Semogue Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush Review

Semogue Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush Review

Selecting the best products is critical to maintaining a high standard of personal grooming, particularly when shaving. In order to protect and nourish your skin, you must choose products that are suitable to your skin type and tools of a good quality which to prevent any consequential damage. The conventional tactic of using bare hands to apply foam often results in a sub-par shave, as well as considerable damage to the skin below.

A shaving brush of high quality will aid in forming a thick lather which not only reduces the risk of nicks and cuts, but also softens beard hair for a pain-free trim, builds up the heat to lubricate the dermal layers better, and exfoliates your skin simultaneously.

A superb shaving brush will execute all the above functions while feeling luxurious and velvety on the skin. If you’re committed to impeccable personal grooming standards, or just looking to pamper yourself, look no further than the Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners.

  • Height: 4.7 inches, including the handle and the bristles
  • Weight: 2.72 ounces
  • Premium Boar bristles for the perfect lather 
  • Unstained, rich cherry wood handle which polishes well.
  • Handmade in Portugal, Europe
  • Best with shaving creams, although they work great with shaving soaps as well

Soft Bristles That Feel Like Velvet

Bristles that feel soft and velvety on your skin are arguably the most sought-after feature in any shaving brush. Handmade in Portugal, with bristles made up of premium boar, this brush feels silky smooth on your skin.

Creates A Thick, Rich Lather

Another characteristic that people look for in shaving brushes is their ability to create lather; the thicker it is – the better the results! The Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners does it well.

Lathering is essential because it protects your skin from not just the sharpness of the blades, but then the nips, cuts, and irritancy that you are susceptible to as well. The lather is mostly just air, proteins and other molecules that form a ‘cushion’ between your skin and the blade.

The Pure Bristle Cherry Wood Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners makes that soft, creamy, and thick lather that shaving aficionados love and that your skin craves. This product works the best with shaving creams works well with shaving soaps too.

Semogue Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush Upper View

Softens Facial Hair

Softening your facial hair also contributes to a better shave, again, with less risk of nicks and cuts. Harder facial hair increases the risk of the beard snagging on the razor, leading to itchiness, nipping and potentially spots. The Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners makes a rich, foamy lather that prepares your facial hair making them softer, preparing them for a proper trim.

Exfoliates The Skin

Exfoliating the skin might sound like a relatively unnecessary process, but it is vital to achieving the closest shave possible. Exfoliation removes layers of dead skin cells which not only reveals fresher, more revitalised and healthy-looking skin, but also creates a closer shave as the razor is closer to the actual root hair.

Instead of investing in exfoliating masks, and adding one more thing to do in your everyday routine, simple get a nice brush like Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners, and get the job done in no time, free of hassles.

Investing in expensive exfoliating masks becomes a recurring cost and adds an additional step to your personal grooming routine. Instead, purchasing a high-quality brush like the Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners will exfoliate while it creates lather. Though the bristles feel smooth and comfortable, they’re gently shedding away layers of dead skin cells.

Steady Grip, And Feels Great In Your Hands

If you’re going to invest in a luxury shaving tool, you want to enjoy the experience. The wooden handle on this brush is ergonomically designed to enhance your shaving experience and minimise the amount of effort required to achieve a perfect lather. Your grip will differ based on numerous factors like the time you have available to shave and the type of shave you desire. This brush is excellent for shaving in a rush, a long pampering session, neatening up around the edges and full shaves alike. The cherry wood is durable, steady and comfortable, making it ideal for a firm grip.

What Other Users Say

The vast majority of users have reviewed the Cherry Wood brush with high esteem, many noting that it is the best shaving brush that they’ve ever owned. Some reviewed that the brush is a little pricier than they would usually shell out, but that it’s worth the investment due to the lack of shedding. If you take good care of this brush and remember to deep clean it every 4-8 months, it will last far longer than cheaper alternatives.

Some users have commented that the brush does take a good couple of weeks to break in and become optimal for use, but once used for a period will demonstrate an excellent splay and a solid backbone.

Semogue Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush


Buying Advice

While the price might be off-putting to some, cheaper brushes will result in repurchasing or compromised shave quality as the brush sheds its bristles and degrades. One or two users found that the brush lost its shape after it had been broken in, however many more noted how excellently the brush maintained its backbone, so we can only assume the loss of shape comes down to poor maintenance.

If you’re after a high-quality shave and an enjoyable shaving experience, we’d definitely recommend the Pure Bristle Cherry Shaving Brush by Semogue Owners.

It is soft, feels like velvet on your skin, does its job magnificently, creates a beautiful and creamy lather, thoroughly preps your face and neck, and creates that perfect shaving experience that you need – you can’t ask for much more.

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