How to Get Rid of Stubble Without Irritating Your Skin

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Stubble is unshaved, short, and stiff hair, which mostly grows on a man’s face, although sometimes its found on some women. Men with stubble are considered attractive even though some of them may feel a clean-shaven face. There are many ways to shave, but most important is how it is done to avoid itching or irritation of the skin after shaving. It makes the skin brighter and the application of beauty products more accessible.

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People shave due to many reasons, and all they wish is a smooth shave. One may opt to cut, use the shaving creams, wax, or even the laser surgery, which is permanent though expensive. Most people prefer shaving because it is fast and can do it weekly or monthly. It is also cheap as you only require a razor which is cheap to buy. Shaving is part of personal hygiene and hence should be a very comfortable activity to do. When you get irritations while shaving, you may fear to cut again, but there are tips on how to get rid of stubble without irritating for a complete shave.

Sensitive skin tends to react to the shaving of the hair; hence you should know the do’s and don’ts while getting rid of the hair. You should know your skin type and make sure your stubble is always clean before shaving. This helps to avoid infections, which may irritate afterward. Always dry the hair well after washing, apply oil to prevent dryness, comb, and cut it regularly. Moisturize your hair daily.

Does your skin get itchy or irritating after shaving? The following are the do’s and don’ts to do while shaving to avoid skin irritation afterward:

These are the steps you are required to follow when shaving, and neither of them should be ignored.

Clean your face before shaving

Hair attracts dirt and dead skin. Face washing before shaving helps to get rid of dirt or any makeup. Use warm water to clean. A clean face is free from infections hence no irritation after shaving. In case you get a cut from the blade while shaving, you won’t get any viruses. Use a damp, wet cloth or a cleanser to wash your face. After washing, wipe thoroughly using a clean towel.

Exfoliate your area of shaving

You gently scrub your face using a scrubber or a scrubbing glove. Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin, opens the skin pores, and any clogging oils on the surface. After exfoliating, take some few minutes before you shave to allow the skin to relax from scrubbing, Exfoliating shouldn’t be done twice. If you have sensitive skin, you may opt not to exfoliate as shaving too exfoliates the skin.

Don’t over scrub your face. This may cause skin itching even before you shave. Always scrub gently. Ensure you remove dead skin regularly to avoid clogging of the oil on the pores of the hair, which may cause acne. You should not wash your face with hot water in case you got sores from scrubbing.

Hydrate your skin

Hydrating the skin helps soften the hair roots and facilitates more comfortable shaving. Use a clean, warm, and wet cloth to wash your face, and you can hold it for around 3 minutes on your skin. Wet your face with warm water and don’t wipe it for 3 minutes or stand on a running shower for some extra minutes when bathing. It’s more preferred to shave in moist areas like the bathroom after a bath. Always cut when your skin is wet.

Skin pores open when the skin is moist and wet. Open pores and soft hair helps in shaving all the hair, meaning the growth rate of the stubble will be less.

Apply a shaving gel or cream

Shaving gel forms a layer between the skin and the blade, which acts as a lubricant for more comfortable gliding of the razor blade. It keeps the skin moisturized when shaving as it reduces water evaporation and hair well hydrated. The gel smoothes the skin and hair with ease. It takes very little time to shave hair with gel. The gel helps see the already shaved area to avoid over shaving one area. Re-shaving causes irritation, nicks, cuts, or razor burn.

Shaving gel is better when applied with a brush. A brush helps to remove dead skin when using the cream. Apply it in a circular motion. Some of the shaving gels and creams are sensitive to the surface; hence you should first test it to get the one perfect for your shaving.

Avoid staying with the gel for an extended period after application as some burn the skin if applied for more than the specified period. Avoid gels that close the pores and stiffen the hair and use enough and quality shaving gel.

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Use a clean, sharp razor

Sharp razor prevents re-shaving, nicks, razor burning, and razor bumps. You should ensure you use a different blade for facial hair as the face tends to be more sensitive than other parts of the body. This also provides the razor stays sharp for an extended period. Don’t press the blade too hard while shaving; let it run lightly. The dull knife takes a lot of time to cut.

The razor could even be disinfected before using to get rid of any germs while storing. Always change your blade regularly, and it’s most advised to have a specific razor for the face. The razor should be cleaned after use and stored in a dry place.

Shave in steady strokes

You should shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid irritation. Lightly press your razor blade and shave gently in short and steady strokes. You are mapping your face before shaving helps to know how the hair forms itself for easier and faster shaving. Work from the ear to the mouth or top of the front to the bottom. Stretch the skin for more comfortable shaving. Ensure you rinse and remove hair after every stroke. Shave while your razor is placed at 45 degrees to avoid cuts.

Only handle a small part at a go to avoid re-shaving. You may want to add shaving cream if you find you didn’t apply the proper amount.

Moisturize after you shave

It’s always good to moisturize your skin after shaving. The moisturizer should be sensitive free in case you got a cut while shaving. Avoid applying any creams or makeup after shaving to prevent any itching or irritation. Wash your face with lukewarm water to close the skin pores.

Don’t use any moisturizer with alcohol as it is an antiseptic, and it will burn the skin. Touching the face will leave it exposed to germs and dirt from the hands. Avoid touching your face unless you have sanitized or washed your hands thoroughly. Always moisturize your stubble to prevent dryness and stiff hair.

Use shaving tools designed for facial hair

Facial designed shaving tools are made to prevent skin from irritation, itching, razor burn, and bumps. Some tools leave the skin smooth from hair growth for up to 4 weeks. Use the right razors and not old ones. You should use a one blade razor as what matters is its sharpness, not the number of blades on it. Use a straight razor blade to avoid cuts when shaving.

The tool should only be used on the face shavings as the face is more sensitive. The shaving brush should be kept clean and apply the application of the shaving gel and cream only. The cleanliness of the shaving tools will help to prevent any infections after shaving. Facial tools will bring out the best results when shaving a stubble.


Avoid these while shaving:

In case you missed some hairs when shaving, don’t think of cutting them again. Give it some time before you repeat to avoid irritation. In case you want to cut backwash the part, apply shaving cream and shave. It’s not advised to re-shave unless you are sure your skin is comfortable with it.

Don’t wash your face with hot water after shaving. Warm water may cause burns to the already irritated area.
Don’t shave the hair right away when going to do outdoor. Activities are exposing you to things that may irritate pooling, beach, or any place underexposure of the sun. Do it a day or two before.

Don’t use another person’s razor blade, and don’t leave yours in the water for so long. Sharing may even cause contamination of harmful skin diseases.

Don’t use alcohol moisturizer to moisturize yourself after shaving. It’ll burn your skin in case of a cut.
Avoid touching your skin to avoid infections.

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Final Thoughts on How to Get Rid of Stubble

Shaving is part of our daily routine. Hence it should be exciting looked forward to the activity. Everybody wants a smooth shave. With the tips outlined above, removal of stubble should be less itchy or irritating, and this should be when you miss one of the steps. Happy shaving as you will always be excited while shaving.

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