How to Trim a Beard Neckline

How to Trim a Beard Neckline

When you grow a beard, you need a lot of patience, especially if you like to have a long beard.

You need to maintain your beard and apply some good grooming products to keep your beard healthy.

To maintain a good beard, you need to trim your neckline as well. A neckline gives a good outline to your beard.

Do you know how to trim a beard neckline and give it a clean look?

Trimming your beard neckline is not at all difficult. It is much easier than shaving your beard.

Before trimming your neckline, you need to know how to outline your neckline to give it a proper shape.

In this article, let’s look at certain steps and ideas on how to trim a beard neckline and give it a perfect shape.

How To Trim And Shape Your Beard Neckline

#1 Outline Your Beard Neckline

Before you begin to trim your neckline, you need to know from where to cut. The right place to cut will give you proper shape to your neck and make it look neat and tidy.

How to trim a beard neckline will depend on the style you want to keep. You need to give a proper outline to your neck before trimming.

There are several ways to outline your beard and neckline.

  • Use your two fingers and place them above Adam’s apple to outline the neckline. This method is one of the most effective ways to define your neckline.
  • Another way is to look down and make an outline using your fingers before raising your head. This line is the dividing line. After defining the outline, you can shave everything below the outline.

#2 Grooming Products

You need to have some good quality products to trim your beard. Let’s have a look at some of the grooming products.

Tools to Trim a Beard Neckline


You can shape your beard using a trimmer and give it a clean look. A good quality trimmer like the Braun beard trimmer helps give proper shape to the neck and cheeks. It has a sharp metal blade that easily cuts long and thick beard hairs.

We recommend you Panasonic cordless beard trimmer. It has different settings and has a comb attached for clean cutting. You can trim your wet or dry hair anytime using this beard trimmer.

This cordless trimmer is easy to clean and maintain.


A beard razor is very easy to use and gives shape to the neckline. Many people prefer trimming the beard using razors. There are different types of razors according to their use.

  • Electric Razors. The electric razors are best for people who travel often. Most people use razors to reduce the length of their beard. Electric razors are easy to carry anywhere and save a lot of time.Electric razor by vifycim is waterproof and is perfect for trimming your beard and neckline. It is very convenient to shave with this razor to use on both wet and dry skin.
  • Cartridge Razors. Nowadays, cartridge razors are the most used razors. It helps give a clean look in less time.
  • Straight Razors. Straight razors have an open blade and a curved handle. You need some skills and patience to use straight razors. Otherwise, you may get hurt. A straight razor by Equinox is made of fine quality steel and is long-lasting. You can open the blade guard easily.
  • Safety Razors. For men, who are growing their beards for the first time, a safety razor is easy to use. It comes with a safety guard to protect your skin from getting hurt. A safety razor by shaving revolution is made of good quality material and is long-lasting. It provides a smooth shave without any itching or irritation.

Beard Shaping Tool

An easy way to trim your neckline and beard is to use a beard shaping tool. With the help of a shaper, you can give a proper outline to your neckline as well as your ears and sides.

We recommend you a beard shaper by the beard black. This beard shaper will help you shape your neckline, mustache, cheeks, and jawline. You can have different styles you want with the help of a beard shaper. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool.

#3 Shape Your Neckline Using A Trimmer

A beard trimmer is the best tool to give shape to your neckline. Beard trimmers that are of good quality are easy to use, and the blades help give a proper shape and cut. Don’t apply a lot of pressure while shaving, as you might get hurt.

Things You Need To Consider Before Trimming Your Neckline:

  • Don’t trim your beard very high. Trimming it too high will make your face look big.
  • While trimming, you should keep your chin up by using two fingers and then pull your skin tight. Your chin will start bunching up if you don’t hold your skin tight. You might even hurt yourself up.

#4 Follow A General Guideline For Your Neckline

After outlining the beard neckline, you need to visualize it. Just think of a curved line that comes down from your ears to your jawline. This line will be close to your Adam’s apple, and it will give you a “U” shape overall. You can trim your beard below this line and give it the style you want.

#5 Shave In The Same Direction

When shaving your neckline, make sure to shave in the same direction your hair is growing. If you shave it the other way, it will lead to red bumps along with ingrown hairs.

It simply means to run the trimmer down your face and up while trimming your neckline.

Guide to Trim a Beard Neckline

#6 Neckline Fading

Fading your neckline makes you look good and clean. A neckline fading means a change in your facial hair length if you look from the neckline to the beard or vice-versa.

Steps To Fade Your Beard Neckline

  • Set the length of the trimmer two settings lower than the length of your beard. It will create a proper beard neckline.
  • Now use a shorter setting and start trimming above your Adam’s apple.
  • Use the default setting to trim the upper part of the neckline.

The different hair length from top to bottom of your neckline creates a fade. It will enhance the overall look.

After Care And Beard Maintenance

After trimming your beard and neckline, taking care of it is also important. The pores of your skins open when you shave or trim your beard and neckline. You need to wash your face with water or apply an aftershave.

It would help if you cleaned it regularly using good quality oil for beards and even condition it. Using good quality oil will make your skin smooth and soft.

We recommend beard oil by leven rose. It is the perfect beard oil for men. It nourishes the beard hair and reduces itching. It gives a clean and smooth look keeping your beard healthy.


To trim a beard neckline, make sure to use the right tools and products. It is important to give a proper shape and cut to your neckline as it looks clean and groomed.

The above guidelines will help you how to trim a beard neckline and give it a style.