How to Slick Back Hair Salon Style

Slicked Back Salon Hairstyle

The slick back hair style isn’t one that you have to pay money for. You can do it yourself, if you know some basic guidelines and you learn how to do it like a pro. This isn’t a hard look to pull off. The difficulty comes from keeping the hair slicked back throughout the day without having to do a lot of grooming and touching up. We’ll help you do that and show you how to slick hair back as simply and effectively as possible.

We like how the slick hair looks with jackets- leather jackets, blazers, or jean jackets, in particular. It’s a look that goes very well with a specific style, and it’s a great everyday look that is not hard to maintain, which makes it great for the average person trying to style their own hair. If you want to avoid using a lot of product and going through a long grooming routine to pull off a signature look, then slick back hair could be a good option or you.

How to Slick Your Hair Back

To get your hair ready for slicking back, start combing at the ends of the hair and not from the roots. It’s a bad idea to start combing from the roots, as that can yank your hair out and tug at it in a way that isn’t healthy. Coax the hair out gently by starting with the ends and working your way down to the roots.

Then, let the hair rest for a while before doing anything else. You can take the time to shave or wash your face. It’s best to comb your hair for the slicked back look after a shower, while it is partially wet but not soaking. We will talk more about how to dry your hair later on.

Then, pick your styling product. Paste alone or paste and gel together give you a decent hold so you don’t have to keep styling the hair all day long. These can also give your hair a shiny look, which is a big part of the slicked back style. Keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of styling product to pull off the look.

Pat your product onto the hair’s outer layer. Pat gently and start from the outside working in. Wait to massage the gel into the hair until the product has set in your hair for about 20 seconds.

Work the product around your hair, trying to keep the distribution even. This is how to slick back thick hair and keep it from popping back up. Massage the product into the hair and down to the scalp. If you find that your fingers are catching in your hair, then you need a bit more water. Just add a little at a time. To get more moisture into the hair, wet your hands and then run the wet fingers through your hair, patting the palm down on your head to let the water get absorbed. Having slightly wet hair will allow the product to penetrate and ensure that you can comb through the hair more easily.

Next, comb your hair straight back, roots and all. Start from the forehead and work your way to the back, making long, straight lines. You can comb in a specific direction, but keep your lines as straight as possible. It is best to do this part in a mirror so you can see what you are doing and make adjustments as necessary.

Now, if you are wondering how to slick back natural hair and keep it there, the secret is to not touch it after it is combed. If you keep touching your hair, you will make it less slick each time. You want to avoid putting a hat or hood over the hair and try to keep it from coming into contact with anything. You have to be careful about how you sit so that your head doesn’t touch anything that would mar the style.

If you are touching your hair with your hands, then you will get oils from your hands into the product and cause it to break down. This makes the style fall apart.

Tips for Troublesome Hair

You might have hair that simply doesn’t want to cooperate. There are some styling methods you can use that will help you get your hair under control. Here are our best tips for taming unruly hair in the slick back style.

Thick, natural hair is one of the biggest culprits keeping people back from having the slick back hair look that they want. How to slick back thick natural hair so that it stays in place? You can zap the hair with some hair spray. Try not to overdo it, but definitely use enough so that you keep the hair in place. Also, take extra time in the combing and in trying to get your hair to go the direction you want it to. If you rush through the slicking back process, your style will simply fall apart soon afterwards.

How to slick back short hair? You may need a little extra gel to hold it in place, but training the hair works well at getting it to cooperate. How to train hair to slick back when it is short? The key is to use a fine comb so that you ensure the hair is being pulled and trained the right way and no hair is getting missed. Do it slowly and spend some time on it so that your hair will learn how to behave itself. The more you do this style and train your hair in multiple sessions, the easier your hair will be to work with, no matter what kind of hair you have.

Another kind of troublesome hair is curly hair. How to slick back curly hair so it stays in place? You might want to consider using relaxer, but otherwise, just use a light layer of hair spray after you gel the hair and slick it back. Spray from about eight inches from the hair and check yourself in the mirror to see if the look is sticking. You may have to redo your hairstyle partway through the day if your hair is particularly unruly, but the more you train and style your hair, the easier it will be to do it each time.

Tips for The Slick back Style

We looked at some methods you can use for how to slick back hair that is troublesome. Now, let’s look at some tips you can use in general for keeping that slicked back look and not having to need a redo throughout the day.

Use just a little gel

Using too much gel is going to make a mess of your hair and using not enough will not hold the look in place. So, you need to find the perfect amount. How to slick back hair without looking greasy? Use just about a penny-size amount. If you use less than a dime-sized amount, then you will not have enough, but don’t go over the penny sized portion. Remember, you can always add more product, but it is not so easy to take some away.

Dry hair properly before styling

A lot of people prefer to style their hair after a shower, which is great, but you have to be careful about how much you dry your hair. Don’t over-dry the hair. It should still be a bit damp, but you will need to get most of the water out of your hair. Use a towel to dry your hair rather than a hair dryer to ensure that the hair is still a bit wet for the product and the slick back style.

Make sure your hair is clean

One problem that people run into when they try to do the slick back hair style is that they are styling dirty hair. They left product in from last time or just didn’t wash their hair properly, and that means that applying more product won’t be as effective. Some of the best advice we can give you for how to slick back hair is to make sure your hair is clean first. Take time to wash it out with soap and water thoroughly, and use hot water to get rid of any remaining grease from the last time you styled your hair with gel.

Use conditioner to keep hair hydrated

If your hair is too dry, it won’t style very well. It will also be unhealthy, and using conditioner is the key to getting hydrated, healthy hair. When you shower, be sure to use some conditioner to rinse out the air. This cleans the hair and provides it with much needed hydration. Over-washing your hair, or washing it too often, can make it dry, so watch out for that common mistake.

Now you know how to style slick back hair and to get the look that a lot of people pay good money for. You can do it your own, and as you can see, it’s not that difficult once you know the process.

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