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The Ultimate Guide To French Mustache; Growing, Styling and Maintaining

The word ‘mustache’ or ‘moustache’ first entered the French books in 1585. Almost half a millennium later, we are still experimenting with mustaches and creative beard combinations. Each person has developed his style to fit the thickness of the hair and to suit different occasions. The French Mustache is recognizable from its distinct appearance.  The […]

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Equinox Shears: The Best 6 Models in the Range and a Guide on Which You Need

Whether you are a professional barber/hairstylist or not, you will need shears to cut, trim, or texturize your hair. Equinox International manufactures high-quality professional-grade shears at affordable prices. They use Japanese stainless steel; it is one of the best quality of stainless steel in the world.   Most customers rate equinox shears at 4.5 stars and above. […]