How to Grow a Chin-Strap

How to Grow a Chin-Strap

Not only women but men are also taking reasonable care and staying well-groomed these days. They have become so cautious about their appearance and look. We can’t deny that a beard plays a significant role in enhancing their look. But, not all men are a naturally well-grown beard, as some don’t even have a chin-strap beard. A common question arises in the mind of several men: how to grow a chin-strap? Although it seems impossible to find the answer, it is not.

Through this article, we will help you to get a solution for growing a chin-strap beard. Also, by the end of this article, we will teach you how you can style your beard. Do you have to keep moving forward to know how to grow a chin-strap beard in this article?

Products You Will Need for This Activity

The chin-strap is loved by men who want to define their jawline and give it a unique style. Guys having egg-shaped face structures or with a prominent jawline can easily carry this style. You should cover up your chin and jawline with a beard first for having this look. But, you have to keep a lot of patience in the process of having this beard style. Let’s know what you’d need during the procedure.

Multipurpose Beard Styler

You’ll have to wait for a few days to grow a beard for the chin-strap, which might differ for each individual as per time taken for their hair growth. But, you have to keep your facial hair slightly unkempt for around a week. It would be best if you waited until your beard spreads across your cheeks and chin till about 3cm from mid-cheek to the jaw.

After growing your facial hair, you can shave off your mustache (you won’t be needing one for a chin-strap). You’ll need a multipurpose styler for completing this step, like trimming out the long hair and later use a shaver to trim out extra hair.

Shaving Gel

The most important thing about styling your beard is to keep your skin hydrated. That is the purpose of a shaving gel. Suppose you wonder how to grow a chin-strap faster than shaving cream using shaving gel. The application process is similar to the shaving creams; pump it into the shaving brush and apply a thin layer into your skin before shaving. The gel is fully transparent, so you can clean the part you wish to keep a chin-strap beard.

The moisturizing oils in the shaving gel keep your skin hydrated for a long time after shaving. Gels are the perfect choice for shaving that provides more skin protection without causing any skin irritation. Make sure you use a relevant product in your skin.

Aftershave Moisturizer

Any aftershave balm can be an effective moisturizer for your skin. It is a vital step, and you must not miss moisturizing your skin after styling your beard. You should replenish your skin and avoid aftershave burns. The aftershave moisturizer helps to soothe your skin.

How Can You Style and Keep a Chin Strap Beard

How Can You Style and Keep a Chin Strap Beard?

For those wondering how long it takes to grow a chin-strap, I must tell you that it might take around a month to have a chin-strap beard that looks good. You have to keep calm up to then. Let’s look into the procedure of shaping the chin-strap.

Styling a chin-strap beard

  1. You should make sure that your beard is clean and dry before giving it a proper shape.
  2. The length of the beard should be close to 1cm long before you plan to trim it.
  3. You can trim your beard with the trimmer length setting between 3-5mm.
  4. The next step is to use the trimmer along the jawline across your face, outlining a 1-2cm wide strip. Be patient while trimming your beard.
  5. The final step is to clear the unwanted hair around the cheeks and neck to get a clean look.

How Can You Maintain the Chin-Strap Beard?

Out of all looks, a chin-strap somehow requires patience to grow and maintain, and it requires the most maintenance compared to other faces. You have to look after it to keep the look sharp constantly. A chin-strap requires a clean and tight-lined look that would highlight the styling. Trimming the beard in a proper periodical gap could maintain and hold the face for a longer time.

If the hair starts to grow out, this particular look will not look good, so trimming is the key. If you want to hold this look in the best possible way, try to cut and shave at a minimum each day. You should carefully sculpt the neck and the jawline to maintain a straight line.

Besides sculpting the beard, you have to ensure you maintain the beard’s proper length using a stubble beard trimmer so that the beard doesn’t look too long. Try to fade the sides shorter than the chin, as the correct shade will accentuate your jawline even more.

Few Chin-Strap Beard Styles

Few Chin-Strap Beard Styles

Patchy Chin-Strap:

This style has a benefit that gives an illusion of fullness, leaving a bit more hair on the neck. It is a thin strip of hair around the cheeks and along the jawline. So, the thickness of the hair doesn’t matter much in this style.

Isolated Chin-Strap:

This style is a traditional take on a chin-strap beard style. This particular style’s final look possesses a clean cheek, upper lip, and neck. The beard follows the hair around the sideburns. This clean yet straightforward style is for those with oval, diamond, square, or round face shape.

Natural Chin-Strap:

This chin-strap look keeps very casual and natural facial hair. For this look, you don’t need sharp lines and edges. The mustache completes the look by defining your face better.

Thin Chin-Strap:

This is a unique but old style of having a chin-strap. If you want to bring out your jawline, there is nothing better than a thin chin-strap. The main thing to note here is that you will have to keep the strap’s boundaries very neat and trimmed. I would suggest that you get the professional’s styling first and then just maintain the lines.


Some of you might be having a beautiful strap beard, or even if you do not have one, you can try the above procedure to get a beautiful strap beard. But you have to take proper care of your beard as we do not care for any little thing that can work wonders for them.

From this article, you have got to know how to grow a chin-strap fast? Following the procedure properly will be beneficial for you. Let us know whether you have liked the whole process or not in the comment section below. Sharing is caring, so if you want to share this idea with your friends or family members, why wait? Hurry!