How to Style Short Curly Hair for Men?

How to Style Short Curly Hair for Men

Men with curly hair may find it difficult to manage unless they know the right way to manage their curls and take good care of them by applying certain products. Curly hairs have a different pattern and texture.

Are you looking at how to style short curly hair for men and give it a clean look?

There are various ways you can style your short curly hairs. Let’s look at some tips and ideas on trendy hairstyles for men.

Ways To Style Short Curly Hair For Men

#1 Undercut Fade

An undercut hairstyle is the most trending curly hairstyle for men of every age. The sides and back are trimmed in an undercut hairstyle, and the curls are highlighted to give a perfect look.

As curly hairs are difficult to manage for most people, an undercut hairstyle can make it easy to manage. An undercut hairstyle gives some height and makes your face look even more attractive.

#2 A Quiff For Short Curls

Quiff hairstyles look just perfect for short curly hairs. A quiff is the most liked hairstyle for men. A quiff hairstyle for men is brushed upwards and back from your face.

If you want to give it a modern look with a quiff, you can shave or trim your hair from the side and even back.

#3 Tight Curls For Short Hairs

Most men might have naturally short curly hairs. You can style and give it a proper natural look by applying pomade or wax. If you are applying it for the first time, start with a small portion of any hair product and then use more as per your need.

We recommend you Suavecito Pomade. It is great for any kind of hairstyle you want. The pomade can be washed easily with water, and there are no harmful chemicals used.

#4 Curls With Side Parts

A hairstyle with side parts is a great way to make you look cool. It’s a retro-style cut with a modern look. Look out on which way your hairs part naturally and then style it up that way. You can apply a curl gel or mousse to give it more volume and texture.

We recommend you design essentials curl Mousse for men. The oil in this mousse moisturizes well and strengthens your hair. It dries up quickly and gives a shiny finish to your hairs.

If you are looking for a good quality wax, we recommend TIGI hair wax. It is a high-quality wax. You can apply it to dry and wet hair to give it a natural or wet look.

#5 Slicked Back Hairstyle for Short Curls

A slicked-back hairstyle is the coolest hairstyle for men with curls. Men with slicked-back curls will never go out of trend. If you are looking for a polished and stylish look for curly hairs, slicked-back hair is the great style to go for.

For this, you can apply some good hair serums evenly all over your curls. Then wet your hairs a bit and start slicking it backward with your fingers. Style it the way you prefer.

#6 Afro Cut For Curly Hairs

For many men, managing curly hair is a difficult task. So having a cut that makes it easy to manage their curls is an advantageous option for them. It is a good option to have an Afro cut for men if they don’t have much time to style their hair every morning.

To give it a perfect look, you can trim your hair on the top and also the sides to give a clean look around the ears.

#7 Messy Curls

Messy curls give a very effortless and natural look. Messy Hairstyles for men give a good volume and texture and are very easy and simple to style. It is the most fashionable style for younger men.

#8 Fringes

Curly hair with fringes is the most liked hairstyle by men. Fringes go well with any curls and look cool on anyone. Keeping hairs short on the sides and having a good volume on the top, men can style their curls and give it a style.

A curly fringe in the front makes men look cool and adds volume and texture. You can style your curls using a serum or a mousse and apply a good hairspray to set your hairs and keep them in place.

How To Take Care Of Your Curly Hairs

How To Take Care Of Your Curly Hairs?

Shampoo Your Hairs At Least Once A Week

Choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free and moisturizes your hair well. The natural oils in your hairs will make your curls shine.

Shampoos that have sulfate will make your hair dry and frizzy. So you should avoid using shampoos containing too much sulfate. You can also wash your hair with just water sometimes.

We recommend you Brickell Men’s Shampoo. It is a 100% organic and sulfate-free shampoo made from all-natural ingredients. It is safe to use for any hair type.

Use Conditioner

Wet your hair and start applying conditioner in your hair using your fingers and make sure to apply it well all over. Conditioning your hair will add some moisture to your curls.

After conditioning, you can style your hair and give it a look you like. You can even blow dry before styling.

We recommend you ArtNaturals hair conditioner. It moisturizes and keeps your hair hydrated. It is great for damaged and dry hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Always use a wide-tooth comb for curly hairs as it won’t cause any damage to your hairs. It’s difficult to comb curly hairs with a fine-tooth comb, as it will get stuck in your hairs and make your hairs frizzier.

Microfiber Towel

Using a microfiber towel is better than cotton towels as it dries up the wet hairs faster and thoroughly.

Gently pat your hair using a microfiber towel and let it air dry for some time. If you want to wash your hair at night, you can just wrap it using a towel and sleep.

Use A Blow Dryer, If Required

It is good to let your hair dry naturally. But if you are in a hurry and want to dry your hair fast, use a blow dryer. You can attach a diffuser to dry your hair thoroughly and reduce the frizz in your hair. The diffuser will help style your curls as well.

Apply A Serum For Your Curls

You can apply a serum to your curly hair using your fingers. Start applying it on the area that is frizzy till the scalp.

Good Grooming Hair Products For Curly Hairs

Using a good quality hair product to style and manage your curls is essential. You should avoid using shampoos that make your hair dry and go for sulfate-free products that will moisturize and condition your curly hairs well.

Also, apply a good quality hair serum or gels to enhance and reduce your hair frizziness. Avoid using serums with alcohol content.


Styling your short curly hairs can be a challenging task. But by using the correct way and using good quality hair products, you can style your curly hairs the way you want.

I hope now you have an idea and ways to style short curly hairs for men.