4 Steps on How to Fade Your Beard at Home

a bearded avatar/How to Fade Your Beard at Home

Learn how to fade your beard at home with our helpful guide.

The first lesson you learn as you grow your beard is that it doesn’t instantly take a polished and stylish air. For your beard to appear sophisticated, you need to invest effort and time. This means you’ll have to shape it, trim it, and maintain it if it’s to look impeccable. To help you transform your scruffy caveman crumb-catcher into something you might see on the cover of GQ magazine, we’ll take a look at how to fade your beard at home.

How to Fade Your Beard at Home

a bearded avatar/How to Fade Your Beard at Home

How does a well-faded beard look?

Trimming your beard bolsters its appeal and allows you to grow it into new heights without you looking disheveled. One of the aspects of trimming you’ll need to perfect is beard fade. Depending on your style and the length of your hair, you should learn how to fade your beard at home, hair, and sideburns seamlessly.

The fade hairstyles are characterized by beards that fade gradually from a thicker bristle to a thinner shave. This description sounds distinct, but it applies to a wide array of beards, from the full and lush to the sharp and short.

Which fade style will look great on me?

The great thing about the faded beard styles is that they can be tailored for all men. You only need to find a style that flatters your features. For instance, softer styles are better suited for men with sharp bone structures, and angular options are better suited for rounder faces.

If you choose a precise fade style where there is a clear line between your skin and your beard, you’ll have to put more effort into keeping it stylish and sharp. Conversely, if you opt for a more subtle transition from beard to skin, maintenance will be more straightforward.

How to Fade Your Beard at Home

Here is a step-by-step break down on how to fade your beard at home and create a sophisticated and well-groomed look:

Step1: Trim Your Beard First

Before you embark on fading your beard, you first need to trim your beard entirely. Decide on the length you want to keep your beard, get your trimmers, set them to your desired length, and then get going.

Trimming your beard first is crucial because it makes it easier for you to blend your fade into your hair.

Step 2: Start from the Bottom

Your first destination should be your neckline. Set the trimmer to 2 or 3 and then start gliding up, from down below your Adam’s apple to where your neck connects with your jawline.

Once you’re done trimming all the facial hair in that area, shift your trimmer’s length setting to 1 or 2 and then spruce up the rest of your beard.

If you’re going for a clean and crisp fade style, you should razor cleanall the hair below your Adam’s apple.

Step 3: Spruce up Your Cheeks

Once you’re done trimming all your beard and cleared Adam’s apple area, you should shift your attention to the cheeks. There are two ways of sprucing up your cheeks. Because the cheek area is more visible, decide if you want a natural look or crisp lines.

If you opt for the sharp lines look, razor a solid edge between your cheeks and your beard from ear to ear.

If you’re going for the natural look, use your trimmer (with the guard off) instead. In this case, you don’t need to create a tight line, just clear the sprouts that are too far off from the rest of your beard.

Step 4: Trim Your Moustache

Use your trimmer to chop off any moustache hair that’s over your lips. Also, your moustache length should be the same as that of the rest of your beard.So maintain the trimmer length at 1 or 2 as you did in the earlier steps.

Again,if you’re going for the chinstrap look, your moustache lines should be tight and neat. If you’ve opted for a natural look, use your trimmer with the guard off and clear any mustache hair that’s out of place.


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How to Fade your Beard with Your Hair

Once you‘re done with trimming and fading your beard, the next stage is fading your beard into your hair.

Start from a point where your beard is the longest close to the jawline, shift your trimmer’s setting one level down, and then glide the trimmer an inch up.

For the next inch, shorten your trimmer again, clear that area, and don’t go beneath that line.

On the next inch, shorten your trimmers again.

Keep lowering your trimmers setting as you glide up in one inch at a time up to the point where you reach your hair.

Repeat this process on the other side head. This may seem like a lot of work, but with time this process becomes easier and faster with experience.

Once you’re done with the above process, your hair will blend seamlessly with your beard without shifting attention from the beard. You only need to get it right once, and then it becomes almost intuitive.

The rule of thumb is, start with the longest trimmer settings and then shorten them as you inch up to the top of your head. After a week or so, your hair will grow uniformly, so you now have a template in place to help you maintain that look.

how to fade your beard at home

Which Products Should I Use When Fading my Beard?

Fading your beard at home and maintaining that look requires quality products. While your choice of products should be hinged on your skin type, some products stand out. There are also guidelines that you should follow to ensure you get the best possible beard and to maintain a healthy skin.

For instance, men with dry or sensitive skin should go for shaving cream or gel instead of foam, which often irritates and dehydrates the skin. Also, if you usually break out after shaving, you should use a mild cleansing face wash to soothe your skin. You should also wet your skin before applying the products with your shaving brush. Besides, you need to use beard oil or moisturiser after the shave.

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