you need to invest in a shaving brush. We will discuss them later. For now, let us understand what a shaving brush is and its mechanics.

Understanding the Anatomy of Shaving Brushes

For newbies, in the shaving brush industry, you might find the varieties in the marketplace overwhelming. Looking at the online stores, you’ll notice that even though hundreds of these brushes look the same, their prices vary. Well, the shaving brushes anatomy might look the same, but their qualities vary.

Shaving brushes have two parts: The bristles and handle.

The bristle is the hairy part of the brush that carries the cream when you use it. Here are terms you need to know to make the right choice of the bristles for your shave brush.

The knot is the diameter of the bristles when the brush is lying on its base. Those who are starting out should choose the twenty-four-millimeter knot size. It doesn’t have to be a precise measurement. Any brush labeled this figure is good for your use. Of course, there are those that are smaller while others are larger than this size. The smaller the brush is, the more exact its application. They also carry little shaving soap or cream, which means frequent visits to the shaving cream container.

Shaving brushes with larger knots are a great option if you are shaving the entire beard. Just a single scoop in the shaving cream will be enough for use. However, they tend to be wasteful as well requiring you to choose the right size for your use.

The other terminology you need to know is the loft, which is the height of the bristles. The longer the brush bristles, the lesser control you have over it during use. Therefore, you need to pick a brush with a short and comfortable loft to be able to exfoliate your skin deeply and clean your face properly. If you get right your brush choice, then you will have a better experience with the shaving razor, and the results of your shaving will be excellent.

The other part is the handle, which is the part you hold when using the shaving brush. They come from different materials – mostly synthetics or plastic. But there are other alternative handle materials like ivory, wood, and other high-end materials like silver or gold which are costlier. The designs on most of these handles are curves that make them easier to grip during use.

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Shaving Brushes Bristles Materials

When it comes to the materials used in creating the bristles, we have two options: Synthetic and organic.

The synthetic fiber materials come from nylon bristles. The manufacturers make use of technology to create varied textures and so, you will see them sell at different costs. The synthetic fibers are easy to dry and lasts longer, explaining why some people love them. First timers also find these shaving bristles easy to use.

On the other hand, we have the natural bristles which come from animals. Horses are one of the contributors. The manufacturers cut horse hair and use it for this purpose. The other animal bristles come from boars and badgers. They make some of the premium bristles for shaving brushes you can get in the market. If you are environment conscious or concerned about conserving animals, you would go for horse’s hair and synthetic options. After all, there are good to premium qualities of synthetic shaving brushes that are close to natural brushes, depending on the manufacturer and the technology in use.

That said, lets us delve into the advantages of using a shaving brush for your grooming routine, shall we?


The Benefits of a Shave Brush

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Saves Time

Unless you like wasting time in the morning, getting yourself a shave brush is what you need. Most of us lack the luxury of time, and if we could save a minute in our grooming routine, it would be very useful in making us more productive.

Instead of using your hands to try and achieve a uniform lather on your face, why not use a shave brush that will be quicker to apply and more efficient? This brush will help you spend less time shaving since it takes just a few passes to achieve the results you need.

Saves Money

Using hands to apply shaving cream or soap leads to faster depletion of your shaving products.

Meaning, you will need to replace them more often, which can prove costly. On the other hand, apart from saving you time, using a shaving brush will only use the needed quantity of shaving cream or soap making your products stay longer.

The $20 dollars you will use to acquire a shaving brush at first is actually a blessing in disguise. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Supports Efficiency and Precision

When you use your hand to apply shaving cream on your face, the facial hair flattens on your skin resulting in complicated shaves that need a lot of tact and force. Eventually, you’ll get irritations and unpleasant pains after shaving.

When you want to shave a specific part of your beard or become artistic with it, using a brush can help you apply your shaving cream on the precise area. The process smooths your whiskers and lifts the hair making them ready for a shave. With a single pass of the razor blade, you get precise and close cuts. Of course, you’ll need to select your brush accordingly. Getting yourself a few shaving brushes will help in this case.

Provides Thicker Lathers

You want to achieve soft, lubricated skin that is well hydrated before shaving. How do you do it? Having a good shaving brush will help you apply a thick lather to your face. The thickness here helps your facial hair to be soft and your skin feels protected during a shave. The shave brush lathering guarantees hydration and lubrication which helps improve the quality of your shave.

More Comfortable

Shaving without the right lathering can be uncomfortable during and after the shave. If you have sensitive skin, it can be even harder on you. The best way to avoid this discomfort is to use a great shaving brush. Using it ensures that you lather your skin evenly and have a thick layer with a perfect mix of water and shaving cream or soap.

No other option can beat using a shave brush when it comes to offering comfort to the user. With it, you experience the full potential of the shaving cream or soap you use. It is far better than using your hands, which will apply a thin layer of shaving cream of soap.

It is Simple to Use

Which is easier, riding a bike to work or driving? When you choose to ride to work, you will sweat, have muscle pains, and long to rest afterward. But it is still an option. On the other hand, driving will be faster, easier, and you won’t be as sweaty unless the weather is really bad.

The same thing applies to use your hand’s versus using a shaving brush. Lathering with a shave brush is easier to use since it provides consistent results with just a few strokes on your face.

It Reaches Further Than Bare Hands

There is a need for lathering that touches deep areas that your hands won’t reach. The best way to do this is to use a shaving brush. The bristles can reach and applying your shaving cream or soap on every nook and cranny on your face. When you apply to and fro, the brush bristles lift your facial hair and lathers every bit of your face in detail! Getting a brush will perform better during a shaving process than your hands would.

Exfoliates Your Skin

Exfoliation should be part of any man’s routine – even if it is not on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, some of us do it without knowing. It is the removal of dirt and dead skin that has accumulated over the day(s) to look younger and feel fresh.

Using shaving brushes will help you exfoliate your skin without paying anyone a dime to do it for you. Buy yourself a brush and as you apply your cream, it will naturally help you remove dead skin and impurities. What are the exfoliation benefits? You will have smooth skin, no razor clogging during shaves, smooth shaving process, and a generally good healthy skin.

You’ll Savour Your Shaving More

When you are using your hand, you have to rub your face hard to get the shaving cream in the right places. Afterward, you start shaving and scratch yourself severally trying to get a clean shave. With the facial discomfort that results from this process, you’re unlikely to long for another shaving opportunity.

With a shaving brush, you will be looking forward to another grooming session. And wake up every day eager to perform your shaving ritual. Besides the numerous benefits you get from using it and the softness of skin afterwards, the process is more relaxing. You’ll learn to savor your shaving routine more.

Proper Preparation of the Face for a Shave

The first shaving mistake you could be making is poor preparation. Buying poor quality shaving creams or soap, and quick or poor application of these products on the face, are just some of the pre-shave errors we make. Once you fail to thoroughly prepare for a shave, you should expect burns, scratches, cuts, and other negative effects. Why continue with such irritation to your face when there is a better alternative?

Using a shaving brush helps us take time to lather our faces and do it in a consistent manner with the right thickness. Doing this helps in improving our shaving performance and has a positive impact on the results. By the end of the day, you will have healthier skin and a clean shave without pain.

Buy Better Creams and Soaps

If you are the kind that uses already lathered creams or soaps from the chemist, using a brush will help you change your preferences. Well, utilising ready-made lathered cream can be time-saving, but not necessarily good for your skin due to the synthetics utilised in making them.

There are premium quality shaving soaps and creams that await you for a better shaving experience and results! Most of their ingredients come from organic sources and won’t cause an adverse reaction to your skin. A great shave brush plus high-quality shaving cream is the right combination for an enjoyable, pleasant-smelling face.

It’s Time to Switch

Hopefully, the benefits we have discussed above are convincing enough to help you make the switch. You want to be comfortable while you are shaving and feel confident after you are through with the shave. The best way to do it is to invest in shaving products. A shaving brush is definitely top on the list. Get yours today and share your experience in the comment section.

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