How to Grow A Handlebar Mustache – 5 Tips

Handlebar Mustache

Deciding to grow a classic handlebar moustache is a decision that can change your life. A properly grown moustache will be the envy of other men, and its luxurious hairs can improve your manliness by abut 100%.

The handlebar moustache is not a look you see that often, and part of that is because it takes time and patience to grow. You may get frustrated at how long it takes (about three months) or about how much work goes into making it happen. It can become scratchy and uncouth, growing wild as you attempt to tame it.

The hairs may not want to cooperate, not being used to being put to such a test, and you may struggle to keep them formed in the right way. They might grow in a direction other than the one you want. You’ll need help getting this moustache under control and conforming it to the shape you want. Just about any man can grow this most distinguished of moustaches, though. We have some tips to help you craft a moustache you can be proud of and that others will be jealous of.

1. Don’t Trim Your Mustache Hairs

The number one tip we can give you about how to grow a handlebar moustache is to avoid trimming the moustache hairs. You may be tempted to trim some of them as they become untruly, but you need to avoid the temptation. You could be jeopardising your moustache and you might end up with a look that isn’t quite right.

It’s easy to trim off hairs you will need later without even realising it, so try your best to not trim any moustache hair at all during the growing phase. Not everyone grows mustache hair at the same rate, so be patient with yours.

Don’t believe the notion that if you shave your facial hair it will grow back faster. Shaving affects the hair follicles on the surface but not below the skin, where growth can be stimulated. So, shaving has no effect on hair growth rate, and if you want to know how to grow a handlebar moustache fast, shaving your current moustache growth is not the answer. It will only lengthen the time it takes to grow a full moustache. That’s right- some of the life hacks you find on the internet do the opposite of what they say, because false information can spread just as quickly as truth, especially when it is difficult to test quickly.

2. Work the Hair Each Day

A handlebar moustache is supposed to grow in a specific way, out from the middle of the mouth. That’s not a normal direction for hair to grow there. It typically wants to just grow downwards, following gravity. That’s fine for some kinds of moustaches, but not the handlebar.

How to grow a handlebar moustache that looks right and grows in the right direction? You need to  comb your mustache daily, but make sure you are combing it in the right direction. Combing it downwards will make it grow downwards, and that’s not the look you are going for. There are a few ways you can manipulate the hair on your lip to grow in the desired direction.

One way is to simply comb the hair away from the middle of the lip. If you do this after you shower, and leave your facial hair wet, the hair will be more cooperative. Wet hair is far easier to manipulate and shape than dry hair. Some people have moister hair than others due to their body’s natural oils, so how easy your hair is to comb in the right direction will vary. That’s why we recommend combing after a shower, while the hair is still very wet.

Another way you can manipulate hair growth is to use your hands to bend the hair in the direction you want. Wiry hair is very responsive to this method, whereas straighter hair will be less cooperative and will require more manipulating for proper directional growth.

You can also wax the hair, using moustache wax that helps keep hair oiled and in place. Moustache wax may be made from beeswax or petroleum jelly, and these natural products are great at softening the hair and making it easier to work with. The most effective place to apply moustache wax is at the end of the hairs, where the hair is more likely to go whichever way it desires. You can get it under control by using the wax daily.

With all of these methods, it is important that you employ them on a regular basis. Your hair will not grow in the way you want it to if you are not dutifully working the hair and trying to get it to conform to the desired direction. If you groom the hair for a few days and then stop for a few days, it may go back to the natural direction of growth. Stay faithful in grooming and shaping the hair, and it will soon start to grow the way you want it to.

3. Keep It Groomed

As you attempt to grow a magnificent, distinguished handlebar moustache, you should be keeping the facial hair well groomed. Be sure to comb the moustache every day, no matter how small it is to start with. It is even more important to groom and comb the hair out as the moustache gets larger. You will be removing the dead hairs from your growth so that new growth can occur.

How long does it take to grow a handlebar moustache? In many cases, it takes about 90 days, but if you are not grooming properly, you won’t have adequate hair growth. Your moustache growth may become patchy, as some areas will grow faster than others. This means you will have to trim away some of the healthy growth just to keep it all even, and you will be slowing down the growth process.

One of the key tips for how to grow and trim a handlebar moustache is to keep it well groomed, and we cannot stress that enough. You will have a healthier, fuller moustache through proper grooming.

4. Give it a Curl

Your beautiful moustache will start to show after some weeks, and you can give it a distinctly handlebar look by twisting the ends upwards. Once the handlebar moustache is long, it will twist on the ends easily. You will be able to give it a little twist and then see it stay in place.

How long to grow a handlebar moustache so that it will be twistable and be able to curve upwards? It only needs to be a few inches long for this manoeuvre, and that may take a little over two months of continual growth and regular grooming and working. If you keep the moustache groomed and you comb it out each day, you won’t need any wax to hold the curls in place. They will stay there on their own because the hair will be supple and formed in the direction you want already. Of course, adding a bit of wax can help when the hair is giving you some trouble to curl.

You might get excited about obtaining that handlebar look as quickly as possible, but your hair might not be quite ready for it. Using some wax to form the curls can work for early handlebar moustache formation.

5. Don’t Neglect Other Facial Hair

One thing to keep in mind as you grow your handlebar moustache is that it is important to maintain your other facial hair, like your beard or goatee. How to grow a handlebar moustache with a beard?

Make sure you groom your beard daily as well as the handlebar moustache. The two kinds of facial hair can affect each other. If there is dead hair and dead skin cells trapped in your beard, that can get into the moustache and stifle growth or cause irregular growth. Make sure they are both being groomed regularly and dead cells and hair are being removed.

Also be sure to use only hair care products that are safe for both the beard and moustache. Depending on the look you are going for, you might want to ensure that what you use on your beard to relax or treat it does not come into contact with the handlebar moustache, and vice versa.

You can grow a magnificent handlebar moustache with some patience and the proper grooming techniques. Your moustache can quickly grow in the right direction and look full and healthy, but you have to follow proper grooming etiquette and work with the moustache daily. Then, you will have a bit of facial hair that is the envy of all- a manly, refined moustache that people will admire and ask you about. Even if you have never grown a full moustache before, following our tips can help you to grow a handlebar moustache that you are proud of.

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