Rituals of Samurai Shave Shaving Cream Review

Rituals of Samurai shaving cream

About the product

Shaving creams are an integral part of the wet shaving process. Using them helps to soften the hair strands and provides a covering to your skin so that you won’t get cuts, nicks, and razor burns during and after you shave. That said, however, there are many cream options to pick from in the market. They vary in quality and performance and choosing one that performs excellently while at the same time being affordable can be a tricky exercise. However, we should not settle for anything less than good quality when searching for shaving cream. There are great premium-quality shave creams out there that are cost-effective as well. Rituals brand is one of the top players in this industry with a speciality in producing wet shaving products, and it doesn’t disappoint with their creams.The Rituals of Samurai Shave Shaving Cream is a caring and mild pre-shaving product. It will add comfort and make your shaving process hassle-free. From the container to the cream content, you’ll appreciate the level of expertise and effort they have put in the design and production.

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About The Product

This product comes in a container that is easy to open. The lid is ribbed to allow you to easily remove even with hands that are soapy or wet. The tin is well labeled with the name of the cream on it. To ensure what you buy reaches you in the best shape possible, the manufacturer puts it in a layered container with a tight pot encasement.

You get value for money when you purchase this product due to the large 250ml pot. You’ll have tens of shavings using it at an affordable cost.

Encased in simple, elegant packaging is a very high-quality shaving cream. It is a combination of useful ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and enhances your shaving experience. The cream contains basil which is an antioxidant that possesses moisturising and astringent properties. After you are through, you’ll experience a revitalizing effect on your skin. It also contains ginseng which also has antioxidant properties and regulates stress on the skin. It plays an active role in enhancing metabolism plus moisturising of the skin.

With the two ingredients, you get to tackle the tough stubble. Regardless of the length of your hair, this cream will help you remove them in an easy way.

  • Product Dimensions are 9.9 × 9.9 × 7.5 cm ; 159g
  • High-quality non-lathering cream
  • No brush needed
  • Moisturizing properties
  • 250 ml container
  • Boxed item weighs 272 g

If you don’t want to spend extra cash on a brush, no problem! This non-lathering shaving cream does not need a shave brush in the first place to bring you results. Just use your hands to apply the cream where you want it and start shaving. Be sure to achieve a comfortable and close shave with a guarantee of no irritations afterward. As a matter of fact, in comparison with other brands, Rituals of Samurai Shave Shaving Cream provides the closest shave and gives satisfying results multiple times faster.

Although though not necessary, you can also use a brush and still get quality outcomes.

Unlike traditional shaving brushes, which generally have a knot diameter between 24mm to 27 mm, Silvertip Shaving Brush comes with a standard knot diameter size. This feature helps shallow silvertip bristles grab the shaving cream and keep hold of it when you lather up shaving cream.

However, you will not experience the same grip while shaving with some other brushes as creams often stick in their tiny bristles, hampering their ability to function smoothly. You’ll also find that this brush deteriorates at a much slower rate, given that the bristles are more securely fitted into the handle and so the rate of shedding is far slower than some conventional brands.

Bristle shedding to some degree is entirely normal, especially with those who prefer to use their shaving brushes vigorously for an exfoliating effect – or just for those who are a little heavy handed. Users will notice a significant difference with this model as even during the breaking-in period, this brush will maintain its shape and density.



  • Excellent packaging
  • Softens and helps to remove tough stubble
  • Impressive close shave performance
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to open the lid
  • Complaints of the cream clogging disposable razors
  • times-circleDoesn’t work perfectly with a brush

What Other Users Say

Ritual cream brands spark a lot of positive reaction from connoisseurs, and the Rituals of Samurai Shave Shaving Cream not an exception to this. They find it very cost-effective considering that it costs less than £20 to buy a 250 ml pot. Long-time users of shaving creams are particularly impressed with this shaving solution from Rituals. They say it provides a nice protective coat on the skin that isn’t thick like other competitors. This coating allows for easier razor glides.

However, some were frustrated by the fact that it does clog multi-blade disposable razors, lengthening the shaving time due to needing to rinse your razor more frequently.

Buying Advice

The Rituals of Samurai Shave Shaving Cream is a great choice for the men wanting a luxurious experience. The brand is not new in the wet shaving industry earning a good name from gurus and so, know what they are providing their customers. If you want a product that will last you a long time and still offer premium wet shaving experience, invest in it.

It comes in a 250ml tube and will cost you £19.90.

Final Verdict

This product from Rituals does not just bear a good name; it comes with a combination of great features. There is a lot of thought in designing its pot giving it a manly look and yet still very easy to handle. Its contents are what makes the product worth buying. It contains useful ingredients to the skin and will not just provide a smooth shave but also makes the aftermath results great.

If you’ve been struggling with tough hair, then Samurai Shave Shaving Cream will help. It should be in your wet shaving kit!

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