How to Trim a Beard With Scissors

How to Trim a Beard With Scissors

Trimming a beard using scissors is one of the best options to keep your beard healthy. A healthy beard looks well hydrated without any split ends. You need to have a good quality trimmer to keep your beard look perfect.

You should trim your beard regularly to keep it in proper shape. Do You know how to trim a beard with scissors? Trimming will make your beard look nice and clean. You need patience and time to trim your beard if you have a long beard. You can trim a beard of any length using good-quality scissors.

In this article, let’s look at certain techniques and steps to trim a beard with scissors.

Good Quality Scissors

To trim your beard with scissors, you should always use good quality scissors to remove any split ends hairs easily. Avoid using scissors with dull blades as they can snag your hairs and not give a proper cut. Using good quality scissors can get a perfect shape and even make trimming easier and precise.

A grooming kit by Grow Alpha Beard is great to have. The kit includes a beard brush, a scissor, and a comb. All the products are durable and made from high-quality materials.

Steps To Trim A Beard With Scissors

#1 Take A Shower Before Trimming Your Beard

It is essential to wash your beard before trimming to remove all the dirt and pollutants that get in your face during the day.

If you use any products like beard oil or balm regularly, remove all the products. For this, you can use a good beard shampoo.

The beard shampoo by Beauty and the Bees is a good quality shampoo and is long-lasting. It helps soften your beard hairs and helps grow a thick and healthy beard.

If your beard still has any oil or wax left, you might have difficulty in cutting your beard, so make sure to wash your beard well.

#2 Tools You Need While Trimming

If you want to have a good trim, you need to use good quality scissors and a comb. You cannot use any scissors you find at your home to open any box or cut papers.

To trim your beard, you need good quality scissors specially designed to cut your beard and hairs. If you use a scissor to trim your beard for the first time, go for a scissor with a short length shear, as it will be easy for you to handle and trim.

We recommend using a 5-inch beard-cutting scissor by Suvorna. It helps you cut your beard and the sides precisely. This scissor has a fine quality blade and gives a smooth and clean cut.

Along with a good quality scissor, you need a comb as well. A beard comb by Hunter Jack comes with a carrying case and has multiple bristles. It is perfect to use for any beard style. The wooden bristles do not cause any damage to your hairs and evenly distribute oil from your skin to the hairs.

#3 Start Combing the Beard First

Now, start combing your beard upwards as well as downwards. This way, you will get to know how your hair has grown. Look at areas that have more hair and start trimming accordingly.

How to Trim a Beard With Scissors

#4 From Where To Start Trimming

When you have the right tools to trim your beard and have washed your beard properly, now you need to start trimming using your scissors. Use a comb with a wide-tooth while trimming your beard.

Do you have a style in mind that you want to keep?

You should always start trimming from the bottom of your jawline. It is one of the cleanest and popular styles that most men use. If you are trimming for the first time, this way, you can do it very easily and comfortably.

Trim your beard once in a couple of days to keep it in perfect shape. You will get used to trimming with a scissor slowly.

Beards take time to grow, so you need to trim accordingly. It will take some time for your beard to grow back if you trim too much while doing it the first time.

#5 Start trimming Your Sides

You should always trim the sides of your beard. Many men don’t trim their sides, which makes them look a bit untidy and unkempt.
So if you want to look clean and get a tapered or a faded look, you need to trim the sides as well. Trimming your sides will give a balanced look to your face overall.

#6 Start Trimming The Neck Area

When you shape your beard, it is important to see your neck part as well. Have a look at your beard in the mirror and see how the hair on your neck has grown. You would not like to have hairs in your neck longer than your chin as it will look distorted and untidy.

Trim the hair in your neck to make your beard look just perfect and well-groomed. You can use a trimmer for fading and use scissors for detailing.

#7 Always Cut Your Beard Upwards

To get a perfect look, always start cutting upwards as most barbers do. This way to cut will give a more natural look to your face. Avoid trimming your hair straight across your chin and face.

#8 The Trimming Process Will Go On For Some Days

If you are trimming your beard for the first time, you won’t be done in just a day. After a few days, you need to trim your beard again. This way, you can get the perfect look and shape you want.

Once you get used to trimming, you can trim your beard in a couple of weeks as per your preference. It depends on the length and style you want.

#9 Wash Your Beard Again

When you have finally trimmed your beard, you need to wash your beard properly one more time to remove the hairs from your neck and clothes. You would not like to have small hairs in your bed or clothes.

#10 Use Beard Oil Or Balm

If you want a healthy beard, you need to condition it well. You can use beard oil or beard balm for conditioning.

The beard oil mainly contains a few essential oils and carrier oils. Carrier oil is one of the ingredients used in most products, from lotions to shaving creams to shampoos. Most essential oils add fragrance to the oil. The most used essential oil is tea tree, eucalyptus, and cedarwood.

Beard oil by Viking Revolution is one of the best beard oils that hydrate your skin. It helps reduce skin irritation and helps you get a smooth style. Just apply a few drops and massage a bit.

We recommend you a beard balm by Honest Amish. It helps condition your beard hairs and nourishes them well. The wax in the balm helps protect your skin.


With good quality scissors, you can trim your beard easily. It might take some time to trim your beard if you are doing it the first time. Always remember to start trimming in the upward direction to get a perfect shape.

Thus how to trim a beard with scissors is much easier if you use the right tools and techniques.